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Join Us for the Most Powerful Day of the Year on 5-14-14

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The most powerful time of the year for any spiritual practitioner.

The most powerful time of the year for any spiritual practitioner.

This coming Wednesday is the most powerful day of the year for all spiritual practitioners of goodwill and the will to do good. The Wesak Festival has been taking place for over 2500 years where the Lord Buddha returns  year after year, in etheric form with many other Great Spiritual Teachers, Angels, Holy Masters, Saints, Arhats, and Others, all for the purpose of accelerating the healing and evolution of the entire planet and all sentient beings. Millions of people partake in this meditation each year.

This will be my 10th – Year participating in the Wesak Festival! There is so much energy brought down during this time that meditating at the peak of the Wesak Festival (in-conjunction with the full moon of Taurus) is equivalent to meditating everyday for several months and will provide you lots of energy to use in your life for the next year. This energy can be used for physical healing, remove emotional and mental blocks, psychic protection, even to bless your goals and finances.

Pranic Healers and other spiritual practitioners will be physically and/or energetically connecting to this massive downpour of spiritual energies. In Denver we will be connecting LIVE streaming with Pranic Healers all over the world and hosting a small gathering at our house.

What: Wesak Festival Meditation (only once per year)

When: Wednesday, May 14th 2014 from 10:45am to 3:00pm MT

Where: Highlands, Denver (email me for address) or Online (outside of Denver)

What to Bring: 1. Wear ALL WHITE clothes. 2. Bring a notepad containing 3 WISHES or GOALS you would like to manifest within the coming year. 3. Bring a picture of a person or persons who need healing and we will bless them afterwards.

What to expect: We will be doing physical and breathing exercises to prepare for the meditation. We will be streaming LIVE with the US Pranic Healing Center in CA which includes additional techniques to further purify, followed by a lecture from Master Stephen Co, then we will do the actual meditation at 1:16pm MT. Afterwards we will bless our projects, goals, wishes, and loved ones. There will be time for snack and bathroom breaks.

Special Note: All the time and energy spent preparing for group meditation is very important. Clean physical and energy bodies insures group harmony and the best possible experience for everyone. That being said, you must be ON TIME and NOT LEAVE in the middle of meditation, which would adversely effect the group. Thank you for honoring these points.

We have room for 20 people so you MUST RSVP by emailing me at christianrlong at gmail dot com SUBJECT: WESAK MEDITATION, so we can plan accordingly.

Unable to physically attend? Here is a link to connect to the group. If that link isn’t working, here is another link. Any questions email me at christianrlong at gmail dot com.

Look forward to connecting and being but a small part in the planet’s evolution.

Blessings of Light, Love, and Power to you all.

Atma Namaste.