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If You Hate Christmas Like Me, Read This.

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Feel like this during the holidays?

Since I was a young boy I never liked Christmas (or ANY other holiday). I would scream from the rooftops to anyone who would listen, “Its all about commercialization! You’re all buying $h!t you don’t need. All these wrapping papers, decorations and cheap toys are just gonna end up in a landfill. You’re going to go into debt for a stupid holiday!? Kids are just ingrates anyways…” And on and on I’d preach. I saw myself as the only sane person who saw the Holiday-Matrix and multinationals’ greed for what it was.

Each year Christmas (or any holiday) would come and go, and I’d ask for nothing and give nothing. Sure, I’d give a phone call of ‘warm wishes and holiday cheer’ but if it involved me reaching into my pocket to buy a Christmas Tree, presents, wine for a party…I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was too cheap, too broke, too bitter, and too disenchanted to care. I struggled giving a gift to my 3 year old son!

I’m sure we could go back to my childhood with divorced parents, dysfunctional gatherings, arguing, being pissed off I didn’t get what I wanted, or not being happy even getting what I wanted and the like but I digress. Looking at my friends’ families and my extended family, the persons who gave the most seemed to be angry, resentful, and burned out. Why the hell would I want to be like them? (ahh, the oversimplification of a child’s mind).

Here’s where I had my awakening about Christmas (and every other holiday).

You won’t believe it.

I have been a avid practitioner of Pranic Healing since 2004. Pranic Healing is a no-touch healing system that utilizes energy to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Within the system of Pranic Healing are practical applications involving tithing, service, and living a virtuous life.

I was not able to get connect the dots of Christmas and Generosity, I was too busy guarding my wallet and psyche from the influence of multinationals. Then one day, I watched this live streaming talk from Pranic Healing’s top instructor.

The talk was on the Esoteric Meaning of Christmas.

If you’re able to track down this recording I highly recommend you watch it. But here’s the take away.

We think Christmas (and other holidays) were designed by Coca Cola and other huge companies simply to create more profits for them under the guise of generosity and family. Here’s what the instructor shared in this talk, “The Great Ones, who direct the evolution of humanity, created Christmas as an opportunity for us to grow and develop our hearts. As Saint Francis has said, ‘Its is in the giving that we receive.’ Christmas encourages us to give and share with friends, family, and strangers. The process of giving, opens our hearts. Whether we like or not. A more developed heart means more warmth, compassion, inner peace, and emotional healing.”

I was floored right then and there! Without my studies and training in Pranic Healing I couldn’t have ‘GOTTEN’ what was being explained. My head is very thick at times.

That was Christmas of 2012 and I was forever changed. I finally got the message of generosity, service, and celebration. I began giving my time, money, and energy during holiday, birthdays, and funerals…anything I could find. Giving didn’t require me going into debt, buying crap, getting drunk with strangers or supporting companies I didn’t believe in. Yet I gave from my heart.

Guess what?

Those feelings of loneliness, anxiety, ickiness, and irritability during Christmas ended and hasn’t returned. I have been receiving what I FIRST gave. I have greater inner peace, patience, compassion, and understanding than my former Scrooge-Self. And for this I am grateful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christian R Long is a Flow Coach and Pranic Healer here to assist you in having a Perfect Day. You can receive 15mins of Free Coaching by visiting his website at ChristianRLong.com or calling 347-879-076Four