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Atma Namaste Everyone and Happy New Year!

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Today’s Quote:“A Healer’s attitude is very important. It is only when you are humble that you become a powerful healer.”-MCKS 

Last minute my son was able to come out and spend 5 days with me in Denver…so I spent every single moment with him and this is why you didn’t see a newsletter on January 1st. Him coming to visit was my Christmas miracle…and in case you were wondering, yes…energy healing does produce miracles. 

I hope each and everyone of you were able to absorb all the lessons and experiences of 2019, completely let go of the year and ring in 2020 with a clear intention backed by divine light, love and power.

This year has already been SUPER growth-orientated, and we are only one week in! 

Now does this quote apply to you if you are not a healer? 

Would you agree you are a person of goodwill and the will to do good by helping your fellow man and woman in whatever way you can? Would you also agree that you want to lessen the amount of suffering you create in the world with your thoughts, words and actions?

Then welcome to being a healer. 

Now we may not be professional energy healers or highly trained neurosurgeons or Great Seers who sit atop mountains above the clouds…but we are all healers to one degree or another. 

But your DOING anything is only as good as your BEING in that moment of doing. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was 1/2 listening? 

While they may be in your physical presence, they are also on their phone scrolling through Instagram or shopping on Facebook marketplace for their next coffee table…yet you are pouring your heart out. 

How does that make you feel? 
Unacknowledged….less valuable…unimportant…maybe even a nuisance? 

Now what if your friend was BEING present rather than BEING distracted?

She opens her heart, stills her thoughts and emotions and totally tunes into what you are saying…and you continue pouring your heart out

How does that make you feel? 

Of course! Now which one do you prefer? 
Next question…which BEING do you offer most to others? 

My professional life is dedicated to active listening, being present, opening my heart and mind in order to best help my clients. And I’m proud to say, I do it MOST of the time with friends and family. But there are times when someone is sharing about how their day and I notice I am tuning them out…

I could be…

Scrolling on Instagram
Reading an email 
Texting back a client
Marketing on Facebook

In most cases, when I realize I’m not being present, I reset and get ‘my energy back in the game.’

The quality of your doing is based on the quality of your being. 
We ALL can sense when someone is really connecting with us vs just going through the motions of connecting. I know some people who are satisfied just thinking someone is listening to them when no one actually is…I’m SUPER sensitive to when someone is listening or not.

In general I won’t talk to someone else unless I have their full, undivided attention from my first to last word. That’s just me right? 

And where is this BEING coming from? 
Excellent question…I’m glad you asked. 

This BEING energy comes from the connection to your Higher Soul…which is connected to your spiritual teacher (we all have one, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, doesn’t matter), who is connected to the Great Ones, who are ultimately connected to God. 

The current or energy coming from God is ALWAYS constant, its our connection to God’s energy that is not. 

As these energies of divine light, love and power move from God through the Great Ones through your Teacher through your Higher Soul and into your Incarnated Soul…they are transformed, stepped down and modified in order for your BEING to properly function. 

Its similar to the energies coming from a nuclear power plant…which gets transformed by the local power plant…then by the power lines on the street…then coming into our house where we can plug our toaster into the outlet and it receives the RIGHT AMOUNT & TYPE of energy. 

Hypothetically, what would happen if you plugged your toaster directly into the nuclear power plant? 
The toaster would be toasted! 

Too much power, too quickly. 

This is nuclear power or nuclear energy. 

There are ALL kinds of energies…mechanical, electrical, chemical, gravitational and more.

Well, in the world of spirituality, we have spiritual or divine energy. Just like too much nuclear energy to will disintegrate the toaster, too much spiritual energy will disintegrate the different bodies of a human including the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. 

The Bible actually refers to this is Exodus 33:20 when the planetary logos (God) is talking to Moses who asks to see the ‘glory of God’ and the planetary logos (God) responds, “you cannot see My face, for no one can see Me and live.”  Meaning, if one were to see the true form of the planetary God, the energy would be so powerful, so radiate, so potent, so subtle and so vast it would instantly disintegrate the denser bodies of a human. 

So these EXTREMELY potent energies must be stepped down and modified in order for us to assimilate them properly and safely into our lives. 

This is why a strong connection to our Higher Soul and Spiritual Teacher is so very important. 

Humility is one of the best ways to develop and maintain a strong connection to your Higher Soul and Spiritual Teacher. 

What is humility? 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. 
Knowing what you are good at and what you are not so good at
Having good self esteem, good self image and good self worth
Having trust in yourself, your Teacher and God. 
Asking for help when needed and a willingness to help when needed 
Being grateful for all that you have been given, have & will continue to receive
Realizing your ability to do GREAT THINGS is because of God and the Great Ones. 

Think about it…

You can have access to the BEST supercomputer on the planet which performs trillions of complex functions in seconds…but if you cut the power to the building, the supercomputer is completely useless. 

God is your power source.

Over many many many lifetimes we may have developed certain abilities and skills…such as creativity, inspiring others, making money, inventing useful products, having tremendous physical or emotional strength, even psychic abilities…but without the energy of God and the Great Ones…they all become impotent. 

No power.

MCKS says, “…it is only when you are humble that you become a powerful healer.” Powerful for what reason? 

