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March 2017

Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2017 in Mahwah, NJ

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Giants…Energy Masters…Friends from around the world…Gifted books on success & money…Raffle tickets to help you evolve …Inner visions of golden dragons…Healers who have healed tens of thousands of people…Meeting a cut out of Orlando Bloom…Earplugs work for sleep and planes…Choosing Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks…Spiritual photo bombing and SO MUCH MORE at the Annual Arhatic Yoga in Mahwah, NJ.

Here are just a few thoughts on my first Back-ta-Back Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreats from West Coast to East Coast.

The purpose of this post is to inspire people to learn Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga so they can experience this AMAZINGNESS and to remind current Arhatic Yogis to attend the next retreat for their own AMAZINGNESS.

Boy oh boy, last night was my first decent night’s sleep in the past 10 days after two yoga retreats in a row…sleeping in hotels and on couches, driving to coffee shops on breaks or being stuck in the Holland Tunnel onto airports, terrifying flights over the snow covered Colorado Rockies and choosing healing over sleeping.

Yet there is no price too high to pay for personal and Soul development, which is permanent.

“But Christian…instead of going to these yoga retreats, wouldn’t you rather spend your time and money on investing in real estate?…buying a car?…finally starting your son’s college fund?…buying a brand new wardrobe? fixing your teeth the right way?…or crossing off that Hawaiian vacation from your bucket list?”


I am a product of my product.

What I have learned and received at Arhatic Yoga Retreats have improved every area of my life without exception and I have those tools for the rest of my life (and the lives to come). What price can you put on inner peace and joy? Wisdom and clarity? Deeply connecting with God? Healing the suffering of others?

It is priceless.

My life has been dedicated to healing and teaching others for 12 years. The more conductive and receptive I am to God and my Teacher through my Arhatic Yoga practice, the greater healing instrument I am for all people.

I desire inner peace now, not later.
I desire enlightenment now, not later.
I desire to be a better person and Soul now, not later.
I desire to be a better healer now, not later.
I desire to master my mind, emotions and body now, not later.
I desire to overcome my negative tendencies now, not later.

By attending an Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat, I am 100 steps closer to fulfilling those desires than by simply doing it all on my own.

The general populace assumes yoga retreats are nothing more than overpriced vacations where you spend all day chanting mantras you don’t understand, stretching into pretzel poses and being aware of your breath while listening to spiritual discourses by a soft spoken Indian Guru with long dreadlocks, mala beads and who smells like sandalwood incense.

And in some cases…those people would be right.

Not at an Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat!

You’ll find people from people from the across the US to 10+ countries, ages from 20 to 80+, students to highly trained professionals, homemakers to entrepreneurs of huge companies, high school drop outs (that’s me) to MIT Engineers (going back for even higher education), Arhatic Yogis who just learned this practice a few days before the retreat to Arhatic Yogis who have been practicing diligently for 25+ years, people who just want to learn tools to have less stress to those looking to obtain illumination in THIS lifetime, people who feel, see and hear nothing in their meditations to clairvoyants who leave their bodies at will, travel to undiscovered worlds and converse with Holy Masters and other Great Beings.

You’ll find it all at an Arhatic Yoga Retreat.

This weekend a Pranic Healing Master said something that really resonated with me in reference to the group,
“We are experts in energy.”

That’s THEE biggest factor which determines how much one gets out of a yoga retreat because EVERYTHING in life requires energy, from our physical health and relationships to our finances and career to our personal and spiritual growth and development.

No energy, no progress.

If you want to have a HUGE breakthrough, you need energy.
If you want to have a deep and profound meditation experience, you need energy. If you want to know your life’s purpose, you need spiritual, mental and emotional energies.

And one should attend yoga retreats which offer the strongest and most pervasive divine energies…

Another thought hit me this morning while pouring myself a cup coffee…”You don’t blame the system, you blame the student.”

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the Modern Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga developed two very powerful systems to alleviate the sufferings of humanity and to rapidly, properly and safely evolve the Souls of hundreds of thousands of people in over 120 countries…

As one practices Arhatic Yogi…many many things will get stirred up in his life from relationship challenges, health challenges, financial challenges and even spiritual challenges…its not that system doesn’t work, its the lack of purity of the student.

If I thought, spoke, felt and acted like Bill Gates in regards to business and money, I would be in his position, but if you gave me a software company to start, it would be an utter failure.

Its not the system, its the person using the system that determines whether it will be successful.

You will know the quality of the Teacher by the quality of his students and the results they can produce. Grandmaster Choa’s students have produced miraculous healing results, rapidly deepened their meditation experiences, created extensive service programs around the world to help those in need and become overall better people…so the system works ONLY IF the student works the system.

Your spiritual teacher only points to the path, you must tread that path.

And by attending an Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat one is reminded of the this spiritual system and the developer of this spiritual system known as Arhatic Yoga.

These simple tools combined with powerful energies…you can flush out negative thoughts and emotions keeping you stuck in life, increase your connection to your Higher Soul and learn how to store those divine energies into every cell of your body to help you look younger, stay healthier longer and be internally stronger…all in only THREE days!

My last day of the second retreat had me falling asleep while watching a video of Grandmaster Choa. I had finally hit the ‘energetic wall’…I couldn’t stuff anymore energy into my etheric body.

Then I was reminded of one of Grandmaster Choa’s teachings,
“Know. Remember. Practice. Master.”

