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Do You Let Pain Stop You from Your Purpose?

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My infected tooth that taught me the power of pushing through.

My infected tooth that taught me the power of pushing through.

The past two weeks have been the longest and most painful two weeks of my life. Affordable dental insurance as a self employed person is hard to come by and any dental work beyond a cleaning and x-rays is pretty much out of pocket. Strangely enough, whenever tooth pain would surface, it was never in my budget to pay $1500 or more upfront for a root canal and crown.

I did the best I could to mitigate this particular situation but over time my tooth became more and more infected; so infected even penicillin wasn’t working. This surprised the dentist considering it works in 9 out of 10 cases. I had to jump up 2 additional levels of antibiotics. I ended up with flagyl, an antibiotic so powerful it is used for patients that have full femur breaks. A pranic healing mentor of mine said, “Once you’ve taken strong antibiotics, its good to counter their negative effects by taking pro-biotics.” Great tip for sure. Another dentist said, “The reason we don’t go straight to the hard stuff is because we want to prevent the creation of super bugs that prevent antibiotics from even working.”

During my two week period of ceaseless tooth pain; I slept maybe an hour a night, ate only liquified smoothies, stumbled around is a disorientated haze from a cocktail of prescription drugs and canceled a couple healing appointments. Now for those of you who know me or have worked with me, I do not cancel appointments — for any reason…looks like I found my only reason. Relentless tooth pain.

Nothing was working. Antibiotics weren’t bringing down the infection, pain killers killed nothin, ice packs simply made my hand cold or hot packs made my hands hot. As a funny side note, I tried putting tumeric on the infected tooth, which is an anti-inflammatory and the pain subsided instantly. Unfortunately its affects were short lived, only an hour or so.

Clients continued to see me, so I could relieve them of their own physical or emotional suffering, yet the mighty pranic healer couldn’t relieve his own. During most healings, I had tears dripping down my cheeks because I was in so much pain. Having tooth ache for a couple days is horrendous, now imagine having a tooth ache for a couple weeks! My compassion for those with acute physical pains is on a whole new level now.

Why didn’t I apply Pranic Healing on myself for tooth pain, you ask?

Pranic Healing is extremely effective on pain. The problem is, its hard to follow a Pranic Healing pain protocol correctly when a person can’t even think straight. In these cases, its best to have another Pranic Healer work on you. My girlfriend, who is a basic Pranic Healing graduate, was able to provide minimal relief during the two weeks. But I needed some big healing guns yet was unable to reach my Pranic Healing posse.

During this time I kept remembering a quote from a Pranic Healing Master, “All suffering is deserved.” Meaning, the pain I was experiencing had to do with pain I may have caused others in this life or another. Its as though I had to suffer in order to payback some negative karma that I had generated. No antibiotics were working. No pain killers were working. No Pranic Healing was working. A large part of the problem had to do with my lack of dental hygiene as a teenager. I would literally go for weeks without brushing. Gross I know. My breath never smelled and when I would get checkups the dentist said, “Hmm. Everything looks good.” Maybe my dentist was retiring soon and had his fill with fillings.

I asked a friend of mine about the karma related to the teeth. He suggested reading into the cliché, ‘biting off more than you can chew.’ The teeth represent commitment and the lack of biting into something is a sign of fear of commitment. I thought about it for a few minutes and realized I have not committed to many things in my life. I quit high school. I quit college twice. I quit my marriage. I quit more jobs than there are states in the US. Hmm. “Hmm, maybe Christian DOES have fear of commitment.”

What have I committed to in my life? There must be something. Oh wait…Pranic Healing, regularly since 2004. Meditation, regularly since 1999. Personal development, regularly since 1995. Curious about how the world works, regularly since 1985. Ok, some I’ve been committed to some things.

Spreading Pranic Healing is my passion, calling, dharma, duty, mission or whatever you want to call it. As my commitment level has been increasing of spreading Pranic Healing in Denver, my tooth pain became more and more exasperated. The pain was most intense during healing sessions. Which leads me to my savior, the solar plexus chakra.

