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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #53

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Whether or not you have a better life depends on you and your attitude. It is not a matter of who is right or wrong but of doing the right thing. If you seek revenge, you will not have inner peace and freedom.” -GMCKS
I was showing Susannah a documentary called the Faith Connection (on Netflix) which tells the story of the Kumbha Mela, the largest spiritual gathering in the world in one place. It takes place every 12-years. Millions of people attend over a 2-month period. Spiritual seekers, meditators, yogis, sadhus, Gurus and spiritual practitioners of all kinds make a pilgrimage to this spot where the three sacred rivers of India; Ganges River, the Yamuna River and River of Saraswati, converge.
One of the stories in the documentary is one of a great yogi who happened to come upon an abandoned child when he was only a couple months old. This yogi took this baby under his protection and tutelage.
It was brought the attention of authorities that a yogi/sadhu was caring for an orphaned baby. They thought the yogi had stolen the baby. They came to remove the baby from the yogi, thinking the baby was at risk of being under fed, neglected and living in minimal conditions.
Big mistake.
Days before the authorities arrived, the yogi had sent his disciples to gather intelligence to report on the conditions other children living under the care of the state. They found very bad conditions…malnourishment, overcrowding, sexual abuse and rape from the very people in charge of children’s health and safety.
The yogi refused to let the child go who was well fed, healthy and deeply loved…he told the authorities, “you can either leave or I will raise my blade to fight for the unjust treatment of the innocent…I am a yogi and do not fear death.”
The authorities quickly fled and did not return.
The baby is now a 4 year old boy, in which the yogi is preparing him for school. The yogi said, “Even when my body is gone, I will continue to dwell is this boy’s body. I will always be there for him.”
“It is not a matter of who is right or wrong but of doing the right thing.” The authorities thought they were right to take the boy because of state’s protocol but the yogi was doing the right thing. The truth empowered him and he stood his ground.
Having an attitude of righteous indignation for the right thing empowers you, it gives you courage, it gives you comfort, it gives you purpose.
Righteous indignation comes from the solar plexus chakra, the chakra of judgment and severity. It says, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Seeing people going hungry.
Seeing sexual trafficking of children
Seeing couples physically abusing each other.
Seeing your life being spent at a dead-end job with an abusive boss.
Seeing politicians passing laws that benefit businesses that harm the planet and individuals in the name of profit.
Its STANDING UP and using your voice, energy, time, money and resources to do the RIGHT THING.
For me, I’m standing up for practical spirituality to alleviate the suffering of mankind. I no longer tolerate fluffy, airy fairy, confusing spirituality that falls short in answering our deepest questions and longings. I’m not motivated by money, fear, gossip, fame, followers, or a pat on the head. I’m motivated by DOING THE RIGHT THING.
I noticed something in my years of doing Pranic Healing, the Masters never ask for anything. They don’t require anything from the students. They’re simply looking…looking for those who are ready to be instruments of goodwill and the will to do good. The Masters can’t be bought, tricked or convinced. They heal and teach because its the right thing to do.
Seeking revenge is an excellent way to live a miserable, bitter and short life. People make mistakes all the time, no one is perfect and sometimes you need to just let things go. Other times, you are required to step it up for what is right, what is just and to not tolerate the ‘innocent’ being exploited.
What injustice are you standing up for?
1. After 10+ years of purification, study, service, training (and lots of asking),  I have been accepted into the leadership training program with Master Stephen Co. To my knowledge, out of all the world’s 9 Pranic Healing Masters…he is the most strict with results. Its such an honor. My life and Soul will be stretched in some big ways. When I saw him in NJ 6 weeks ago, I asked him about the application and training process and he said, “You are to produce results. Just as my Teacher trained me to produce results. Period.” Gulp. Being accepted will have me out of town from May 1st to May 6th. 
2. Don’t forget to RSVP for the Wesak Festival as soon as possible, so I can have an accurate headcount for the caterer. Thank you.
3. See those of you who signed up for the Prosperity Meditation & Healing for Business Owners. The next class scheduled here.
See you Sunday!
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