“Ok…what must I do when I am full of energy?”
Oh yeah, do physical exercise. Well…after 20 mins of doing that, I was still falling asleep but this time I was doing jumping jacks.
“Ok what else can I do?”
Oh yeah, release the excess energy by doing extra blessings to family, friends and important projects…and after 15 mins of doing that, and guess what happened?

It worked!
I felt lighter, with calmer emotions and a more alert mind.

You must not only remember the teachings but you must also practice those teachings in order to master them. Again, its not the system, its the practitioner of the system.

An Arhatic Yoga Retreat is a chance to remember the Teacher and Teachings.

The ordinary person finds it bizarre you can actually fall asleep from having TOO much energy but as any Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, Chi Gong practitioner or energy worker will tell you, its not only possible but very probable, especially if you don’t exercise before and after a powerful meditation.

Funny enough, I had ZERO intentions of attending the second annual retreat this year on the east coast but the day before I would have had to buy a plane ticket, I received a private message from someone who I immensely respect and admire, a person who has been there through my darkest and brightest times, asking me if I would be attending this year’s retreat…

So with a big sigh (my lower nature not wanting to go but to chill out at home) and I still wasn’t fully back in my body from the west coast retreat I attended two days earlier,
I gave in to the calling of my Higher Soul and thought,
“Ok, how am I gonna make this happen?”

And ‘WE’ made it happen.

This retreat allowed me to connect with many senior practitioners to help me become a better healer and Arhatic Yogi, re-inspired me to up my service big time, increased my trust in God, the Teacher and the Higher Beings, I made new and hysterical connections, healed old connections, offered tips and suggestions to the upcoming generation of Arhatic Yogis…and I was reminded of weaknesses and negative tendencies I hadn’t fully resolved within myself…you can’t heal what you are unaware of.

The great news is that Grandmaster Choa has given us PLENTY of tools to transform ourselves from the inside out. That’s what I love so much about Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yogi…you have a built in support system of books, CDs, courses, retreats, forums and people of goodwill in 120+ countries to help you get over any and all humps and bumps in your life.

Pretty sweet right?

And I love listening to the Masters share their personal stories of time spent with Grandmaster Choa. All the stories I’ve heard over the years, I never doubted their efficacy…even before I understood how energy works but as I have had many experiences in how energy works in regards to energy healing, meditation, karma, death and the like, I began to doubt those stories because knowing what is required on behalf of the Teacher and disciple in order to produce these results is truly miraculous.

So now I’m just left in awe and humbled by the Teacher and the Teachings instead of doubting.

I have said this in a previous post…there is never enough time to connect with all the people you want to connect with at the retreat.

You want to connect with your old Arhatic Yogi buddies because you have common ground and know they are in it for the long term.
You want to connect with new people to stay abreast of how and why they got into Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.
You want to resolve conflicts and hurt feelings with co-discisples caused by lack of awareness and misunderstandings.
You want to follow each and every one of the Pranic Healing Masters around like a puppy, never knowing which pearl of wisdom they are going to throw that will change your life forever.
You want to be of service to your co-disciples who may need healing in a moment of intense purging and emotional crisis.
You want to answers to important questions to senior practitioners which the Masters may not have time to answer.
You want to get 8 hours of sleep so you don’t fall asleep in class. And you want to be alone at times to process a video lecture by Grandmaster Choa, a deep meditation experience or a healing you just received.

Never enough time…an Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat is a great opportunity to practice prioritizing.

And its been a couple years since I’ve been to the east coast during the winter so that alone was an interesting experience.

Having lived and worked in the NYC area for almost 4 years during a very dark time of my life…I wanted to see if the area would be different for me now that I AM different…so I drove around my old stomping grounds in Jersey City at 4:00am before heading to the Laguardia Airport.

After my 8 min trip down memory lane, I realized why I left the area.

Its loud, dirty, wet & cold, congested and filled with lots of traffic.
Yes, there’s lots of prosperity,
yes there’s lots of opportunity in lots of ways
yes the area trains your solar plexus to overcome obstacles,
yes there’s 20,000+ restaurants,
yes there’s people-watching for days,
yes you can rapidly evolve anywhere in the world but alas…
The area is simply not for me.

Denver is my home and has been ever since I first stumbled here during a cross-country dinosaur adventure in June of 2013, moving here 4 months later.

But a big fat thanks and love to NYC for training my solar plexus to get sh!@t done. And a bigger thanks to Masters Glenn Mendoza and Marilag Mendoza for years of training, directing and loving me into the person I AM today.

Never EVER forgot your spiritual teachers, for without them, you would not be where you are today in your development.
I am eternally grateful to them. And now being on the west coast, I am honored to be under the tutelage of Master Stephen Co, who is a perfect example of Will in being diligent in my Arhatic Yoga practice and helping to spread the Teachings of Grandmaster Choa Kok Suoi in the way I most require and I cherish all moments I get to spend with him.

Much thanks and gratitude to Master Hector Ramos whose inner experiences and insights make my head spin and heart sing and to Master Nona Castro who reminds me to be humble, be of service and not to shortcut the path to Self realization.

Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga is not only my spiritual practice, its not only my profession, its not only a hobby…its a way of life.
A way of life that gives me inner peace, happiness, empowerment and the ability to transform myself and others for the better.

And NO, I am not perfect…no one is. Grandmaster Choa has given us Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yogi to move us in the direction of perfection.

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui has said an Arhatic Yogi, “is a person with an intelligent mind, a loving heart and a powerful will.”
By attending the Annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat you become more of all those divine qualities and so much more.

See you at the next retreat.

Atma Namaste.