For many years, I felt my lack of follow through or commitment was because of my basic chakra. The basic chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is the chakra of self preservation, dynamic action and prosperity. I was blaming all my emotional and financial woes on my basic chakra. Over the past couple months I realized my solar plexus chakra was the one in need of some serious healing. The solar plexus chakra is located right below the breast bone, it is the chakra of pushing through obstacles, ambition, perseverance, drive, ambition and self-interest. The negative aspects of the solar plexus chakra is self doubt, self sabotage, fear, anxiety, worry and stress.

Whenever I came up against any kind of resistance in my schooling, workplace or relationship, I would flip out or cave in to the pressure. I hadn’t developed the ability to push back against resistance in a healthy, non-assholey way. I chose to flight instead of fight because I felt once I started to fight I would be unable to turn it off and end up going to jail or sleeping on the streets. A healthy solar plexus also thrives on competition; to be the best, blood-thirsty, the killer instinct, love of the hunt and do or die. The famous expression from New York City, “…if you make it here you can make it anywhere” relates to the solar plexus chakra. I was never that guy.

A couple months back, I had a conversation with an acquaintance who is quite skilled in using his solar plexus for pushing through obstacles. Just that conversation alone was enough to propel into using my solar plexus for pushing through inner and outer resistance to being a successful healer. I said to myself, “Oh, THIS is what it feels like to be competitive, to push through resistance, to have a ‘do or die’ attitude.” My life has changed for the better from that point forward.

With my new found ‘love of the hunt’ I have been able to rapidly spread pranic healing in Denver with one-on-one healings, group meditations, and group talks. While practicing this new skill of pushing through resistance, something beautiful happened.

A portion of my consciousness transferred from my solar plexus chakra (lower will) to my ajna chakra (higher will). The ajna chakra is located between the eyebrows and is called the Master Chakra in Pranic Healing. It controls and regulates all the chakras below it. Also, it helps a person get the job done without having to become emotional about it. No motivation required. If you have ever been to an Anthony Robbin’s or motivational seminar, the techniques they employee are for the solar plexus chakra. They want you to get EXCITED or PASSIONATE in order to get you to act. A person operating from the ajna does not get emotionally invested, he knows his assignment and does it whether he ‘feels’ like it or not. He does it because it is the right thing to do and/or it needs to be done.

The downside of operating solely from the ajna is that a person can seem cold, hard and unfeeling. In a few short weeks, I was becoming that person. I did healing after healing, no matter the pain, no matter how little slip I got or how little time I was spending with my girlfriend. She said, “You seem different. More powerful but where’s you usual, warm, fun-loving self?” In that moment, I began to realize what was happening.

Spreading Pranic Healing is like an ordinary job. Its a global cause starting on a grass roots level by having one conversation at a time, healing one person at a time, teaching meditation one person at a time. Yes, it one way I earn a living but what I receive in return from sharing Pranic Healing is beyond words.

Where in your life are you fully committed and pushing through obstacles and resistance? Do you wake up in the morning and carry out your commitment whether you ‘feel’ like it not? Whether you are healthy or sick? Married or divorced? Happy or sad? Rested or tired? Are your chakras conditioned to overcome any and all resistance from within? If one removes the inner obstacles, the outer obstacles are easy to overcome.

During my tooth pain, I didn’t feel like I had an option to stop doing healings. My duty is to alleviate others suffering, almost at the sacrifice of my own physical health. My spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS), was known for tirelessly traveling the globe spreading pranic healing to over 150 countries in less than 30 years. He had a huge purpose that he was fully committed to regardless of how his physical, emotional, or mental bodies were doing. GMCKS saw these bodies as vehicles to spread Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. His commitment came at a great sacrifice to his family and ultimately his health, by an early death. A business owner I know once said, “You can burn out or rust out.” It looks as though my teacher chose to burn out. GMCKS lived an extremely powerful life radiating light, love and power where ever he went.

A purpose or calling can be highly energizing. People with purposes tend to create flow states when pursuing their purpose whether its a pranic healing session, musical composition, training for a MMA fight, teaching a meditation class, painting your masterpiece, or spending quality time with your grand kids.

These are my takeaways from this article.

  1. Whatever you want in life will require commitment, so commit.

  2. Your commitment will be challenged often, so push ahead.

  3. Pushing ahead can make you cold and hard, so add love.

  4. Instead of ‘biting off more than you can chew’ increase your bite size.

  5. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, everyday.

With Love.