Group Pranic Healing Membership

Keep Your Energy Body Clean and Strong All Month Long with Denver’s Energy Healer

Use for Decreasing Stress, Increasing Energy, Increasing Productivity and Mental Focus and MUCH MORE

Spots Limited. Online in Realtime. Cancel Anytime.

A Gym Membership Takes Care of your Physical Body, Our Membership Takes care of Your Energy Body.

Healing Membership FAQ

What is a Healing Membership?

Just like you pay a monthly gym membership to keep your physical body healthy and strong or a monthly massage membership to keep your muscles loose and limber…this is a monthly healing membership to keep your energy body clean, healthy and strong all month long. We have noticed that disease first manifests in the energy body before it manifests in the physical body or external environment. The monthly healing membership is preventative with physical, emotional and relationship ailments.

How does it work?

Depending on whether you sign up for the Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership will determine how many energy healing sessions you get each month and what perks you enjoy. Once you sign up for a Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership, you will be assigned specific times of the month you will be healed, what kind of healing you will be receiving and an access code to login LIVE if you choose. All energy healing sessions, no matter the membership level, will be done Monday thru Friday before 1:00pm Mountain Time.

Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

No. This is a service that is offered. I will do my best to do the proper energy healing protocol and will give you the best suggestions to ensure you get the optimal results from your membership level. Just as a massage therapist, physical therapist, personal trainer or allopathic doctor cannot guarantee your results or offer a money back guarantee, neither do I.

Can I watch my energy healing session LIVE?

Yes, simply login with your custom link at your assigned time.

Why are you offering this monthly energy healing membership?

After performing 1,000’s of healings and working with 100’s of clients one on one, I realized many people who wanted to work with me long term couldn’t afford my individual session rate every single week and I recommend EVERY PERSON on the planet get regular energy healing at least every two weeks for preventative health. With this monthly healing membership, I am able to help more people, more often while being more cost effective for the masses.

Will I still benefit from the energy healing sessions if I can’t join LIVE?

Absolutely. Simply set a reminder on your cell phone of your assigned healing time and mentally repeat, “I am super conductive and super receptive to the divine healing energies now. Thank you. In full faith.” Then go about your day.

What kind of energy healing sessions do you offer each month?

It depends on the needs of the group and the feedback I receive from the group. Every energy healing session will offer deep and thorough cleansing of the aura, meridians and chakras then will get more specific with physical healing, emotional healing, relationship healing, prosperity healing and the like.

Am I locked into a long term commitment that I can’t get out of?

No. You will charged automatically each and every month and if you choose to cancel, you will not be billed for the next billing cycle. No refunds or credits for unused energy healing sessions.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my healing membership?

Yes. You can change your membership level at anytime and depending on what level your new level is you may or may not have the same energy healing time.

Which level of healing membership is best for me?

If you are brand new to energy healing, I would recommend the Silver Membership.

If you are experienced with energy healing or have a severe ailment, I would recommend the Gold Membership.

If you are looking to have a super clean, strong and healthy energy body each and every month and LOVE LEARNING, I would recommend the Platinum Membership.

What makes you qualified to offer this service?

Excellent question. I have had a regular, intensive meditation practice since 1999 and have been directly trained by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and 6 of the world’s 8 Pranic Healing Masters in advanced energy healing techniques including group healings. I have spent over a decade improving my skills, using powerful healing crystals and refining my energies through advanced meditation practices…all for the purpose of alleviating the pains and sufferings of large groups of people. I am a product of the product.

Is there a limit to how many people you heal?

Yes, I limit the amount of people in each time slot, in order to offer the best possible service.

How long do you recommend I keep the energy healing membership?

Just as you have a gym membership and personal trainer for several months to several years in order to help you achieve your physical fitness goals, receiving powerful energy healing sessions and energy healer regularly will help to keep your energy body clean, healthy and strong, free of stress, diseased and congested energies. And even better than having a gym membership, you don’t have to change memberships if you move and you don’t even have to show up to a physical location!

What if you get sick for a week and can’t heal during my time slot?

Just because a personal trainer, massage therapist or doctor, who spends his life helping people with their fitness, stress or wellness, doesn’t mean he never gets sick. Its called being human and energy healers are no different. The job of the energy healer is to practice a rigorous program of physical exercises, breathing exercises, meditations, vegetarian diet, high quality sleep and rest and other lifestyle habits to living an optimal life to rapidly heal clients. Do the times that my body is sick, I would send out an email to you letting you know and will schedule your healing for another time slot when my body is better. As proper protocol, an energy healer is not to heal when his body is sick or his emotions are angry.

Do you offer family discounts?

Currently, there are no family discounts.

How much does it cost to add another person?

Currently, there is no option for adding another person. If you are going to use the credit card for payment of another person, you would simply sign up for another energy healing membership with the person’s correct information.  

Do I get to tailor the energy healing session to my own specific needs?

Each group energy healing session will have a specific focus of physical health, emotional health, stress reduction or financial health with specific critiques needed for that group.

Do you offer energy healing sessions for animals?

While having experience healing animals for one on one energy healing sessions, this monthly energy healing membership is not designed for animals. I would recommend scheduling a one on one energy healing session in this case here.

Do you offer a discounted price for an annual membership?

Yes, if you sign up for an annual energy healing membership you receive a 15% discount with any level that you choose to signup for. There is no refund on the annual energy healing membership.

What is a ‘Kriyashakti’ that you receive with the Platinum Membership?

Kriyashakti is class that my Teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, designed many years to help his students to be more prosperous and materialize their needs, wants and desires using hidden laws of energy. Another way to look at a ‘Kriyashakti’ is simply a wish. A wish of something that you want help in materializing whether its a better job, more annual income, a loving relationship, improved health or any number of things…a Kriyashakti is only limited by your imagination. As part of the Platinum Membership, we help you construct the right wish for you then ‘we’ do the energy work necessary to help it materialize faster. A very rare offering.

Can I still receive individual energy healing sessions with you?

Yes. And as a Platinum Member you receive a discount on all individual energy healing sessions and packages for the really tough cases and individualized mentorship.  

Why do you charge for the energy healing membership?

Excellent question. If one wanted to win 28 Gold Medal in the Olympics for Swimming vs one who occasionally would belly flop at the local outdoor public pool, there is going to be a considerable difference in time, money, energy, dedication and skill level required to win 28 Gold Medals.

As a professional energy healer, I hold myself to a very high standard of conduct, practice and dedication, just as any Olympic athlete would….you are paying for 1,000’s of hours of skill which greatly increases your odds of receiving the desired result…being healed.