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Five Years in the Making…


My old website PranicHealingLiving.com has been gobbled up and updated by ChristianRLong.com ... (you are here now) this 2-month project took more time, money and energy that I could have possibly expected,

As MCKS says, “Unrealistic expectations leads to suffering.”

There were many reasons for the updates; the speed of the old site was horribly slow, the old site had more viruses than the CDC, people couldn’t subscribe to the new newsletter, couldn’t access all social media from one place, a single photo which didn’t show what I actually do, couldn’t download the new products which have been created over the past year and one of the biggest reasons for the update was PERCEPTION.

Doing the kind of work I do…energy healing and teaching meditation, tends to be seen as a hobby rather than a profession.
Its not treated with the same respect and importance as a medical doctor, chiropractor or psychotherapist and I’ve chosen to play my part in changing that perception.

Energy healing and meditation can be a viable and noble career for millions of people around the world in which to alleviate the suffering of humanity and uplift the consciousness of all.

This website will always be a work in progress because I have new ideas and projects I’m currently working on which are not even on the website, but I feel you will be pleasantly surprised with the new changes, programs and services being offered.

What a wild ride of trial and error the past 2-months from web design, web development, writing ad copy, leadership skills, communication skills, delegation, asking for help, removing inner blockages and MUCH more.

All credit goes to my spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, without his help, blessings and guidance over the years, I’d have very little (if not anything) to offer in terms of energy healing, meditation and practical spirituality to improve the lives of others.
I’m simply a teeny tiny puzzle piece of a global movement of millions of people of goodwill.

Look around the new website which is faster, simpler, more comprehensive and offers WAY more value to improve the major areas of your life. And please, feel free to give me any and all feedback (christian@christianrlong.com) …good, bad and the ugly. I will make the necessary corrections along the way.

Atma Namaste.

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