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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #61

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “If you want to pay off your negative karma fast, do service and tithing.” -GMCKS 
We hear this term ‘karma’ thrown around a lot in yoga schools, Buddhist centers, New Age bookstores and spiritual youtube channels (by guys like me), but what is karma actually?


(in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

What is actually deciding our fate in future existences?
Our thoughts, words and actions generate karma that is either positive (leads to liberation) or negative (leads to suffering).
Positive thoughts, words and actions generate positive karma that we can use to either neutralize past negative seeds we planted or to ensure greater success in the future.
Negative thoughts, words and actions generate negative karma that we MUST repay in the future through suffering to neutralize.
If you plant corn you get corn, not mangos. If you plant cucumbers, you get cucumbers, not kale. If you plant pot, you get pot and arrested if not done in Colorado.
WHATEVER you want in life, plant it…and we are constantly planting seeds with our thoughts and emotions. Our words and actions are the fruits of those seeds.
To my understanding, the two laws that supersede the Law of Karma are the Law of Mercy and Law of Forgiveness.

This is where SERVICE and TITHING come in. Whether you realize it or not, when you do service and tithing, you are activating the Law of Mercy and Law of Forgiveness.
Think about it…if you help another person who is down and out, you are entitled to be helped when you are down and out. The Law kicks in.
If you spend your time and energy assisting your aging parents, you are entitled to receive help in your old age. The Law kicks in.
If you provide deep spiritual truths to others which alleviates their suffering and brings them guidance, you are entitled to receive insight and guidance in the times you are suffering. The Law kicks in.
Whether you like it or not, whom is giving more to society in the form of service and tithing…the successful CEO  or the homeless man?
Its not a question of their self worth as Souls, its simply whose planting more seeds and generating greater positive karma? BTW, the CEO could be generating huge amounts of negative karma as well through improper business practices. The Law works both ways.
You may have heard of the example of the person freezing his butt off in a log cabin deep in the mountains. He’s so frusturated and angry that its cold…he looks at the fireplace and DEMANDS that it generate heat but refuses to give it any wood. Doesn’t work does it?
Look around you and observe the most successful people you know whether in health, relationships, wealth or spirituality. Are they givers of their time, money, resources, knowledge, affections? I’d say yes.
Now look around and observe the most miserable people you know whether a family member, co-worker, or a stranger on the street. Are they takers, complainers, ungrateful, negative and DEMANDING the world give them ‘heat’ first and then they’ll give the ‘wood.’
Those people will be waiting a very long time for heat.
And Grandmaster Choa said you can pay of negative karma FAST by service and tithing or you can take the very slow path….through suffering.
I have used the Laws of Mercy and Forgiveness to literally transform every area of my life, the lives of my clients and fellow Arhatic Yogis from around the world. This stuff works, I promise you. Actually, this newsletter contains one of the most powerful and simple truths yet most misunderstood and misapplied.
“…It is in the giving, that we receive…” -Saint Francis of Assisi
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See You Sunday!
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