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Wesak Festival: Celebrating 10 years out of 2500

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Whew…what a super powerful day yesterday. After everything was said and done, it was 18-hours of non-stop organizing, facilitating, meditating, teaching and healing during the most powerful day of the year, the Wesak Festival Meditation. 

It was my 10th-year participating in the tremendous downpour of spiritual energies from Lord Buddha and other Great Ones, Holy Masters, Holy Gurus, Saints, Archangels, Holy Angels and Spiritual Helpers. I was sitting in a group of 13 other people and we were also connected to millions of other people of goodwill and the will to do good. I asked myself, “How could I have generated enough good karma to not only know about this event but actually help to facilitate it?”

When I first learned Pranic Healing in March of 2004, my mentor informed me of this super amazing, super powerful day coming up that I should participate in. He said, “It’s been observed that meditating during the Wesak Festival is equal to meditating everyday for several months.” Considering I was (and still am) a meditation and energy junkie, I was totally hooked right then and there.

Where I lived, there was no developed Pranic Healing community in Sarasota, FL so it was basically the two of us were Wesak Festival. I was honored to be invited by him because I respected (still do) him immensely for his generosity in mentoring, teaching, blessing and healing me. I admired his bravery in offering to put his clean, powerful and huge chakras next to my small, dirty, congested chakras during the meditation.

I arrived at his place, right on time as always, and we began setting the stage for my very first Wesak. I was so excited. He walked me through the steps and what to expect and we counted down the minutes to the peak of the Full Moon of Taurus to begin the official meditation.

3…2…1…and begin.

The energy of the meditation began to gradually build…and build…and build… then right before the end, these ripples of energy turned into tsunamis of crushing prana upon my subtle energy bodies…smash…crash…smaaaaash. And then I was gone…blackness.

And like a whisper coming from an old railroad tunnel, I hear, “Cooooooome baaaaaack into your bodyyyyy.” In reality I was ‘out of my body’ for a few moments but it seemed like layers of lifetimes. I slowly and reluctantly came back into my body. I had been meditating religiously for 5-years up til that point and it was in the top 3 most powerful inner experiences of this incarnation. When he shared his inner experiences, I was even more fascinated by the mystery and legend behind the Wesak Festival Meditation.

Ever since, I have been committed to participating and now facilitating, the Wesak Festival Meditation and I’d like to share some observations I’ve made over the past 10-years.

1. Could I follow through on a 2500-year commitment?

Lord Buddha has been coming back year after year, decade after decade, century after century, millennium after millennium, to help mother earth and all sentient beings evolve. And I have a challenge keeping some of my coffee date commitments if they’re more than two-weeks out! But to bring commitment down to a more understandable level, I get limitless inspiration from Grandmaster Choa and the Pranic Healing Masters.

Grandmaster Choa spent decades studying, experimenting, validating, teaching and spreading an unknown form of energy healing and yoga to over 160 countries. Yesterday’s Wesak Festival Meditation was awesome but could I sustain that level of commitment and energy day in and day out? We had only 13 people to assist, what about tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands? Amazing.

We were LIVE streaming the meditation with Master Stephen Co in California and I was thinking, “Jeez, when is this man NOT teaching, healing, blessing or traveling? He’s been maintaining this schedule rain, sleet, or shine. I wonder if he’s actually a cyborg with healing powers. Hmm.” As Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in the movie Spiderman, “With much power, comes much responsibility.” How much more for Lord Buddha?

2. We take priceless teachings for granted.

In ancient times, people who craved spiritual teachings or spiritual blessings would risk life and limb just for the opportunity to whet their Soul’s appetite. Sadhus would do prostrations for a 100+ miles in order to pay respects to their Teachers. Beginning monks would have strict regimens of maintaining the Ashram (Holy Space) of their Guru for YEARS before ever receiving shaktipat (spiritual empowerment). Tibetan Yogis would be in isolation for decades in the hope and promise of seeing or receiving a message from their Sat Guru in the inner world. Present day people living in communist countries are willing to be jailed and persecuted in the hope of quenching their spiritual thirst.

How do we handle priceless spiritual teachings, meditations, healings, and blessings in free countries? Poorly and disrespectfully.

