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Atma Namaste Everyone and Happy New Year!

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Today’s Quote:“A Healer’s attitude is very important. It is only when you are humble that you become a powerful healer.”-MCKS 

Last minute my son was able to come out and spend 5 days with me in Denver…so I spent every single moment with him and this is why you didn’t see a newsletter on January 1st. Him coming to visit was my Christmas miracle…and in case you were wondering, yes…energy healing does produce miracles. 

I hope each and everyone of you were able to absorb all the lessons and experiences of 2019, completely let go of the year and ring in 2020 with a clear intention backed by divine light, love and power.

This year has already been SUPER growth-orientated, and we are only one week in! 

Now does this quote apply to you if you are not a healer? 

Would you agree you are a person of goodwill and the will to do good by helping your fellow man and woman in whatever way you can? Would you also agree that you want to lessen the amount of suffering you create in the world with your thoughts, words and actions?

Then welcome to being a healer. 

Now we may not be professional energy healers or highly trained neurosurgeons or Great Seers who sit atop mountains above the clouds…but we are all healers to one degree or another. 

But your DOING anything is only as good as your BEING in that moment of doing. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was 1/2 listening? 

While they may be in your physical presence, they are also on their phone scrolling through Instagram or shopping on Facebook marketplace for their next coffee table…yet you are pouring your heart out. 

How does that make you feel? 
Unacknowledged….less valuable…unimportant…maybe even a nuisance? 

Now what if your friend was BEING present rather than BEING distracted?

She opens her heart, stills her thoughts and emotions and totally tunes into what you are saying…and you continue pouring your heart out

How does that make you feel? 

Of course! Now which one do you prefer? 
Next question…which BEING do you offer most to others? 

My professional life is dedicated to active listening, being present, opening my heart and mind in order to best help my clients. And I’m proud to say, I do it MOST of the time with friends and family. But there are times when someone is sharing about how their day and I notice I am tuning them out…

I could be…

Scrolling on Instagram
Reading an email 
Texting back a client
Marketing on Facebook

In most cases, when I realize I’m not being present, I reset and get ‘my energy back in the game.’

The quality of your doing is based on the quality of your being. 
We ALL can sense when someone is really connecting with us vs just going through the motions of connecting. I know some people who are satisfied just thinking someone is listening to them when no one actually is…I’m SUPER sensitive to when someone is listening or not.

In general I won’t talk to someone else unless I have their full, undivided attention from my first to last word. That’s just me right? 

And where is this BEING coming from? 
Excellent question…I’m glad you asked. 

This BEING energy comes from the connection to your Higher Soul…which is connected to your spiritual teacher (we all have one, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, doesn’t matter), who is connected to the Great Ones, who are ultimately connected to God. 

The current or energy coming from God is ALWAYS constant, its our connection to God’s energy that is not. 

As these energies of divine light, love and power move from God through the Great Ones through your Teacher through your Higher Soul and into your Incarnated Soul…they are transformed, stepped down and modified in order for your BEING to properly function. 

Its similar to the energies coming from a nuclear power plant…which gets transformed by the local power plant…then by the power lines on the street…then coming into our house where we can plug our toaster into the outlet and it receives the RIGHT AMOUNT & TYPE of energy. 

Hypothetically, what would happen if you plugged your toaster directly into the nuclear power plant? 
The toaster would be toasted! 

Too much power, too quickly. 

This is nuclear power or nuclear energy. 

There are ALL kinds of energies…mechanical, electrical, chemical, gravitational and more.

Well, in the world of spirituality, we have spiritual or divine energy. Just like too much nuclear energy to will disintegrate the toaster, too much spiritual energy will disintegrate the different bodies of a human including the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. 

The Bible actually refers to this is Exodus 33:20 when the planetary logos (God) is talking to Moses who asks to see the ‘glory of God’ and the planetary logos (God) responds, “you cannot see My face, for no one can see Me and live.”  Meaning, if one were to see the true form of the planetary God, the energy would be so powerful, so radiate, so potent, so subtle and so vast it would instantly disintegrate the denser bodies of a human. 

So these EXTREMELY potent energies must be stepped down and modified in order for us to assimilate them properly and safely into our lives. 

This is why a strong connection to our Higher Soul and Spiritual Teacher is so very important. 

Humility is one of the best ways to develop and maintain a strong connection to your Higher Soul and Spiritual Teacher. 

What is humility? 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. 
Knowing what you are good at and what you are not so good at
Having good self esteem, good self image and good self worth
Having trust in yourself, your Teacher and God. 
Asking for help when needed and a willingness to help when needed 
Being grateful for all that you have been given, have & will continue to receive
Realizing your ability to do GREAT THINGS is because of God and the Great Ones. 

Think about it…

You can have access to the BEST supercomputer on the planet which performs trillions of complex functions in seconds…but if you cut the power to the building, the supercomputer is completely useless. 

God is your power source.

Over many many many lifetimes we may have developed certain abilities and skills…such as creativity, inspiring others, making money, inventing useful products, having tremendous physical or emotional strength, even psychic abilities…but without the energy of God and the Great Ones…they all become impotent. 

No power.

MCKS says, “…it is only when you are humble that you become a powerful healer.” Powerful for what reason? 

To make lots of money?
To have lots of fame? 
To have lots of power for the sake of power?
To have lots of sexual experiences? 


To be a powerful healer means you are a divine instrument of goodwill and the will to do good. Because you are willing to be of SERVICE to others, you are EMPOWERED by God and the Great Ones to carry out the divine plan. 

