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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #59

Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “When relationships are superficial, they tend not to last.”
How would you describe most of your relationships with friends, family members, business associates, even the general public? 
Deep, awe-inspiring, fulfilling, enriching, stimulating, sweet, tender….
Draining, boring, confusing, annoying, irritating, hopeless, fearful, anxious….
Looking up the definition of ‘superficial’ from Merriam-Webster I found this:
:  concerned only with the obvious or apparent :  shallow

:  seen on the surface :  external

:  presenting only an appearance without substance or significance

‘Without substance or significance‘, whoa…that’s a tough one to swallow.
This has been a HUGE life lesson for me…probably a big reason why I got into spirituality and esoteric studies to begin with…I couldn’t stand having a conversation about the weather (my dad), gossip about friends (my ex-gfs), college classes (all my classmates)…boring, mundane, non-stimulating, depressing conversations.
I always wanted to talk about fringe topics such as, Mixed Martial Arts…Secret Societies…Art of Seduction…Personal Development Seminars…Perpetual Travel…Ascetic Yogi Practices…Paranormal Occurrences…Lost Ancient Civilizations…Deepest, Darkest Sexual Fantasies…ANYTHING that was outside of the norm of superficial connections and activities.
Susannah noticed when we started dating about my desires to passionate discuss my knowledge and experience of of fringe topics and asked, “Christian…do you talk about these highly sensitive issues with people to get a rise out of them or are you truly looking to connect with them and open their eyes to another way of seeing things?”
WOW…she nailed it.
I had an amazing realization with her question.  I truly did want to connect with people but had NO role models in how to develop deep, intimate relationships with others…so I did what I knew best…ROCK PEOPLE TO THEIR CORE…for my own sense of entertainment.
Thank God I’ve since learned my lesson because while entertaining as it was making people squirm, I realized I was alienating them and causing a them form of mental and verbal injury. And that is not the path I have chosen in this life.
Fast forward to present day, my conversations are much more about meeting people where they are and gradually acclimating them to different ways of looking at the world and asking intelligent, deep, rich questions instead of stirring them up just to stir them up. Now, keep in mind…I still don’t care to talk about the weather or the latest reality TV show…and never will.
So, how do these connections with other people even start then grow?
(Enter energetic cords stage right)
Whenever we have a thought or feeling about another person (or them about us), there is an energetic cord linking the two of you.
The connection has now been made.
The strength and quality and location of the cord depends on many factors:
1. Intention of the connection (money, sex, love, knowledge, spirituality)
2. Cleanliness of the energy bodies of both people
3. The length of time the cord is connected
4. The karmic factor between both people
In essence, a cord can be strengthened and nurtured between two people by working on the connections.
For instance, if you’re sexually attracted to someone and he/she is sexually attracted to you…the more often you have sex, the strong the ‘sex cord’ will become. When you begin having less sex with one another, the cord begins to weaken.
Or, if you’re in a deep, loving relationship with someone the ‘heart cord’ is very strong and pink energy is flowing back and forth between you and there will be lots of harmony with one another. When you withhold love in the form of loving words, loving thoughts, and loving touches, the cord begins to weaken.
Or, if you’re in mentor-ship connection with another person where you share ideas, concepts, and knowledge with one another, there are cords connecting your ‘throat and ajna chakras.’ When the sharing of ideas and knowledge slows down, the cord begins to weaken.
Cords can be healed, repaired, or completely cut. Its a case by case decision.
A WHOLE BOOK could be written about cords and how they work, its a fascinating field of study. Grandmaster discusses cords in detail in the books Miracles Through Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office.
The best way to learn about them in to study under an expert.
So the next time you want to bring a superficial relationship into something more meaningful and deep…ask yourself, “What type of connection do I want with this person?” And if you want to bring a deep yet unhealthy relationship to an end, ask yourself, “What can I do LESS to weaken this connection? BTW, where is that business card for Denver’s #1 Energy Healer?” 🙂
1. Susannah and I are going Steamboat Springs for my bday this weekend! Whoo Hoo…I’ve been wanting to go for 2 years but never put it on the calendar (remember, no deadline, nothing happens). We will be back in time for Twin Hearts Meditation on Sunday. I expect something nice on my actual bday, June 3rd…spiritual artifact will work just fine. 🙂
2. The Gemini Full Moon will be among us in less than a week, Tuesday June 2nd from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Deets and to RSVP, go here. Its the most powerful day of June to meditate in a group.
3. Several of you had been asking about the Archangel Meditation recited by Master Nona, so I put this event together. To experience this beautiful and extremely healing meditation, RSVP here.
4. The next Prosperity Meditation & Healing is already filling up. If you’re a business owner and want to learn the secrets and practices of the truly wealthy then you should RSVP for this class here.
5. And final announcement, (whew…a lot of events huh?) Will be an Introduction to Pranic Healing talk on Thursday June 4th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Deets and to RSVP go here.
See Ya Sunday after Steamboat!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
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Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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