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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #55

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: ‘Knowing’ alone is not enough. There’s nothing to be proud about that. One must remember the teachings; regularly practice the teachings until they are mastered.” -GMCKS
Again, one of my favorite quotes of all time from my Teacher.
The simplified version of that quote is, “To Know. To Remember. To Practice. To Master.”
Big hat, no cattle…would also represent this expression. Its the person who has all the answers but no demonstrable ability in what he is talking about.
What does that look like in weight loss?
How many of us KNOW how to lose weight?
But do you REMEMBER the step by step method to do it?
If so, are you PRACTICING the method?
If so, have you MASTERED it by keeping the weight off, are healthy and have taught others to do the same?
What about money?
How many of us KNOW how to save more than we spend and invest the difference?
But do you REMEMBER the method of saving and investing the difference?
If so, are you PRACTICING the method?
If so, have you MASTERED it by having savings, a large investment account and taught it to others?
This is a big reason why ONLY prosperous people can teach the class Kriyashakti, the Spiritual Science of Materializing Abundance & Prosperity. Its not only one’s ability to KNOW the material, they must LIVE the material.
Over my years of going to dozens of personal development workshops, I have met my fair share of the person who KNOWS everything and anything about that particular method for money, relationships, health, or spiritual development but that’s as far as it goes.
This person forgot the other three aspects; remember, practice and master.
In my early years in Pranic Healing, I was a prideful lil prick, KNOW-it-all, who read all the books and attended all the workshops, so I must know as much as the senior instructors. The difference was, these senior instructors not only knew the material backwards and forwards but were embodiments of the material.
They talked the talk AND walked the walk. They lived the material.
If I remember correctly, T Harv Eker of the Millionaire Mind said, “The most dangerous words in the English language are, ‘I know that.'”
And it makes sense, look at all the people who KNOW how to lose weight, manage their finances, or forgive someone who has hurt them…but what percentage of those people are physically fit, financially prosperous or in harmonious relationships?
The throat chakra is the chakra of knowledge and higher creativity. When we read a book, attend a workshop or receive some kind of knowledge, our throat chakra becomes very active and energized to absorb and assimilate that knowledge.
Negative pride is mostly lodged in the throat chakra…haven’t you ever noticed when you or another person KNOWS something that another person does, you begin to gloat or feel superior to that person? But knowing and mastering are not in the same ballpark.
People who are very smart tend to have very energized and activated throat chakras. But if that’s their most energized and activated chakra…they’ll KNOW a lot but practice very little. And without practice, there is no mastery.
Mastery is where its at baby. The elusive flow state, where time disappears and deep engagement occurs, only happens in mastery. The world’s best of the best in ANY field of endeavor KNOW, REMEMBER, PRACTICE RELENTLESSLY before eventually MASTERING.
What can you choose today that you can dedicate your life to mastering?
1. The last day to register for the Wesak Festival because I have to give our caterer, Sarah, the final numbers so everyone gets their fair share of nibbles for the event. If you’re going, which I HIGHLY recommend, you can RSVP right here.
For those of you already registered, be prepared to be amazed 🙂
2. Flying out Friday @ 5:45am with a stopover in Phoenix before landing at LAX. Then I’m on the road to my first class, a review of Inner Buddhism Revealed. I’ll be back on May 7th.
3. Attention to all past, present and future clients, I highly recommend booking a healing session with me before June 3rd in order to take advantage of this high octane energy I’ll be receiving from the group Wesak and Teacher Training in Anaheim. My real time calendar ishttp://ChristianRLong.Setster.com (its also the lil clock below)
SUSANNAH will See You Sunday!
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