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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #66

Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “Project and Radiate Loving Kindness! Be still! Bathe in the water of Love and Bliss.” -GMCKS
For those of you who have been practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation regularly or other Pranic Healing related meditations, you have noticed we spend a lot of time projecting good energies of peace, light, love, power, happiness, healing, harmony, prosperity to mother earth and all sentient beings.
While that’s super duper important during the meditation…its even more important to radiate these energies into your everyday life, no matter what is happening externally.
Today, I was sharing with Susannah a story from an Arhatic Yoga Retreat that perfectly embodies the message of ‘…radiate loving kindness.’
I hope this story impacts you as much as it did Susannah…try to take into the energy of the message…
Master Nona was speaking from stage, and for those of you who don’t know Master Nona, she is the one who developed and leads the Archangel Meditation…which is a SUPER powerful meditation for healing purposes.
Anyhoo…Master Nona was saying that one’s Arhatic Yoga Practice should always be playing in the background of one’s day to day existence. Meaning, one must BRING IN, PROJECT & RADIATE the divine energies that are generated from one’s Arhatic Yoga Practice into your mundane physical reality.
Its beautiful to be in deep meditation and to bless the world with high vibrational, healing energies. Yet its an entirely another thing to project and radiate those same energies when someone is cutting you off in traffic, when a co-worker goes behind your back to get the promotion, or your spouse tells you they are leaving you for another person.
That’s where the rubber of true spirituality meets the road. Think about it…
Its easy to project and radiate loving kindness in a quiet, still space with no distractions. Almost anyone could do that with flying colors.
But what about doing it when:
Your body is tired?
Your body is hungry?
Your emotions are swimming in stress?
Your thoughts are scattered?
Your finances are in the dump?
Your relationships are falling apart?
Can you still practice projecting and radiating Loving Kindness then?
The Tibetans have been doing just that for over a thousand years…using the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Its the mantra of Compassion and Mercy.
Even when the Tibetan monks were being persecuted and tortured by the Chinese and their Holy Sites and Monasteries were being blow up…they never stopped projecting and radiating loving kindness to their persecutors.
If they can do that while their family and friends are being murdered, you most certainly can do that with the driver who cuts you off in traffic or the server brings you a medium rare steak when you asked for a well done steak.
And besides, the positive energies you seek are all around you, all the time…they are outside, inside, and all around you.
Grandmaster Choa says, to “Bathe in the water of love and bliss.” The ‘water’ is the ocean of prana that surrounds us all; its all pervasive, all permeating, all encompassing…the problem lies in our forgetfulness of this very simple truth and tapping into it consistently.
If you want to become more prosperous, become aware of the prosperity energies and beings around you.
If you want to become more loving and kind, become aware of the loving and kind energies and beings around you.
Or you can bathe in other kinds of energies if you prefer…
How bout swimming in an ocean of depression? Resentment? Anger? Cynicism? Intolerance? Ignorance?
The choice is yours…right now, you can BE light, love and power inside & outside of your meditations.
You can choose to bathe in the positive ocean of prana; ocean of loving kindness ocean, ocean of generosity, ocean of sweetness, ocean of joy, ocean of prosperity, ocean of empowerment, ocean of higher will, ocean of friendship, ocean of spirituality…whatever you can imagine.
Its not a dribble, drop, or leak of prana, its an ocean of prana.
Where are you bathing right now?
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See Ya Sunday!
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