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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #54

Atma Namaste Everyone!

Today’s Quote: “The Teachings given to you are permanent. When your physical body dies, what you can take with you is your spiritual development.” -GMCKS

How many times as a child did you ask your parents for that EXTRA SPECIAL Christmas toy and after unwrapping it, the toy was misplaced or broken?

Many right?

How many times as a teenager did you tell your friends about this awesome concert you were going to and after you puked your guts out from alcohol poisoning, temporarily lost your hearing and slept away the entire next day?

Many right?

How many times as adult did you buy a new car only to have it eventually breakdown, a new house that required constant maintenance and upkeep, a year end bonus spent on bills or a loving relationship turned sour?

Many right?

Now what about the lessons you’ve learned in your life?

Patience, tolerance, understanding, perseverance, self love, discernment, gratitude, compassion…and unlike a physical object that depreciates or can be broken, stolen, lost…the lesson you learned is PERMANENTLY yours.

For those of you familiar with GMCKS’ I Am the Soul Affirmation, you will quickly realize that we are not our thoughts, emotions, or body. We are ultimately the Soul and any lessons we learn, we take with us when we leave the physical body.

Spiritual development is exactly that, SPIRITUAL meaning NON-physical. The more effort you put into your physical life and physical development, the less time you have in developing your spiritual life.

As we know from the Teachings, when you reincarnate into a new body, you bring with you all the lessons you learned from previous lifetimes. Have you ever noticed why you have a certain bend or gift with certain things in your life? Most likely, you practiced (even mastered) similar skills in previous incarnations.

When the body dies, it drops the car, the house, the relationships, the concerts tickets, the money, the fame…but it doesn’t drop the lessons and karma learned and generated from those experiences. The Soul reabsorbs the lessons and reapplies them to the next life.

For instance, if you incurred massive financial debt in Denver and then moved to St Paul…would you still owe that debt, even though you’re not living in the same city anymore? Yes, of course.

Likewise…as you live your life you generate positive and negative karma. When your body dies, the Soul reabsorbs all the karma and reapplies it to the next lifetime. Meaning, just because you die it doesn’t mean you are no longer obligated repay the negative karma or enjoy the positive karma.

Every minuscule effort directed towards one’s spiritual growth and development is permanent. They are your ‘jewels’ to take with you. Nothing is ever wasted in one’s spiritual practice…every nanosecond of blessing, reflecting, contemplating, meditating, serving and healing goes with you from lifetime to lifetime.

I recently asked one of the Pranic Healing Masters, “What would you have done differently on the spiritual path?” Without hesitation he said, “I would have meditated more.” What?! Meditated more…and THIS is coming from a Master Pranic Healer! He was trying to illustrate the priceless value and permanency of one’s efforts on the spiritual path…unlike the car, the house, the relationship which come and go.

Now keep in mind, the physical world is VERY important in order to have a healthy body, a safe place to live, and to actually do a spiritual practice. You simply cannot be stuck ONLY with the physical world. There are emotional, mental and spiritual worlds beyond the physical that must be explored and developed.


1. Another SOLD OUT event for the Prosperity Meditation & Healing for Business Owners. The business owners have been experiencing GREAT real world results in their businesses from this event. The next one won’t be until May 14th Thursday 10:00am to 12:00pm. Click here to RSVP.

2. Happy Earth Day everyone and to honor Mother Earth, participate in the Earth Day Meditation with Master Stephen Co.

3. Starting May 13th, we are adding an additional Twin Hearts Meditation every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at the Rishi’s Community Yoga Studio on the border of Lakewood and Littleton on Wadsworth. All the deets are right here.

See Ya Sunday!

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:

Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

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