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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #65

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “When you have patience, flexibility and tolerance, you are ready to do great tasks.” -GMCKS 
Can you imagine Mother Teresa in the middle of feeding a child with leprosy saying, “Screw this, I’ve had enough of taking care of the forgotten ones!” and throws the spoon to the floor?
Or what about Martin Luther King Jr stops mid-sentence of his, ‘I have a Dream’ speech, saying, “You know what? I’m tired of trying convince you people of the benefits of human rights, respect and equality…I’m gettin’ the hell outta here.”
Or Gandhi, after 1 mile into his planned 25-mile Salt March says, “Damn its hot as shit out here, I’m gonna hail a cab, you guys catch up when you can…”
These three ordinary persons accomplished GREAT tasks because they were patient with their followers and the process…they were flexible in their approaches of going over, under, or around the obstacles to accomplish the task…they were tolerant of the intolerance of others who had opposing agendas.
On a much smaller scale, this quote reminds me of a time when Grandmaster Choa was having dinner with students after a class. While he was teaching in the the restaurant, a server accidentally dropped water glasses all over his lap.
The students were expecting him to get upset with the server for soaking him…He never missed a beat and kept talking until the students were distracted by him NOT being distracted.
To paraphrase in a calm tone, “It is only water, my pants will dry, now listen to the priceless teachings being given to you.”
Grandmaster Choa knew what was important, what was permanent, what was/IS priceless…the Teachings, not wet pants.
If you want to accomplish great tasks in your life, you must be willing to let go of the trivial, mundane, unimportant, impermanent things in your life. Life is so very short and very precious.
Think of the money, resources, energies and time required to impact the world in a BIG way…if you quit easily (impatience), if you refuse to adapt to new information (inflexible), if you can not handle others disagreeing with you (intolerance) than how great could your impact possibly be?
Our culture conditions us that instant gratification, entitlement, and civil obedience is the right way vs the norm.
Meaning, I deserve to have the keys to kingdom simply because I’m breathing not because I’m a good person who has spent decades (even lifetimes) of personal and spiritual development.
Work on yourself, not the world.
It took me MANY years to finally realize this, “The world doesn’t owe me shit.”
When I became more patient…I had patience for myself, my goals, and others.
When I became more flexible…I had flexibility to come up with solutions instead of seeking a person or situation to blame.
When I became more tolerant…I had tolerance for the people who inevitably don’t understand or support what I do.
And here’s the coolest thing…while working on myself to become a better person and Soul by developing more patience, flexibility and tolerance…NO ONE can take those hard learned lessons. They are permanent, immortal and indestructible.
Once you learn the lesson of generosity…its yours.
Once you learn the lesson of constancy of aim and effort…its yours.
Once you learn the lesson of loving kindness…its yours.
Once you learn the lesson of self-honesty…its yours.
No individual, government or organization can take it away from you. It has literally become a part of your BEINGness.
And once you master these lessons to a high degree, you can accomplish great tasks in your life. Just make sure your mastery is balanced.
For example, Bernie Madoff, who stole billions of dollars from investors through his hedge fund, mastered the virtue of constancy of aim & effort and non-laziness, right? But how well did he master the virtue generosity and non-stealing? The bigger one’s chakras become the more the subtle imbalances become glaringly obvious.
A good friend and Arhatic Yogi once said, “If you get a flat tire at 5 mph its no big deal, that same flat tire at 80 mph is a huge problem.” The speed represents the amount of spiritual energy in your life, the flat tire represents your weaknesses. But the faster you go, the sooner you get to your destination…which is enlightenment to serve even more people.
One’s spiritual development must be balanced to avoid flat tires at 80 mph.
*A plug for Arhatic Yoga 🙂
1. Next round of Intro Talks have been put up on Meetup, Introduction to Super Brain Yoga on Thursday July 23rd, Introduction to Pranic Healing on Thursday July 30th, and Introduction to Meditation on Thursday August 6th. Go to the meetup for more deets and to RSVP here.
2. Master Co is releasing his 10th installment of the Achieve the Impossible Series tomorrow night at 8:00pm. If you have NOT seen the other ones, I highly recommend them.
3. Many of you have asked about the life of Grandmaster Choa, here’s his spiritual autobiography, Origins of Modern Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga, one the best books I have ever read. And its on KINDLE now!
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