One of the Pranic Healing Masters would always ask MCKS to bless him…

“Master please bless me for this class. Please bless me for this talk. Please bless me for this healing.” Eventually Master had to correct his viewpoint, “Ehh, you’ve already been blessed, just do the work and you will be empowered to be successful.” 

The Quakers have a similar expression, “Pray and move your feet.”
Meaning, connect to God and take action…do not wait for God to place the world at your feet.

What about the people who don’t have humility? Who think THEY are the source of energy, wisdom, love, light, power and healing? Well…they do not live very good lives. 

Over the past 5 years, there was a world famous yogi who built a yoga empire with hundreds of thousands of practitioners and made millions of dollars introducing hatha yoga to the masses…but what happened? His empire crumbled to the ground with lawsuits and scandals and he eventually fled the United States to avoid payouts and jail time. 

This person believed he was the source of power…no credit to his Teacher, to his lineage or to the Almighty God. I have a tremendous amount of compassion for this Soul…because he is suffering tremendously and has generated much negative karma that will probably take many lifetimes of healing and service to neutralize. 

For any of you who have been following Pranic Healing, its instructors and senior practitioners…who do we always give credit to?


And for those who have seen videos or listened to recordings of MCKS…who is he always giving credit to?

His Teacher, Lord Bodhisattva Mei Ling.


Because MCKS helped us realize the energy doesn’t come FROM us but rather THROUGH us. 

Master even talked about this in a video many years ago, “Some one you may be wondering why I say ‘we’ when referring to doing a healing…if its only me and the other person during the healing. It is like this, there are many great beings and spiritual helpers involved in the process of healing. I am only the channel.” 

The miraculous healing results that Pranic Healers produce is because they are humble instruments of God, the Great Ones, and the Teacher…but as soon as they believe they are the source of the healing energies their spiritual connection shrinks and they are less empowered. 

The attitude MCKS is referring to is humility. 
The attitude of gratitude, respect and love for all sentient beings. 
The attitude of being a channel FOR the energies, not the source OF the energies. 

This process is hard for many people because of the ego and personality. 
The ego wants to be acknowledged, validated and recognized. 

“Look at this great healing result ‘I’ produced!” 
“Look at this great yoga class ‘I’ taught!” 
“Look at this great surgery ‘I’ performed!”
“Look at this great book ‘I’ wrote!”

Me…Myself…and I. 

The process of removing our ego and personality from the fruits of our labor is a lifetime process and typically does not happen overnight. And we must also be aware of false humility i.e. the humble brag…

“Thank you so much for healing my child of his rash!” “Umm, well don’t worry about it miss…all credit and glory to God. I’m just doing it for the man upstairs.” While it may appear this person is being humble, its not sincere.

Its more subtle and nuanced than outright negative pride, which makes it even more dangerous because this individual begins to believe his own false humility. The bigger the pride, the higher the fall. 

Again…negative pride gives us the delusion that we are the source of the energies, it weakens our connection to our divinity and we live in darkness. 

Now good, healthy pride is acknowledging BOTH…

“Yes, without the energy of God, this healing would not be possible AND I was a willing Soul to collaborate with God in this healing.” This humility gives the person good self esteem and self worth while staying connected. 


You CHOSE to be the healer, therapist, doctor, coach, mentor, or fundraiser…etc. You exerted your FREE WILL to be an instrument or channel of goodwill for God…even the Great Ones cannot interfere with your free will. 

Over my 15+ years of practicing energy healing, I realize more and more how important being humble and removing negative pride is…who would have thought you have to practice being humble. Shouldn’t it just come naturally? Well come to find out, it doesn’t. 

What’s even more interesting about BEING humble is that has more to do with stepping out of the way to let it happen, rather than forcing it to happen. 

For those of you who have done the Twin Hearts Meditation and you are asked to bless the earth with love, forgiveness, hope, faith, light and joy. Now are YOU the one blessing the earth with these energies OR are you OPENING yourself up as a channel for those energies to flow through you? 

Years ago while doing the meditation, I would actually force the energies…“Ok, lets go faith and joy…come on come on…like pour out of my hands more, what are you waiting for…come on come on.” 

I was not being a channel, I was trying to be the source…therefore, not much was ‘coming out.’ 

But when I began to let go more, when I stepped out of the way to let the energies flow THROUGH me, I had a much different experience.

Over the years I’ve practiced more and more of stepping out of the way…a conscious act…I’m willingly letting my physical, emotional and mental bodies help to anchor these divine into mother earth on different planes. I’m allowing myself to be a mini-transformer like the Great Ones, who are GIANT transformers for all of us. 

Is this making sense? 

If not…be humble and ask God and the Great Ones to remove any and all blockages, obstacles and impediments preventing you from seeing clearly and accurately. 

I hope this week’s newsletter inspires into 2020 and beyond. 

May God and the MCKS bless you with humility, inner peace, happiness and joy. 


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Hurry up and practice it here.

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3. Join us this Sunday at 10:00am Mountain Time for Group Twin Hearts Meditation and Healing w DREAMS. 

Five Years in the Making…

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My old website PranicHealingLiving.com has been gobbled up and updated by ChristianRLong.com ... (you are here now) this 2-month project took more time, money and energy that I could have possibly expected,

As MCKS says, “Unrealistic expectations leads to suffering.”

There were many reasons for the updates; the speed of the old site was horribly slow, the old site had more viruses than the CDC, people couldn’t subscribe to the new newsletter, couldn’t access all social media from one place, a single photo which didn’t show what I actually do, couldn’t download the new products which have been created over the past year and one of the biggest reasons for the update was PERCEPTION.