I lead a weekly meditation in Denver and have had people ask me if its going to be cancelled because of light rain or an inch of snow. Yesterday a person couldn’t make the Wesak Festival Meditation because he couldn’t find white clothes. Another person said she would be attending the night before and the next morning couldn’t make it because college class end of semester. Or a friend who thought the meditation took place at night despite receiving several reminders stating it was during the day. One of my favorites are clients who reschedule healing appointments because they’re not feeling good…a HEALING appointment. To paraphrase Master Choa, “People meditate all the time, just not on the right things.” All of these people are beautiful Souls and divine children of God who occasionally let their lower nature, negative tendencies and programs win the battle. It saddens me to see someone suffering from poor finances, relationships or health and when that person is offered free support and he doesn’t take advantage of it. When something is free, it is perceived as having no value.

Recently, I have deepen my appreciation for the blessings, healings, and teachings I’ve been given to alleviate the suffering of my life and the lives of others. I could never repay what my Teacher has done for me, all I can do is spread his work a day at a time. In our modern times the concept of sacrifice is seen as archaic, old-fashioned, out-dated, or from a by-gone era. Instead of sacrificing our egos, personalities, and weaknesses to evolve, we are sacrificing the gift of this physical life and being dominated by our lower tendencies….laziness, greed, selfishness, resentment, anger, dishonesty and more.

3. Yet, certain people have a deep yearning for spirituality.

Sitting amongst my fellow Souls yesterday gave me a greater appreciation for how much people crave spiritual food. People are searching for meaning, purpose or wanting to know where they ‘fit’ into this cosmic puzzle. The more aware people, go the route of meditating, introspection, seeking quality spiritual teachers, practice discernment and the like. The less aware people numb their spiritual yearnings with drugs, excessive sex, excessive drinking, criticizing and judging others, anything and everything that will take their minds off the question, “Who Am I?” But for the brave few willing to dive into that question, experience a life of beauty, richness and wholeness unimaginable by the majority.

4. Gratitude and Humility 

Humbling facilitating an ancient tradition. How cool is that?!

Humbling facilitating an ancient tradition. How cool is tha

My girlfriend took a picture of me during a discussion I was having with the Wesak group. As I looked at the picture I laughed thinking, “Look at me trying to play Baby Buddha. Wow, this is too funny.” I’ll be honest, when I was in my mid-20’s learning about spirituality and esoteric teachings, I thought I was so smart, so evolved and so all-knowing. I loved being the ‘Guru’ or the ‘Spiritual Teacher’ because I was the center of attention and had ALL the answers.

Being on this path for the past 15 years I have come to a greater realization that I am simply an instrument for these teachings. I’m not speaking from false humility, simply stating I am an instrument. The technologies and teachings I share with people are not mine but my Teacher and other Great Ones. When I alleviate suffering of another that’s because of Them, when I cause suffering that’s because of my own weaknesses. At first it was hard for my ego to handle that, but over time the little self got more accustomed to submitting to the big Self.

Leaning on the Will of God and all the Great Ones is far more powerful for lasting transformation than being the big shot. One way of defining humility is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga has definitely helped me develop my strengths, made me aware of my weaknesses, and is helping me eradicate them. Its humbling to have an impact on another’s Soul.

5. Spiritual Energy is REAL.

During the peak of the Wesak Festival Meditation there is a tremendous downpour of spiritual energy that will actually move the physical body. You don’t need to be a Rinponche or Holy Master to feel this downpour, simply being aware of the top of your head is enough.

Yesterday, people without any prior meditation experience, were having intense sensations of pressure on the tops of their heads. After all these years of working in subtle energies, I still find that fascinating. How can you feel a physical sensation from a non-physical cause? My pranic healing mentor when asked about the existence of chakras, once said, “To me the chakras are more real than this table you see before you (tapping it with his hand).”

I have used subtle energy to physically alter muscles and bones after other physical means failed to do so. Spiritual energy is REAL and very powerful. Just because scientific instruments are limited to accurately measure subtle energies does not mean they do not exist. One-thousand years ago people were unable to harness and use electricity but that did not mean electricity did not exist. As Grandmaster Choa said, “One’s ignorance does not change reality, it merely alters the perception of reality.”

6. Technology can be used to evolve or devolve us.

Here we were, 14 people sitting in Denver, Colorado, connecting with Master Stephen Co in Anaheim, California where hundreds of people from around the world connected to his broadcast. I thought, “How amazing is this? All these people have the opportunity to connect, be spiritually fed, be healed and heal mother earth. Wow, technology is so awesome!” What are other ways is technology used?

Time-wasting apps, endless hours of mindless Youtube videos, validation-seeking LIKES on Facebook, gossip blogging about celebrities, and on. Just like money, technology will magnify a person’s tendencies. If a person’s tendency is to procrastinate, be lazy, disorganized, hyper-critical, and the like, he will use technology to magnify those tendencies. What could you do with technology if you had a purpose to alleviate suffering, loving heart, spiritual message or powerful healing abilities?