To make lots of money?
To have lots of fame? 
To have lots of power for the sake of power?
To have lots of sexual experiences? 


To be a powerful healer means you are a divine instrument of goodwill and the will to do good. Because you are willing to be of SERVICE to others, you are EMPOWERED by God and the Great Ones to carry out the divine plan. 

One of the Pranic Healing Masters would always ask MCKS to bless him…

“Master please bless me for this class. Please bless me for this talk. Please bless me for this healing.” Eventually Master had to correct his viewpoint, “Ehh, you’ve already been blessed, just do the work and you will be empowered to be successful.” 

The Quakers have a similar expression, “Pray and move your feet.”
Meaning, connect to God and take action…do not wait for God to place the world at your feet.

What about the people who don’t have humility? Who think THEY are the source of energy, wisdom, love, light, power and healing? Well…they do not live very good lives. 

Over the past 5 years, there was a world famous yogi who built a yoga empire with hundreds of thousands of practitioners and made millions of dollars introducing hatha yoga to the masses…but what happened? His empire crumbled to the ground with lawsuits and scandals and he eventually fled the United States to avoid payouts and jail time. 

This person believed he was the source of power…no credit to his Teacher, to his lineage or to the Almighty God. I have a tremendous amount of compassion for this Soul…because he is suffering tremendously and has generated much negative karma that will probably take many lifetimes of healing and service to neutralize. 

For any of you who have been following Pranic Healing, its instructors and senior practitioners…who do we always give credit to?


And for those who have seen videos or listened to recordings of MCKS…who is he always giving credit to?

His Teacher, Lord Bodhisattva Mei Ling.


Because MCKS helped us realize the energy doesn’t come FROM us but rather THROUGH us. 

Master even talked about this in a video many years ago, “Some one you may be wondering why I say ‘we’ when referring to doing a healing…if its only me and the other person during the healing. It is like this, there are many great beings and spiritual helpers involved in the process of healing. I am only the channel.” 

The miraculous healing results that Pranic Healers produce is because they are humble instruments of God, the Great Ones, and the Teacher…but as soon as they believe they are the source of the healing energies their spiritual connection shrinks and they are less empowered. 

The attitude MCKS is referring to is humility. 
The attitude of gratitude, respect and love for all sentient beings. 
The attitude of being a channel FOR the energies, not the source OF the energies. 

This process is hard for many people because of the ego and personality. 
The ego wants to be acknowledged, validated and recognized. 

“Look at this great healing result ‘I’ produced!” 
“Look at this great yoga class ‘I’ taught!” 
“Look at this great surgery ‘I’ performed!”
“Look at this great book ‘I’ wrote!”

Me…Myself…and I. 

The process of removing our ego and personality from the fruits of our labor is a lifetime process and typically does not happen overnight. And we must also be aware of false humility i.e. the humble brag…

“Thank you so much for healing my child of his rash!” “Umm, well don’t worry about it miss…all credit and glory to God. I’m just doing it for the man upstairs.” While it may appear this person is being humble, its not sincere.

Its more subtle and nuanced than outright negative pride, which makes it even more dangerous because this individual begins to believe his own false humility. The bigger the pride, the higher the fall. 

Again…negative pride gives us the delusion that we are the source of the energies, it weakens our connection to our divinity and we live in darkness. 

Now good, healthy pride is acknowledging BOTH…

“Yes, without the energy of God, this healing would not be possible AND I was a willing Soul to collaborate with God in this healing.” This humility gives the person good self esteem and self worth while staying connected. 


You CHOSE to be the healer, therapist, doctor, coach, mentor, or fundraiser…etc. You exerted your FREE WILL to be an instrument or channel of goodwill for God…even the Great Ones cannot interfere with your free will. 

Over my 15+ years of practicing energy healing, I realize more and more how important being humble and removing negative pride is…who would have thought you have to practice being humble. Shouldn’t it just come naturally? Well come to find out, it doesn’t. 

What’s even more interesting about BEING humble is that has more to do with stepping out of the way to let it happen, rather than forcing it to happen. 

For those of you who have done the Twin Hearts Meditation and you are asked to bless the earth with love, forgiveness, hope, faith, light and joy. Now are YOU the one blessing the earth with these energies OR are you OPENING yourself up as a channel for those energies to flow through you? 

Years ago while doing the meditation, I would actually force the energies…“Ok, lets go faith and joy…come on come on…like pour out of my hands more, what are you waiting for…come on come on.” 

I was not being a channel, I was trying to be the source…therefore, not much was ‘coming out.’ 

But when I began to let go more, when I stepped out of the way to let the energies flow THROUGH me, I had a much different experience.

Over the years I’ve practiced more and more of stepping out of the way…a conscious act…I’m willingly letting my physical, emotional and mental bodies help to anchor these divine into mother earth on different planes. I’m allowing myself to be a mini-transformer like the Great Ones, who are GIANT transformers for all of us. 

Is this making sense? 

If not…be humble and ask God and the Great Ones to remove any and all blockages, obstacles and impediments preventing you from seeing clearly and accurately. 

I hope this week’s newsletter inspires into 2020 and beyond. 

May God and the MCKS bless you with humility, inner peace, happiness and joy. 


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