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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #58

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “The way to handle life is to be realistic and then to act accordingly.” -GMCKS 
How many of you want to make a million dollars a year? Everyone says yes right? If you haven’t made $100,000 in a year first, is that realistic?
How many of you want to lose 25 lbs and compete in a triathlon? For those of you who said yes, have you lost 5 lbs and competed in a 5K first?
How many of you want to find your Soulmate and fall madly in love? For those of you who said yes, have you spent a week without judging, criticizing, or blowing up at current loved ones first?
For those of you who tapped into Master Co’s Wesak Meditation this past full moon, you’ll remember the first step of the Eight-Fold Path is RIGHT VIEWPOINT.
Without right viewpoint i.e, seeing things realistically, our thoughts, emotions and actions will not be aligned with reality…and guess what that leads to?
A CRAPLOAD of suffering!
By seeing things clearly…correctly…realistically…we are able to minimize our suffering tremendously. Grandmaster Choa was definitely masterful at this principle because he was a very successful businessman and he had to see things AS THEY ARE not as he wished them to be, in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.
Think about the creators of 8-Track Decks or Cassette Tapes or VHS Tapes. What happened to the ones who WISHED things would never change? Those who refused to recognize emerging technologies or didn’t innovate, suffered and went out of business.
Here are some examples about looking at life realistically…
We shouldn’t yell and scream at a baby when it pees or poops in its diaper because that’s the nature of a baby.
Be realistic.
We shouldn’t flip over the blackjack table when we lose a couple of hundred dollars playing blackjack because that’s the nature of a casino game.
Be realistic.
We shouldn’t punish a new teenage driver by taking away driving privileges due to parking lot fender bender because that’s the nature of an inexperienced driver.
Be realistic.
We shouldn’t be surprised when a friend who is addicted to drugs, steals money from our sock drawer because that’s the nature of a drug addict.
Be realistic.
We shouldn’t be surprised when a company lays off an entire department without warning because that’s the nature of modern business practices.
Be realistic.
After having a realistic or right viewpoint, we can act accordingly. And man oh man is that refreshing…its not that we can’t or shouldn’t see the best in our friends, family, co-workers or managers…
Of course we bless them with light, love, power, healing, good health, prosperity and we also encourage them with our thoughts and actions that they can become better people but you have to set realistic expectations…
So how do we set realistic expectations?
One simple way is to look at the track record of the person to get a sense of where that set point should be….
And remember, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, its simply part of evolving. Cut people some slack, it minimizes your suffering and theirs.
I found out GMCKS’ expectations and standards varied greatly from senior teachers to teachers to Arhatic Yogis to Pranic Healers to the general public. Is it realistic to have the same expectations of physical strength of a 5 year old child and a grown male? Nope. Likewise with young souls vs old souls.
1. Through last night’s awesome coaching session with Susannah Campora, I have gotten even greater clarity of my ideal clients that I am here to serve, “Helping leaders who are down and out to get back on top!” Over the next few weeks, you’ll see me talking about it more in messages and branding. Seeing leaders get back on top is something I have witnessed in my own life and those of several key clients. The personal and professional rewards have been immeasurable. To be honest, I LOVE bypassing niceties and slamming the leader with raw, harsh, life-transforming truth. Sugar-coating retards the process.
2. Join us for the first Introduction to Pranic Healing delivered by yours truly. As always, it will be content & value STUFFED ending with a meditation.  Its Thursday June 4th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Studio. I have a friend from Salt Lake City coming in to see me which is pretty sweet. Deets and RSVP here and its already 1/2 full.
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
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