7. Pranic Healing taught me how to be generous. 

Not a bad spread eh, some nice high prana snacks.

Not a bad spread eh, some nice high prana snacks.

I was stressing a little bit the day before the Wesak Festival Meditation. I wanted to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. I wanted people to be spiritual, mentally, emotionally, and physically fed. I even wanted the space to be aesthetically pleasing! Who IS this guy?

An hour before people came over, I was standing in the kitchen chopping up carrots for the veggie medley then I had a flood of memories come over me. Some made me smile while others made me cry tears of gratitude.

I was reminded of all the Pranic Healing classes, meditations and events that I had attended over the years and how I was always provided for…we all were. Like when Grandmaster Choa was teaching in NYC and we went out to eat Vegetarian Dimsum afterwards and he would pay for the entire restaurant. Or how every Pranic Healing class at the Center for Pranic Healing in Lyndhurst, NJ would have coffee, juice, bagels, egg salad, fruit, healthy drinks, even special requests were honored. Or on weekend retreats at the MCKS Pranic Healing Ashram in Bovina, NY where the kitchens were overflowing with food and treats for each and every person and always someone around to help you with a fresh cup of coffee or putting an extra English muffin into the toaster for you.

Someone was always there to offer help, healing, a kind word or smile or food. Never a hidden agenda, unless the hidden agenda was to help your Soul evolve so they could too. But even that seems a bit distorted. Grandmaster Choa was my example of generosity, going the extra mile, giving from the heart and the Pranic Healing Masters, organization and students followed as best they could.

Placing the food out and helping to create a wonderful experience for the Wesak Festival Meditation is not something that comes naturally to me but it was the example of 100’s of people of goodwill and the will to do good, that helped me become that person.

8. As the crown chakra becomes more active, you have no choice but to serve.

I first heard that expression from one of the Master Pranic Healers about 5 years ago and thought, “What the heck does that even mean? So what you’re saying is as I spiritually evolve; I lose my personality, my sense of self and become a Robot of Service? Hmm…not interested. I like my personality. No robot can tell jokes like I can!”

Yesterday, I have a better idea of what he was getting at. As a person develops a higher degree of Soul Realization, she begins to experience a higher degree of Oneness with God and Oneness with All. If I cut my hand, how could I not take care of it? Expanding that example, if my spiritual brother or sister is suffering, how could I not take care of them? He is me, I am him, and we are One. Over the past few months that I literally can’t stop healing, blessing or teaching. My Higher Soul just keeps pushing, “Ok, one more healing.” “Alright, this will be my last email for tonight.” “Oh wait…did I answer that person’s question correctly?” “Hmm. Let me call up that new healing center, that looks like a great opportunity to spread pranic healing.”

Its highly rewarding and highly energizing in the most unusual way. Yes, I feel like I have NO choice but to serve yet what would I do instead?

9. I am no longer a seeker.

I have been aware of the concept of God since I was 7. At that age, God was more like an ATM machine or magic genie, “Alright God, here’s the deal…I’ll remember to call my dad when I stay at Jamie’s house, so he doesn’t worry, but only if I get that new remote control motorcycle from Toys R Us. Man, it looks like it goes super fast! Deal?” And that very-conditional relationship continued up until my late teens when I was introduced to meditation.

Something shifted, something deep and profound with me was different. No, I didn’t see the cosmos in its totality. No, I didn’t hear a booming voice from the sky saying I was the chosen one. No, I wasn’t able to simultaneously be in my philosophy class and make out with a cute girl at the mall, through bi-location. Yet, something was very different.

I spent the next several years reading every spiritual book I could get my hands on, traveling to every spiritual workshop and retreat I could borrow money for and met up with every Guru within a 500 mile radius. I was STARVING for anything spiritual. I had questions and I NEEDED answers dammit. I was the classic spiritual seeker.

But what was I seeking? A deep meditation experience? A feeling of all knowing-ness? The end to all my problems? Credit for single-handedly bringing about world peace? A high-five from God? The ability to levitate? Women to adore my bright and shiny aura? (still working on that one)

Yesterday, I mentioned to the group, I am no longer a seeker…I am a Soul committed to the process of Soul realization and re-emerging with God. I’ve found the process and have surrendered to it; meditating, healing, teaching, blessing, character building, service, tithing, learning. I only seek for more opportunities to practice the process. Instead of spending my days traveling to the next workshop, retreat or seminar looking for the answer…I pick up a mirror. I’m still aware of the next, best, latest, greatest, most powerful…but will not allow their shiney-ness to outshine the inner journey of my Soul.

