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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #62

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Compassion means you do something to alleviate the suffering of another.” -GMCKS 
Its a simple quote right? Even pretty obvious yes? As Master Co would say, “But the question is, ‘Are you doing it?'”
I was talking with a woman the other day about how her brother committed suicide a year ago and while she was not very close to him (even thinking he was an asshole at times), she was having a hard time healing from his suicide. She wears the pain on her sleeves.
And its totally understandable to feel pain and suffering after losing a family member, whether one was close or not.
I went on to share with her the teachings of Grandmaster Choa and the path of compassion.
When we harbor anger, frustration, bitterness and resentment towards a person we perceive has screwed us over in life, it gets stuck in the energy body…really, really stuck. So stuck we may even take those pains into the next life.
We go through three stages on the path of compassion.
The first step is we begin to forgiveness because we realize those negative thoughts and feelings are beginning to negatively affect our lives. So we start saying things like, “Hmm, well this person is human and we all make mistakes. He’s not perfect and neither am I. I bet she didn’t even realize what she was doing.”
Then some of that heavy, dense, anger energy begins to move up from the meng mein chakra which is located into the lower back into the back heart chakra located inbetween the shoulder blades.
The energy becomes refined turning into gratitude…the second stage.
Yes, gratitude for the other person that has been a thorn in your side. You begin to perceive the situation better and start thinking, “Hmm, well this person is definitely teaching me something about myself. She’s helping me to learn the lesson of patience, understanding, tolerance…and for that I AM grateful.”
Then some of that energy moves from the back heart chakra upwards into the crown chakra.
The energy is further refined into COMPASSION…the third stage.
This is the highest stage of forgiveness because one becomes awakened to a deeper understanding of the Law of Karma and the Principle of Oneness.
Try to follow me on this next part because its powerful and profound…
The Law of Karma states that whatever we sow, we reap and the Principle of Oneness states, we are all spiritually One…so what you do to another, you do to yourself and what you do to yourself, you do to all.
Going back to the example of the person who did you wrong, once you have compassion for this person, you realize she is actually causing the suffering to herself in the future by the negative seeds she planted with you. And whatever you plant, comes back many many times.
You steal a $1…$100 will be stolen from them.
You sexually abuse one…you will be sexually abused by many
You deceive once… will you be deceived many times.
You give a $1…$100 will be given back to you
You smile at one….many will smile back
You heal one…you will be healed by many
It is the LAW, its not there to punish you anymore than the law of gravity. Its simply what is.
And here’s the REAL KICKER, the person in your life who caused you suffering, pain, abuse and anguish CHOSE to be a channel for your negative karma! Your Higher Soul and the other person’s Higher Soul made an agreement…she agreed to be channel for your negative karma (because you planted negative seeds previously) to help you learn your lesson to grow, evolve and become a better person.
That is why having compassion for another person is so vital because on the highest level, you realize he will eventually suffer the same or WORSE punishment you did. By practicing compassion to others, especially the ones who torment you, you alleviate their pain and yours.
Compassion can be done through blessings, healing, teaching, service, tithing, kind words of encouragement and others.
Compassion is beautiful and a lifelong practice.
The rewards for being compassionate to ALL SENTIENT BEINGS are priceless and without bounds. I wish your life to filled with opportunities to practice compassion on yourself, friends, family, strangers, and the people who MOST upset you. It’s simply the right thing to do.
1. Cancer Full Moon is on the calendar. Wed, July 1st from 7:00pm to 8:45pm. Come one, come all with your wishes and pics of friends and loved ones to be blessed. Deets and RSVP here.

2. The Archangel Meditation is right around the corner, seems like I put it in the calendar 6-months ago. Lets go already! 🙂 Come experience the immense healing power of the Archangels. Deets and RSVP here.

3. Introduction to Meditation is next Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. It’s going to be awesome to share the WHAT and HOW of meditation (and its another excuse for me to meditate in a group…ha!) Its a bandwagon you ABSOLUTELY want to get on. Deets and RSVP here.

See Ya Sunday!
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