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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #52

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“To recognize the shortcomings or problems of a person is okay but do not focus on them or think about them over and over again. Do not keep criticizing their mistakes mentally. This is excessive! It is human nature to make mistakes. Just let people be.” -GMCKS 
When I first started meditating in June of 1999, I was so blown away by my first experience, I told everyone and I mean EVERYONE about it.
If you had a pulse and stood still for more than 2 minutes, I was telling you about the benefits of meditation. Its as though I was a 20 year old college senior in North Carolina signing up in Amway and was ready to recruit friends, family, and complete strangers into his organization…the thing was, I wasn’t making a dime if someone learned meditation or not.
I just HAD to tell the world about it and couldn’t figure out why everyone didn’t meditate.
In the early days, I tried and tried and tried to convince my dad and brothers of the benefits of meditation. “Dad you’ll have more peace, happiness, joy and maybe it’ll help with your depression caused by your service in Vietnam.”
No luck.
“Hey Jason, why don’t you learn meditation to help with your focus or give you clarity as to what you’re suppose to do for a living.”
No luck.
“Hey Garrett, meditation will probably help you with your anger issues, considering everything pisses you off.”
Strike three.
The people closest to me never did learn to meditate for various reasons, excuses, justifications or rationalizations. But you know what?
That’s ok…there weren’t ready (and still aren’t). People require time and space to grow. I thought I had all the answers for them to live a higher quality of life with more consciousness, awareness, inner peace, inner joy, and inner power. But they simply saw me as the baby in the family, trying to teach the elders a thing or two about life.
People want things to be THEIR idea not someone else’s.
I did have many friends whom eventually learned to meditate but I realized the spiritual path is often a lonely one, requiring your own willpower and fortitude to practice. Meditating in group will absolutely accelerates one’s evolution but one should not solely depend on the group.
Month after month and year after year, I continued to let go of my desire to force, con joule, and persuade others into higher states of consciousness.
After learning Pranic Healing and Twin Hearts Meditation in March of 2004, I started blessing, accepting, forgiving, tolerating and understanding friends and family members and simply meeting them where they were at.
I thought by verbally and mentally criticizing people it would eventually inspire them to grow and change. Ha! The fact is, it was having the opposite effect. They’re conditions became worse while also having an extreme aversion to me.
Not my proudest moments for sure, but guess what? Just like others are entitled to make mistakes, so am I and so are you. As GMCKS would say, “We’re all in the process of evolving and evolution implies time, process and mistakes…”
Be kind on yourself and others when learning to become a better Soul, person, parent, lover, sibling, entrepreneur. Just learn your lesson, forgive, dust yourself off and keep going.
By letting people JUST BE, it gave me a great sense of peace, tolerance and detachment.
Whew, I finally realized I didn’t have to save the world because a lot of the world doesn’t want to be saved. Many people prefer to wallow in misery, sadness, despair, hopelessness, resentment, anger, confusion and the like. Eventually, every Soul will come back into the light but that Soul has to be ready, willing and able.
I still share Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and the Higher Teachings with everyone BUT I am far more discerning of what and how much I share. I do my best to meet people where they are at, to speak their language, and to help them with their current suffering. This way of being has served me and my clients extremely well.
If I mention the work I do and the person doesn’t ask questions or  shows no interest, most likely, I’ll never bring it up again to that person. No one deserves or should be, dragged towards enlightenment.
1. This is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter! Whoo hoo! It has been an honor building the content and subscriber base. Thank you all for your feedback and sharing the newsletter with others. I look forward to writing this for many years to come, providing you with practical spirituality. All credit and gratitude goes to my Teacher, GMCKS for his continued teachings, technologies, support and energy.
2. The Wesak Festival is officially on the calendar! It only comes once a year (and the blessings are priceless). DO NOT miss this most powerful spiritual celebration that has been taking place for over 2500 years. RSVP is required and we have some special treats for everyone. Spots are LIMITED.
3. The 2nd Prosperity Meditation and Healing for Business Owners is SOLD OUT. For those of you looking to increase your material and spiritual wealth, I’ve planned the next one here.
4. Just finished watching the recording of Master Co’s Aries Full Moon Meditation. Wow, did it blow my etheric hair back!
See You Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

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