10. Am I teaching too much, too soon, too often?

One of the attributes of a Great teacher is giving the right dosage in the right way at the right time to the right person. Ugh, man is that proving to be difficult. I tend to share and teach spiritual things as though I was teaching myself, “GIVE IT ALL TO ME RIGHT NOW, I CAN TAKE IT!!” I’m excited about sharing these Teachings and technologies with anyone and everyone who will listen. Yet I sometimes forget that each person is at a different level and not one dosage is right for everyone. One person is just looking for a sip and I’m pushing him under Niagara Falls. While another person is stumbling around in the Spiritual Sahara Desert and I just give him a hinting-nugget and push him out the door. Jeez. How did Grandmaster Choa regulate the dosages of energies to adequately spiritually feed hundreds of thousands of students?

11. Wesak Festival Meditation is wicked fun and always different!

Wesak is connected to the Full Moon of Taurus, which means its not on the same day or same time every year. Sometimes, the peak is at 11:04am on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Other times, the peak is at 4:47am on a pouring Wednesday early morning. I remember attending a real estate conference in Vegas during the Wesak. So after commingling my energies with gritty investors, gambling addicts and tenured Las Vegas escorts (never hired one), I went up into my congested hotel room at 2:30-something in the morning to prepare….and fell asleep 5 minutes into the audio recording. Or the time my oldest brother attended the Wesak in Bovina, NY at the MCKS Pranic Healing Ashram and fell asleep in the middle of the meditation because the energy was too strong for his energy and physical bodies to handle.

My most painful (sort of) Wesak was actually my very first one in 2004.

After the meditation, as always, we spent a lot of time doing physical exercises to re-ground ourselves. At this time in my life, being grounded, practical and realistic was not a strength of mine by any stretch of the imagination. So as I was walking out of my friend’s apartment and crossing the street…I tripped over a parking block that has a huge, rusty screw sticking out of it…the screw ripped my toe open.

I was sooooo blissed out of my mind and had so much energy in my aura, I didn’t even feel the rip and the cut sealed up almost immediately. I later thought, “Hmm, that’s a sucky way to waste this divine energy. Ok, I’ll be more careful next year.” 

Now that is one blessed blessing table. May everyone's wishes materialize rapidly and properly with the blessings of God, Lord Buddha, GMCKS, and all the Great Ones. NOW! Thank you.

Now that is one blessed blessing table. May everyone’s wishes materialize rapidly and properly with the blessings of God, Lord Buddha, GMCKS, and all the Great Ones. NOW! Thank you.

This year couldn’t have been smoother. People showed up on time, followed the simple instructions perfectly, asked excellent, insightful questions and there was a lot of group harmony. I’m honored to have shared this experience with each and every one of them. Each person with their own thoughts, emotions, behaviors, karma, story, strengths and weaknesses…yet all coming together for the common purpose to heal themselves, each other and the world.

My girlfriend was amazing in being the loving glue to keep me abreast of how everyone was doing. She’s also a cleaning ninja because as the last person left I turned to go back into the house and it looked as though no one had ever been there. Not even us, and we live there!

Each and every year I’ve done the Wesak Festival Meditation I’ve met new people, had new insights, and made new wishes but the only constant is Lord Buddha’s and all the Great Ones’ commitment to spreading light, love and power to mother earth and all her inhabitants. Thank you God, thank you Lord Buddha, thank you Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, thank you all.

Here’s to another 10-years and beyond!

With Love. 

Spoiler Alert: They Don’t Care About You

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We the People Must Become ‘I’ the Person. You alone are responsible for your body, feelings, mind, and spirit.

I have an agenda behind this article. I want to convince you to live a healthier, happier, more on purpose life and to no longer engage in activities that deplete and distract you from those things.

I was recently watching a clip from the movie, Network. Now you may not know the movie but I’m sure you’ve heard the famous expression, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” During this quick blurb of civil disobedience, a News Anchorman speaks of taking a stand against the politicians, corporations, and media outlets whom poison our food, air, and minds. He states our plea is to, ‘please just leave us alone in our living room, at least let me have my toaster and TV…’ I highly recommend watching it on YouTube. Here’s the real kicker. The movie came out in 1976! Funny how times DON’T always change.

Something does have to change though, and that my friend…is you.