Doing the kind of work I do…energy healing and teaching meditation, tends to be seen as a hobby rather than a profession.
Its not treated with the same respect and importance as a medical doctor, chiropractor or psychotherapist and I’ve chosen to play my part in changing that perception.

Energy healing and meditation can be a viable and noble career for millions of people around the world in which to alleviate the suffering of humanity and uplift the consciousness of all.

This website will always be a work in progress because I have new ideas and projects I’m currently working on which are not even on the website, but I feel you will be pleasantly surprised with the new changes, programs and services being offered.

What a wild ride of trial and error the past 2-months from web design, web development, writing ad copy, leadership skills, communication skills, delegation, asking for help, removing inner blockages and MUCH more.

All credit goes to my spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, without his help, blessings and guidance over the years, I’d have very little (if not anything) to offer in terms of energy healing, meditation and practical spirituality to improve the lives of others.
I’m simply a teeny tiny puzzle piece of a global movement of millions of people of goodwill.

Look around the new website which is faster, simpler, more comprehensive and offers WAY more value to improve the major areas of your life. And please, feel free to give me any and all feedback (christian@christianrlong.com) …good, bad and the ugly. I will make the necessary corrections along the way.

Atma Namaste.

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #68

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“Positive emotions and thoughts such as happiness, kindness, joy, enthusiasm and others tend to have benefits psychologically, etherically and physically.” -GMCKS
For those of you who have come to the Prosperity Meditation and Healing for Business Owners class will remember what I say about having ENTHUSIASM when you recite the Prosperity Meditation. It floods your aura, chakras and entire energy body with energies that will attract the beings of prosperity, abundance, success and good luck.
The derivative of enthusiasm is ethos. The word originally referred to inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of a god. In other words, a person who is enthusiastic is possessed by God.
Have you noticed when you are in a good mood, even if there is a big challenge in the way, you are able to effectively navigate the situation?
How bout when you are seething negative thoughts and negative emotions…your life could be going AMAZINGLY externally but it does not matter. I call these first world problems such as:
– the internet is down for an hour
– the garbage disposal doesn’t work
– one of the two cars you own need new break pads
– you only received a 5% raise on at your corporate job
– you are bored with the same old Netflix choices of 10,000 movies
– you have hard time deciding which of your TEN PAIRS of black shoes to wear
– your yoga class started 10 mins late
If your inner state is not conductive to the positive qualities of the divine then changing the external is only a band-aid approach at best.
You might be saying, “Christian…what the hell do I have to be happy about?!
…I’ve lost my job
…I hate my job
…I feel trapped in my relationship
…I don’t have a relationship
…I don’t have enough money to pay my bills
…I make so much money I pay lots in taxes
…I get no respect because I’m so young
…I get no respect because I’m so old
Anyone and everyone can find something to bitch and complain about…this might come as a surprise to you…LIFE IS NOT FAIR, LIFE IS NOT PERFECT. Who ever told you otherwise is selling you something.
Your job is to perfect yourself as a person, as a Soul…not pointing fingers at the world as the reason why your life sucks.
Just imagine from the perspective of a Buddha, Bodhisattva, Holy Master, Avatar or Saint…what are their thoughts, emotions and actions when things don’t go their way? Do you think they say, “Ahhh fuck it, this is too hard…I’m gonna pig out on some Blue Bunny Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, crawl in bed and cry myself to sleep….”
Probably not, right?
What do you imagine happens instead of them losing it and giving up?
Maybe they connect to God in the moments by invoking or praying? Maybe they still themselves so they perceive the situation accurately and acting correctly? Maybe they humble themselves to God and ask for the right answers, solution or healing required?
With positive thoughts and positive emotions you will have the energy to FIND a solution to any and all problems in your life. But what happens when you have negative thoughts and negative emotions?
Your willpower is down, your ego is in the way, you self sabotage, you doubt then you eventually hit rock bottom. And what happens when people hit rock bottom?
They start being MORE conductive and receptive to the positive, divine qualities of God and all the Great Ones…which slowly brings them out of rock bottom and back on top.
So here’s the real kicker, you absolutely, positively 100% do NOT need a reason to be happy, kind, joyful or enthusiastic….it is simply generated from within. Think about the power of that statement? And by being positive in your thoughts and emotions over time you will sow lots and lots of seeds that will manifest as good fortune in your life.
Again, perfect yourself and the world will become perfect. Someone always has it better than you, someone always has it worse than you…so what? What thoughts and emotions are you going to choose?
I remember I had a severely infected tooth a couple years back…so bad that I was up for several days in a row waiting to get into the dentist…antibiotics weren’t working to bring my fever down and Oxycontin wasn’t even working to take my pain down.
Guess what I did when I had clients all day long? I asked God and the Teacher to make me an instrument….”Please allow to be an effective healer because this pain is temporary and these people require deep emotional healing. Thank you.”
While I was healing, the client’s had their eyes closed, and I had such a blinding migraine that my vision was blurred and tears were pouring down my red hot face.
Guess who was burning off some negative karma? Guess who was learning the lesson of pushing through obstacles? Guess who was practicing the ‘I Am the Soul Affirmation’ dozens of times per day?   >>>This Guy <<<
These pains are all small breadcrumbs compared to the sacrifices and suffering GMCKS went through to develop and spread Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and the Higher Teachings throughout the globe. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you but trust me…he gave his life to alleviate the suffering of millions of people through his systems.
Yes Master, Thank you Master.
1. It completely slipped my mind to promote the Introduction to Pranic Healing talk because I thought it was next week. So if you’re around tomorrow from 7pm to 9pm and wanna learn some cool energy healing stuff…come on down. You can still RSVP here. I’ll be doing that talk in another 6-weeks.
2. We have a big ‘n awesome Leo Full Moon Meditation coming up this Friday, not many spots left but you can still try to squeeze in…lets the blow the roof off! RSVP here
3. Master Co has uploaded his 11th installment from the Achieve the Impossible Series. I don’t know how he’s able to do this with his schedule but definitely tune in. That man has GIGANTIC chakras. Thanks Master Co!
4. I’m using MailChimp or MailMonkey or GorillaSender or whatever its called, for the first time today, let me know how it looks and comes up on your end. If there are bugs, no worries, we’ll get ’em resolved. First world problems remember?
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #67

