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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #57

Atma Namaste Everyone! 

Today’s Quote: “Existence is a manifestation of Divine Power.” -GMCKS
Power and Will seem to be a common theme for the last two Newsletters and my recent professional experiences.
As a review, what is a our essential nature as a Soul in a human body? When you take away the body (not us), when you take away the emotions (not us) and when you take away the thoughts (yup, also not us)…what are you essentially left with?
The I AM.
And what are the essential qualities of the I AM? From the teachings of Grandmaster Choa, we are beings of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Power.
‘Light’ is intelligence. Have you ever noticed when your mind is still, you get insights, hits or hunches about people, places or things that you never had any direct knowledge of? That’s higher intuition (beyond the mind)…the Divine Light aspect.
‘Love’ is to care for, to provide, to sustain, to preserve, to nurture. Without the Love aspect, we would not survive in any form physically or energetically. When you love a baby, you provide food which preserves its physical body. When you love your partner with sweet, caring words you are nourishing the emotional body. When you educate someone in a craft or profession, you are nurturing the mental body. When you share spiritual teachings with others, you are helping others grow their Souls.
‘Power’ is one’s ability to control energy. Using the Divine Power aspect, the Soul can control our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies. As the business cliche goes, “Nothing happens, until someone sells something.” Likewise, “Nothing happens until the Divine Power controls something.”
A true magician is masterful of the Power aspect…manipulating subtle energies for good work (white magic), bad work (black magic), or sexual alchemy (red magic).
The fact that we have physical bodies, a physical planet, a physical universe is a demonstration of Divine Power. Wouldn’t you agree, that if you had MORE POWER in your life, you can manifest your goals and dreams faster? Maybe even BIGGER ones? Power is required.
So how does one tap into Power? For one, learn Arhatic Yoga and you will be given numerous tools and teachings to increase your inner Power.
But in the meantime, you can gently tap the Ajna Chakra, inbetween the eyebrows, and verbally affirm 3x, “I AM POWER, I AM POWER, I AM POWER.” Which immediately strengthens one’s willpower. DO NOT abuse this technique for selfish gain. The negative karma generated by abusing the technique is not worth the temporary gain as the result of the technique.
Use it to increase your goodWILL and the WILL to do good.
1. Teacher Training with Master Co was/is life and Soul trans-formative. I was taught many techniques to heal faster with more power. Some of you have already experienced it. For those of you looking for healing, I recommend scheduling a Pranic Healing session soon.
2. We sold out again for tomorrow’s Prosperity Meditation & Healing for Business Owners (actually we have a waitinglist) but the next one has officially opened for Thursday May 28th 10:00am to 12:00pm. RSVP here.
3. The second most powerful full moon of the year has been scheduled! The Gemini Full Moon Meditation is on Tuesday June 2nd from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Invite a friend and lets make it the BIGGEST one to date! RSVP here.
4. In less than 2-hours, I’ll be facilitating the newest Twin Hearts Meditation at Rishi’s Yoga Community on Wadsworth and Yale. Every Wed from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Come join us.
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

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