Change comes at an investment, not a price. By investment, I mean the time you spend in improving your life is all areas; sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation, social circle, and living on purpose, you begin to wake up your body, mind, and Soul. The once unquestioned becomes questioned. The once accepted becomes unacceptable. The once I-can’t-live-withouts become I-am-truly-living-withouts. How effective can you truly be, do, and have with poor sleep, inadequate nutrition, couch-ercise drama-seducing friends, endless hours of mind-numbing TV, and no purpose? If your life doesn’t mean shit and you have no purpose then yes, it really doesn’t matter what you do. But if you feel you deserve a great life, in all areas, you must change.

This isn’t about boycotting McDonald’s, texting all you friends with the message, ‘Lose my number’, protesting in front of the Whitehouse, or throwing your 60in Flat-screen TV off your 2nd story window (or maybe so), its about taking personal responsibility for your life. The corporations, politicians, and media outlets do not care about you. The proof of that statement is self-evident.

Think about it for a minute.

How many documentaries and third party research do we need to have to prove the negative consequences of fast food? Morgan Spurlock, the Director of Super Size Me almost died from the experiment of eating McDonald’s food everyday for a month. The additives and preservatives in fast food are stripped of most nutrients and prana (energy). Its self evident that this food is poisonous because its cheap yet you don’t eat it all the time. Why not? Probably because you feel like shit at the end of every meal. You are eating lifeless, dead, stuff shaped into food-looking items. Why do we still eat it? Its cheap and we are chemically addicted to it! A corporations’ legal responsibilities are to the board and shareholders, not the public. Isn’t it nice to know the CEOs and chemists working for these companies don’t care about you? Only your money.

Politicians. I’m not a political science major. I don’t vote. I don’t feel it would matter in the least. The nature of politics is simply making public promises to the voters and private promises to those funding their campaign. Once elected, the politician has to pay the piper of the private promises to insure a long, illustrious political career or a six figure advisory role after leaving office. Why wouldn’t someone want to be a politician? Its near impossible to get fired. You make six-figures. Free house. Free health-care. Kickbacks from multinational companies if you pass a favorable bill for them. Granted, there are some politicians will huge hearts and an intense desire to help his or her community. Yet how does one play fair within an unfair system. Isn’t it nice to know politicians care about their donors and not about you? Only your vote.

Media outlets. My spiritual teacher once said, “If you want to determine the consciousness of a population, look at the books on their bestseller list.” This worries me a bit. As of this article, Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly is number 2 on the New York Times Best Seller List and Dancing with the Stars (Monday) and (Tuesday) took spots 7 and 11 respectively of the most watched show on TV. What are some of the common themes between this book and this TV show? Drama, gossip and sensationalism for the purpose of profit at the expense of distracting you from your purpose. What if instead of reading Killing Jesus, you went to a nearby college and had lunch with a professor of Theology to learn of Jesus? Or what if instead of watching Dancing with the Stars, you took a salsa class with your partner, had fun and met some new people? Do you see what I’m getting at? Isn’t it nice to know media outlets care about advertisers and eyeballs and not about you? Only your attention.

By taking personal responsibility you don’t need to depend on fast food companies to feed you, politicians to protect you, and media outlets to entertain you. In our western economy, you vote with your money and attention. Simply redirect both and take back your power.

My recommendation is to spend your money on food, resources, and experiences that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Give your attention to yourself, family, friends and community. You are not a resource to be consumed for the benefit of corporate greed, political power, or media influence. You are a divine child of God that is here to for 2 REASONS; discover your purpose and live your purpose.

If I’m out of line…fine…show me a better way. Show me a better way then what the typical Amercian is living. If you are living an extraordinary life and still watch hours of Jersey Shore, cool. But if you are miserable, aimless, unhealthy, exhausted, and distracted from your life then I recommend turning Snooki’s next house party scene off and get on with your life. I would say donate your TV to charity but why give the less fortunate more reasons to stay less fortunate?

Its hard to live your purpose when you are divided between endless TV shows and accompanying commercials, books propagating half-truths, politicians saying much and doing little, and corporations telling and selling you everything you need but you.

If you want to see what living your purpose looks like; pickup a copy of A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. Look what he accomplished for himself and the world, I bet he did it all without having watched even one episode of Jersey Shore.

With Love.

For those looking to create a perfect day, I offer free 30 mins. to assist you in creating your perfect day. During the free session to will gain clarity on how to create your perfect day, identify challenges in creating your perfect day, and feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vigor for your life. Contact me at ChristianRLong.com or 347-879-0764