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Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “Words have power. What you say tends to manifest.” -GMCKS 
I have always been fascinated with the use of words to influence my state and the states of those around me. Being a Gemini (the strongest air sign) and being most influenced by the planet Mercury (communication), it has been very easy for me to clearly and effectively persuade others through my words.
I have fellow Gemini Arhatic Yogi brothers that share similar qualities of speech power. Whenever we all start talking, I’m in awe of the intense mental energy going back and forth…its such a beautiful dance of imagery, ideas and concepts. Its really my element.
The throat chakra is the chakra of knowledge…so when one is learning about a new or old subject through a book or lecture, the throat chakra is being activated. The throat chakra helps one to breakdown, absorb and assimilate knowledge…people with highly energized and activated throat chakras are researchers, scientists, orators, politicians, and performers.
Unfortunately it took me many years to realize my throat chakra was also creating my own invisible prison.
A couple years back, I received an email from one of the Pranic Healing Masters and she said, ‘Christian you have a strong mental body, so put it to work for you
in finding the solutions rather than the problems.”
I was using my thoughts and words to keep myself imprisoned. My thoughts and words kept me focusing on the problem rather than the solution. That can be the problem with having a strong mental body that is stuck in a negative pattern…you can easily and effortlessly come up with rationalizations, justifications and reasons as to why your life sucks and the problem is unsolvable.
You become the  world’s greatest prosecutor against yourself.
People who have a tendency to constantly worry, criticize or ruminate have a malfunctioning of the throat chakra that is OVERACTIVATED in comparison to the other chakras.
In the Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism), the throat chakra is called Daath. Its also known as the Hidden Sephiroth or Hidden Energy Center because of its power to manifest.
If one has a strong, clean and powerful throat chakra, one can literally materialize what one speaks. It was a guarded secret because if the techniques
were revealed to a person of low character, he could use its power to destroy himself and the lives of others. The karmic consequences are severe.
Have you ever had a friend, family member or even a stranger, say something hurtful to you? That’s a rhetorical question, of course you have! Everyone has at some point in their lives.
Even though that hurtful thing was said YEARS ago, it still bothers you, yes? That’s an example of the power of words.
Now what if that person said the same hurtful thing but his or her throat chakra had 5x, 10x, or 50x more energy? What kind of psychological effect would that have on you?
The good thing is by watching and controlling your thoughts and words, you can literally create your ideal life, freeing yourself from prison.
Words are meant to heal, bless or prosper yourself and others.
For those of you who have come to the Prosperity Meditation and Healing for Business Owners, you understand how the power of words can affect one’s prosperity and energy levels.
What are you manifesting in your life right now? If you want to change what you are manifesting, change what you are speaking.
1. Leo Full Moon Meditation is only 8 days away. Join us for the most powerful time of the month to meditate in a group.
Deets and to RSVP go here.
2. The Archangel Meditation this Saturday has been SOLD OUT but I have the next class scheduled in a month on Satuday August 22nd from
11:00am to 12;15pm. I recommend reserving your spot, its quickly becoming one of the most anticipated classes. RSVP here.
3. Many of you wanted to know when I’m holding the next Introduction to Pranic Healing talk. Well…its on the calendar and I look
forward to introducing you to one of the world’s most powerful and comprehensive systems of energy healing. RSVP here.
4. Susannah and I have a NEW OFFERING in the works that is meant to keep your crowns spinning with a grassroots approach to meditation and coaching. Its TOP SECRET for another 2-weeks. But the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been amazing from a few select peeps. Always adding greater and greater value.
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #66

