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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #51

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Karma yoga is the correct expression on how you concretize your ideas.” -GMCKS
Yoga literally means “to yoke” …”to merge.” Well what are you are actually merging? The incarnated Soul with the Higher Soul. This merging naturally takes place when we leave the physical body…the incarnated Soul (and all its lessons) is reabsorbed by the Higher Soul.
The purpose of practicing yoga is being able to experience this merging while still in the physical body. And there are many different forms of yoga to achieve this…
Hatha Yoga (physical movements)
Mantra Yoga (chanting sacred sounds)
Kundalini/Laya Yoga (awakening the fiery serpent)
Tantra Yoga (transmuting sexual energy with another)
Bhakti Yoga (heart centered- devotion to God)
Raja/Kingly Yoga (concentration on the blue pearl)
Jnana Yoga (using the mind to understand God)
Dhayan (awareness)
and Karma Yoga, the yoga of action and service.
(Arhatic Yoga contains aspects of all of the yogas above and more…plug plug)
Do you have goals, objectives and targets in your life? Health goals, financial goals, relationship goals, right? In order to reach your goal in any one of those areas requires not only action, but RIGHT action. That is karma yoga. Without doing the correct actions, you will not be able to reach your goal.
People who are industrious are karma yogis.
People who are successful in their businesses or endeavors are karma yogis.
People who are able to PRODUCE RESULTS are karma yogis.
Many people have goodwill to help their fellow men and women but karma yogis are people who have the WILL to do Good…meaning they are taking the right actions to alleviate the suffering of others.
Some people are all TALK, karma yogis are all WALK.
Many business people are karma yogis and use their businesses to spiritually develop and evolve.
Think about all the inner training a successful business owner has to go through; dealing with rejection (letting go of the ego), persistence, patience, generating positive emotions from within, harmonizing by collaborating with others, problem solving day in and day out, mastering money and budgeting, generosity…building a successful business really ‘exercises’ most of the major chakras….
Ajna: Clarity of Purpose and Big Picture
Throat: Critical Thinking and Details
Heart: Generosity and Attraction
Solar Plexus: Pushing through resistance/Harmonizing
Navel: Lower intuition/gut instinct
Sex: Charisma and Persuasion
Basic: Dynamic Activity
Its a symphony of energy moving within the person to achieve the desired outcome of having a successful business. One can also be challenged in building a successful family, marriage, fitness routine, or career. But nothing compares to the inner training one gets in building a successful business which has no ceiling, involves many moving parts and unknown factors and people that will test you to the core.
Concretizing is taking an idea making it a physical reality. GMCKS’ course, Kriyashakti, teaches this process in great detail.
Karma yogis have mastered this process. They have an idea and immediately begin taking action relentlessly until it has manifested physically.
Its nice to have wishes, dreams, hopes and desires in your head but what good are they if never materialized? Remember, its the WILL to do Good.
The mantra of karma yogis is, “Just Do It”
1. This Saturday’s Aries Full Moon Meditation is full. But fear not, the Taurus Full Moon Meditation/Wesak Festival will have much more seating and its the BIGGEST Full Moon of the Year! DO NOT MISS OUT. More details coming soon. Clear your calendar for Sunday May 3rd in the evening.
2. Support the next phase of Susannah’s Real Life Book Club, whether $5, $10, $100, $1000 or $1,000,000! She’s over a 6th of the way there! The awesome video was made by Harrison Steele.
3. The next Prosperity Meditation & Healing for Business Owners is on the books. We only have a six spots left.
See ya Sunday
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
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Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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