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Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “Project and Radiate Loving Kindness! Be still! Bathe in the water of Love and Bliss.” -GMCKS
For those of you who have been practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation regularly or other Pranic Healing related meditations, you have noticed we spend a lot of time projecting good energies of peace, light, love, power, happiness, healing, harmony, prosperity to mother earth and all sentient beings.
While that’s super duper important during the meditation…its even more important to radiate these energies into your everyday life, no matter what is happening externally.
Today, I was sharing with Susannah a story from an Arhatic Yoga Retreat that perfectly embodies the message of ‘…radiate loving kindness.’
I hope this story impacts you as much as it did Susannah…try to take into the energy of the message…
Master Nona was speaking from stage, and for those of you who don’t know Master Nona, she is the one who developed and leads the Archangel Meditation…which is a SUPER powerful meditation for healing purposes.
Anyhoo…Master Nona was saying that one’s Arhatic Yoga Practice should always be playing in the background of one’s day to day existence. Meaning, one must BRING IN, PROJECT & RADIATE the divine energies that are generated from one’s Arhatic Yoga Practice into your mundane physical reality.
Its beautiful to be in deep meditation and to bless the world with high vibrational, healing energies. Yet its an entirely another thing to project and radiate those same energies when someone is cutting you off in traffic, when a co-worker goes behind your back to get the promotion, or your spouse tells you they are leaving you for another person.
That’s where the rubber of true spirituality meets the road. Think about it…
Its easy to project and radiate loving kindness in a quiet, still space with no distractions. Almost anyone could do that with flying colors.
But what about doing it when:
Your body is tired?
Your body is hungry?
Your emotions are swimming in stress?
Your thoughts are scattered?
Your finances are in the dump?
Your relationships are falling apart?
Can you still practice projecting and radiating Loving Kindness then?
The Tibetans have been doing just that for over a thousand years…using the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Its the mantra of Compassion and Mercy.
Even when the Tibetan monks were being persecuted and tortured by the Chinese and their Holy Sites and Monasteries were being blow up…they never stopped projecting and radiating loving kindness to their persecutors.
If they can do that while their family and friends are being murdered, you most certainly can do that with the driver who cuts you off in traffic or the server brings you a medium rare steak when you asked for a well done steak.
And besides, the positive energies you seek are all around you, all the time…they are outside, inside, and all around you.
Grandmaster Choa says, to “Bathe in the water of love and bliss.” The ‘water’ is the ocean of prana that surrounds us all; its all pervasive, all permeating, all encompassing…the problem lies in our forgetfulness of this very simple truth and tapping into it consistently.
If you want to become more prosperous, become aware of the prosperity energies and beings around you.
If you want to become more loving and kind, become aware of the loving and kind energies and beings around you.
Or you can bathe in other kinds of energies if you prefer…
How bout swimming in an ocean of depression? Resentment? Anger? Cynicism? Intolerance? Ignorance?
The choice is yours…right now, you can BE light, love and power inside & outside of your meditations.
You can choose to bathe in the positive ocean of prana; ocean of loving kindness ocean, ocean of generosity, ocean of sweetness, ocean of joy, ocean of prosperity, ocean of empowerment, ocean of higher will, ocean of friendship, ocean of spirituality…whatever you can imagine.
Its not a dribble, drop, or leak of prana, its an ocean of prana.
Where are you bathing right now?
1. The next Prosperity Meditation & Healing for Business Owners is only 8 days away and we’re over 1/2 sold out. To reserve your spot to greater wealth and abundance, go here.
2. Also next Thursday, I’ll be giving my first Introduction to Super Brain Yoga for people interested in becoming smarter, more emotionally balanced and staving off Alzheimers. Power-packed talk from 7:00pm to 9:00pm including a the Twin Hearts Meditation. Go here to RSVP.
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #65

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “When you have patience, flexibility and tolerance, you are ready to do great tasks.” -GMCKS 
Can you imagine Mother Teresa in the middle of feeding a child with leprosy saying, “Screw this, I’ve had enough of taking care of the forgotten ones!” and throws the spoon to the floor?
Or what about Martin Luther King Jr stops mid-sentence of his, ‘I have a Dream’ speech, saying, “You know what? I’m tired of trying convince you people of the benefits of human rights, respect and equality…I’m gettin’ the hell outta here.”
Or Gandhi, after 1 mile into his planned 25-mile Salt March says, “Damn its hot as shit out here, I’m gonna hail a cab, you guys catch up when you can…”
These three ordinary persons accomplished GREAT tasks because they were patient with their followers and the process…they were flexible in their approaches of going over, under, or around the obstacles to accomplish the task…they were tolerant of the intolerance of others who had opposing agendas.
On a much smaller scale, this quote reminds me of a time when Grandmaster Choa was having dinner with students after a class. While he was teaching in the the restaurant, a server accidentally dropped water glasses all over his lap.
The students were expecting him to get upset with the server for soaking him…He never missed a beat and kept talking until the students were distracted by him NOT being distracted.
To paraphrase in a calm tone, “It is only water, my pants will dry, now listen to the priceless teachings being given to you.”
Grandmaster Choa knew what was important, what was permanent, what was/IS priceless…the Teachings, not wet pants.
If you want to accomplish great tasks in your life, you must be willing to let go of the trivial, mundane, unimportant, impermanent things in your life. Life is so very short and very precious.
Think of the money, resources, energies and time required to impact the world in a BIG way…if you quit easily (impatience), if you refuse to adapt to new information (inflexible), if you can not handle others disagreeing with you (intolerance) than how great could your impact possibly be?
Our culture conditions us that instant gratification, entitlement, and civil obedience is the right way vs the norm.
Meaning, I deserve to have the keys to kingdom simply because I’m breathing not because I’m a good person who has spent decades (even lifetimes) of personal and spiritual development.
Work on yourself, not the world.
It took me MANY years to finally realize this, “The world doesn’t owe me shit.”
When I became more patient…I had patience for myself, my goals, and others.
When I became more flexible…I had flexibility to come up with solutions instead of seeking a person or situation to blame.
When I became more tolerant…I had tolerance for the people who inevitably don’t understand or support what I do.
And here’s the coolest thing…while working on myself to become a better person and Soul by developing more patience, flexibility and tolerance…NO ONE can take those hard learned lessons. They are permanent, immortal and indestructible.
Once you learn the lesson of generosity…its yours.
Once you learn the lesson of constancy of aim and effort…its yours.
Once you learn the lesson of loving kindness…its yours.
Once you learn the lesson of self-honesty…its yours.
No individual, government or organization can take it away from you. It has literally become a part of your BEINGness.
And once you master these lessons to a high degree, you can accomplish great tasks in your life. Just make sure your mastery is balanced.
For example, Bernie Madoff, who stole billions of dollars from investors through his hedge fund, mastered the virtue of constancy of aim & effort and non-laziness, right? But how well did he master the virtue generosity and non-stealing? The bigger one’s chakras become the more the subtle imbalances become glaringly obvious.
A good friend and Arhatic Yogi once said, “If you get a flat tire at 5 mph its no big deal, that same flat tire at 80 mph is a huge problem.” The speed represents the amount of spiritual energy in your life, the flat tire represents your weaknesses. But the faster you go, the sooner you get to your destination…which is enlightenment to serve even more people.
One’s spiritual development must be balanced to avoid flat tires at 80 mph.
*A plug for Arhatic Yoga 🙂
1. Next round of Intro Talks have been put up on Meetup, Introduction to Super Brain Yoga on Thursday July 23rd, Introduction to Pranic Healing on Thursday July 30th, and Introduction to Meditation on Thursday August 6th. Go to the meetup for more deets and to RSVP here.
2. Master Co is releasing his 10th installment of the Achieve the Impossible Series tomorrow night at 8:00pm. If you have NOT seen the other ones, I highly recommend them.
3. Many of you have asked about the life of Grandmaster Choa, here’s his spiritual autobiography, Origins of Modern Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga, one the best books I have ever read. And its on KINDLE now!
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #64

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Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “The Golden Rule is the practical application of the Law of Karma. You must give what you need in order to receive.” -GMCKS
Each of the virtues we talk about in the world of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga are as follows:
Loving Kind & Non-Injury
Generosity & Non-Stealing
Moderation & Non-Excessiveness
Constancy of Aim and Effort & Non-Laziness
Accurate Perception & Correct Perception
Golden Rule Yang & Yin
Grandmaster attributes he rapid personal and Soul development to the mastery of the virtues as a teenager. The virtues are the foundation on which you build your personal, professional and spiritual life upon.
The only time I have EVER heard Grandmaster guarantee anything was in regards to the virtues, “If you practice the virtues everyday for the next 2 to 3 years, your progress with be guaranteed.”  The HOW is taught in Arhatic Yoga.
With each virtue, there is a doing (yang) and a non-doing (yin).
For instance, the virtue of Loving Kindness & Non-Injury.
The doing is Loving Kindness i.e. blessing someone (spiritual), teaching someone (mental), saying words of encouragement (emotional), and hugging someone (physical). Its the virtue in action.
The non-doing is Non-Injury i.e. NOT sending negative thoughts (mental), NOT saying words of hate (emotional), and NOT punching someone in the face (physical). Its NOT causing more injury and suffering.
The virtues are two-sides of the SAME COIN. A yang aspect & yin aspect.
The Golden Rule, which is mentioned in each of the 13 major world religions states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (yang) & Do NOT do unto to others as you would NOT have them do unto you (yin).”
Notice how today’s quote says, “…you MUST give what you NEED…”
Ask yourself right now, “What do I need in my life right now?”
Maybe its money…friendship…sex…clarity…inner peace…shelter..food…or whatever. So BEFORE you can receive any thing you want, you MUST give it. A farmer cannot reap the crops he has not sown. Conversely, anything bad in your life you are currently reaping is from PREVIOUS seeds you have planted.
Want money? Give money…
Want friendship? Be a friend…
Want inner peace? Help others be at peace…
Want power? Empower others…
Want recognition? Recognize others…
Want to know truth? Be truthful to others…
Want great sex? Be a great lover…
Now those are all the DOING (yang aspect) of what you want, right? So you’re sowing the seeds of what you want in the future but don’t forget about NOT planting negative seeds in the process.
Its the two sides of the SAME COIN.
You don’t want poverty? So don’t steal from others…
You don’t want to be alone? So don’t withdraw company from others…
You don’t want stress? So don’t cause stress to others…
You don’t want to be disempowered? So don’t disempower others…
You don’t want to be lied to? So don’t lie to others…
You don’t want a lame sex life? So don’t be lame in bed…
By taking care of both the Yang & Yin aspects of the Golden Rule, you are able to rapidly evolve by planting lots of positive seeds and NOT planting negative seeds.
Make sense?
1. For those of you are were not able to make the Cancer Full Moon Meditation tonight at 7:00pm, here is a recording of Master Co leading one…I suggest doing it within the next 24-hours to receive the most energetic benefit. The next Leo Full Moon Meditation has been scheduled for Friday July 31st at 7:00pm. Deets and to RSVP go here.
2. The bestselling and results-producing, Prosperity Meditation & Healing for Business Owners, is a week away and we’re over 1/2 full. If you want more prosperity in your life, I know of no better class to take, outside of Kriyashakti. Deets and RSVP here.
3. The first Archangel Meditation from last Saturday might have been the single most powerful meditation the group has ever experienced. I’m still getting feedback from the group…more than 1/2 of the group was in tears at the end. I have scheduled the next one here.
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #63

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Do not use honesty to hurt other people! Do not use honesty as an excuse to be verbally sadistic.” -GMCKS
Wife: I just bought this new dress, how do I look?
Husband: Fat
Wife: WHAT! (verge of tears)
Husband: What? I’m just being honest…
Co-worker: Hey Jamie, I just found out something you’re never going to believe.
Jamie: What?
Co-worker: That you were hired not because of your ability, but because of affirmative action.
Jamie: I can’t believe you just told me that (hurt and furious)
Co-worker: I’d thought you’d want to know, I’m just being honest…
Family Member: Grandma, I’m sorry to tell you your grandson, Will, just died.
Grandma: Oh no! Really…umm, what did he die of?
Family Member: He died of AIDS.
Grandma: I didn’t know Will was gay (saddened Will never shared this)
Family Member: I thought you’d like to know, I’m just being honest.
In all of the above examples, technically, each person was telling the truth but for what reason? And at what cost to the person receiving the truth?
These are examples of people being verbally sadistic or causing mental and emotional harm to others through their words. Each person finished with saying, “I’m just being honest….” as a justification to hurt the other person.
Whether the hurtful words were caused on purpose or accidental doesn’t matter…suffering was created. A wife left feeling unwanted and out of shape, a co-worker feeling minimized and under appreciated and a grandma saddened and disappointed to learn about her deceased grandson not opening up to her about him being gay.
“I’m just being honest…” is not a hall pass to be cruel, harsh or severe with another person. When there’s a question between choosing honesty or loving kindness, loving kindness should prevail.
How could these people have practiced loving kindness and non-injury over honesty and non-lying?
Husband: The dress isn’t flattering to your figure, can I help you pick a better one out? 
Co-worker: (says nothing at all) 
Family Member: Did you hear about your grandson Will? He just passed away a few hours ago from a severe pneumonia. I’m very sorry for your loss. (which is still practicing honesty)
When one has a very sharp mind yet is impatient and angry…he can cut someone to ribbons with his words. If someone is injured physically, the injury will usually heal in a couple weeks. If someone is injured verbally, it can take YEARS to heal, if at all.
I still remember things my father said to be that was I was a young, impressionable boy. One of the most memorable lines was during a time I was teasing my him in the living room about how he wasn’t such a good wrestler and he said, “I’d drop you like a bad habit.”
Now keep in mind, I understood then, as I do now, that he was ENTIRELY kidding. he even had a big smile on his face when he said it. My father has always shown me love and affection with kind, supportive words. In fact, that comment is really one of the only ‘bad’ things I can remember him ever saying but it STILL negatively impacted my self talk and self image.
The bigger one’s chakras become, the more one MUST watch the words he uses in their day to day interactions with others.
Master Co explained, “For those of you who have been practicing Arhatic Yoga regularly, have you noticed things you once said to friends or family will little response are now getting much greater responses? Even though, its the same words or phrases you’ve always used. Its because your energy is much stronger and HITS with a lot of power, positive words AND negative words alike.”
I realized its much more difficult to tease or critique friends and family because now what I say is really ‘taken to heart.’  I simply thought I was giving productive, clear headed feedback when it fact, my words were being perceived as a verbal assault.
So now, I usually just shut my fat mouth and remain silent…one of the greatest of all spiritual practices.
Use your throat chakra and words to inspire, uplift, educate and heal others…not to belittle, put them in their place, criticize, condemn, or judge. What would be the point anyways? Who cares if your right? If the other person is ‘turned off’ by your approach, she is not going to take your feedback anyways.
I wish I had the time to  share the DOZENS of stories in my younger years of trying to convince, conjole, criticize, and condemn others because I wanted to genuinely help them but I NEEDED them to KNOW I WAS RIGHT.
Guess what? Most of them did the OPPOSITE of my recommendations as a nice way of saying, “Mind your own damn business and stop being an asshole.”
So again…I just shut my fat mouth and wait for people to come for healing or guidance, that way they are open and receptive to honesty. Easy peasey.
Besides, I spent many years alienating people…why would I want to continue that by using harsh words that are HONEST but not loving? Loving words are healing, nurturing, nourishing and permeating.
1. Archangel Meditation is this Saturday at 11:45am…ahhh yeah. Come experience the amazing healing energies of the Archangels. We have 4 spots left and you can RSVP right here.
2. Level 1 Pranic Healing class is now on the books and I HIGHLY recommend that you RSVP for it right now. Its an entire weekend of giving healing and receiving healing with MUCHO teachings, tools and blessings. It started my life’s work and I guarantee you’ll love it. Deets and RSVP right here.
3. Cancer Full Moon in da hooooooouse! On Wed. July 1st from 7:00pm to 8:45pm, come join me and a bunch of other folks to experience the most powerful time of the month to meditate. Deets and RSVP right here.
See Ya Sunday!
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Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #62

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Compassion means you do something to alleviate the suffering of another.” -GMCKS 
Its a simple quote right? Even pretty obvious yes? As Master Co would say, “But the question is, ‘Are you doing it?'”
I was talking with a woman the other day about how her brother committed suicide a year ago and while she was not very close to him (even thinking he was an asshole at times), she was having a hard time healing from his suicide. She wears the pain on her sleeves.
And its totally understandable to feel pain and suffering after losing a family member, whether one was close or not.
I went on to share with her the teachings of Grandmaster Choa and the path of compassion.
When we harbor anger, frustration, bitterness and resentment towards a person we perceive has screwed us over in life, it gets stuck in the energy body…really, really stuck. So stuck we may even take those pains into the next life.
We go through three stages on the path of compassion.
The first step is we begin to forgiveness because we realize those negative thoughts and feelings are beginning to negatively affect our lives. So we start saying things like, “Hmm, well this person is human and we all make mistakes. He’s not perfect and neither am I. I bet she didn’t even realize what she was doing.”
Then some of that heavy, dense, anger energy begins to move up from the meng mein chakra which is located into the lower back into the back heart chakra located inbetween the shoulder blades.
The energy becomes refined turning into gratitude…the second stage.
Yes, gratitude for the other person that has been a thorn in your side. You begin to perceive the situation better and start thinking, “Hmm, well this person is definitely teaching me something about myself. She’s helping me to learn the lesson of patience, understanding, tolerance…and for that I AM grateful.”
Then some of that energy moves from the back heart chakra upwards into the crown chakra.
The energy is further refined into COMPASSION…the third stage.
This is the highest stage of forgiveness because one becomes awakened to a deeper understanding of the Law of Karma and the Principle of Oneness.
Try to follow me on this next part because its powerful and profound…
The Law of Karma states that whatever we sow, we reap and the Principle of Oneness states, we are all spiritually One…so what you do to another, you do to yourself and what you do to yourself, you do to all.
Going back to the example of the person who did you wrong, once you have compassion for this person, you realize she is actually causing the suffering to herself in the future by the negative seeds she planted with you. And whatever you plant, comes back many many times.
You steal a $1…$100 will be stolen from them.
You sexually abuse one…you will be sexually abused by many
You deceive once… will you be deceived many times.
You give a $1…$100 will be given back to you
You smile at one….many will smile back
You heal one…you will be healed by many
It is the LAW, its not there to punish you anymore than the law of gravity. Its simply what is.
And here’s the REAL KICKER, the person in your life who caused you suffering, pain, abuse and anguish CHOSE to be a channel for your negative karma! Your Higher Soul and the other person’s Higher Soul made an agreement…she agreed to be channel for your negative karma (because you planted negative seeds previously) to help you learn your lesson to grow, evolve and become a better person.
That is why having compassion for another person is so vital because on the highest level, you realize he will eventually suffer the same or WORSE punishment you did. By practicing compassion to others, especially the ones who torment you, you alleviate their pain and yours.
Compassion can be done through blessings, healing, teaching, service, tithing, kind words of encouragement and others.
Compassion is beautiful and a lifelong practice.
The rewards for being compassionate to ALL SENTIENT BEINGS are priceless and without bounds. I wish your life to filled with opportunities to practice compassion on yourself, friends, family, strangers, and the people who MOST upset you. It’s simply the right thing to do.
1. Cancer Full Moon is on the calendar. Wed, July 1st from 7:00pm to 8:45pm. Come one, come all with your wishes and pics of friends and loved ones to be blessed. Deets and RSVP here.

2. The Archangel Meditation is right around the corner, seems like I put it in the calendar 6-months ago. Lets go already! 🙂 Come experience the immense healing power of the Archangels. Deets and RSVP here.

3. Introduction to Meditation is next Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. It’s going to be awesome to share the WHAT and HOW of meditation (and its another excuse for me to meditate in a group…ha!) Its a bandwagon you ABSOLUTELY want to get on. Deets and RSVP here.

See Ya Sunday!
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Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #61

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “If you want to pay off your negative karma fast, do service and tithing.” -GMCKS 
We hear this term ‘karma’ thrown around a lot in yoga schools, Buddhist centers, New Age bookstores and spiritual youtube channels (by guys like me), but what is karma actually?


(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

What is actually deciding our fate in future existences?
Our thoughts, words and actions generate karma that is either positive (leads to liberation) or negative (leads to suffering).
Positive thoughts, words and actions generate positive karma that we can use to either neutralize past negative seeds we planted or to ensure greater success in the future.
Negative thoughts, words and actions generate negative karma that we MUST repay in the future through suffering to neutralize.
If you plant corn you get corn, not mangos. If you plant cucumbers, you get cucumbers, not kale. If you plant pot, you get pot and arrested if not done in Colorado.
WHATEVER you want in life, plant it…and we are constantly planting seeds with our thoughts and emotions. Our words and actions are the fruits of those seeds.
To my understanding, the two laws that supersede the Law of Karma are the Law of Mercy and Law of Forgiveness.

This is where SERVICE and TITHING come in. Whether you realize it or not, when you do service and tithing, you are activating the Law of Mercy and Law of Forgiveness.
Think about it…if you help another person who is down and out, you are entitled to be helped when you are down and out. The Law kicks in.
If you spend your time and energy assisting your aging parents, you are entitled to receive help in your old age. The Law kicks in.
If you provide deep spiritual truths to others which alleviates their suffering and brings them guidance, you are entitled to receive insight and guidance in the times you are suffering. The Law kicks in.
Whether you like it or not, whom is giving more to society in the form of service and tithing…the successful CEO  or the homeless man?
Its not a question of their self worth as Souls, its simply whose planting more seeds and generating greater positive karma? BTW, the CEO could be generating huge amounts of negative karma as well through improper business practices. The Law works both ways.
You may have heard of the example of the person freezing his butt off in a log cabin deep in the mountains. He’s so frusturated and angry that its cold…he looks at the fireplace and DEMANDS that it generate heat but refuses to give it any wood. Doesn’t work does it?
Look around you and observe the most successful people you know whether in health, relationships, wealth or spirituality. Are they givers of their time, money, resources, knowledge, affections? I’d say yes.
Now look around and observe the most miserable people you know whether a family member, co-worker, or a stranger on the street. Are they takers, complainers, ungrateful, negative and DEMANDING the world give them ‘heat’ first and then they’ll give the ‘wood.’
Those people will be waiting a very long time for heat.
And Grandmaster Choa said you can pay of negative karma FAST by service and tithing or you can take the very slow path….through suffering.
I have used the Laws of Mercy and Forgiveness to literally transform every area of my life, the lives of my clients and fellow Arhatic Yogis from around the world. This stuff works, I promise you. Actually, this newsletter contains one of the most powerful and simple truths yet most misunderstood and misapplied.
“…It is in the giving, that we receive…” -Saint Francis of Assisi
1. Want to learn the HOW and WHAT of meditation? If yes, then come to the Introduction to Meditation talk-experience on Thursday 25th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Deets and RSVP is here.
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3. Master Stephen Co is doing his 8th install of the Achieving the Impossible Series tomorrow night at 8:00pm. Its about success and willpower, and boy oh boy is Master Co qualified to talk about it. Stream here. at 8:00pm tomorrow.
See You Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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