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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #49

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Sometimes you are insulted. The pain causes you to improve and develop. Be calm, do not react. You will be tested again and again until you get it right.” -GMCKS
How many of you have had a friend, family member or co-worker who just knows how to get under your skin? They know the right look, word, or even tone to use which immediately inflames you…
After you take the bait and react in an unconscious and unwholesome way, the person looks back smiling and asks, “Man, what is YOUR problem?”
Butthead: 1
You: 0
Thank your lucky stars these people are in your life because they are indirectly helping you become a better person, a better Soul.
Diamonds are developed by constant pressure. Muscles are developed by the stress of weights. Saints are developed by great trials and tribulations.
Without these challenging people how would you ever develop patience, tolerance, compassion and understanding?
There are two people in my life RIGHT NOW who have consistently and persistently challenged my weak areas and shone light on them. Now because of this new awareness, I have become more loving, less reactive, forgiving and developed a greater degree of self mastery and Soul mastery.
Thank you thank you thank you!
I have clients coming to me with financial and relationship problems who have been struggling in these areas for years. When I sit with them, I inevitably hear, “I’m at my wits end, I don’t know what else to do, can you help me?”
This is a great sign because they have finally humbled themselves to be open to being healed AND learning their lesson. To paraphrase GMCKS, you can learn your lesson using your effort or by the stick of the Lord’s of Karma, your choice.
I can promise you, learning under your own effort is far less painful and faster than by stick the Lord’s of Karma, who will bring you to your knees time and time again, lifetime and lifetime again, until the lesson is learned.
By working out your negative karma, you are learning how to plant better seeds in the future thus becoming a better person.
The person(s) in your life causing you trouble are a manifestation of previous negative thoughts, words, and actions you sown…you plant corn, you get corn not mangos.
You plant anger, hatred, criticism, judgement…you will harvest those fruits in the future.
When you continue to attract emotionally unavailable lovers, or shady business partners, or financial chaos, or false spiritual teachers in your life…there is a lesson(s) you are being called to learn. And the lesson will get more and more INTENSE so you get the hint and take the appropriate action.
Lessons are like exams in school.
You cannot go from elementary to junior high to high school to college to post college without passing exams right?
What happens if you fail an exam? You have to take it again and again and again until you pass it. Once you pass that exam, you will be given another one…every exam is designed to make you a become a better person, a better Soul.
That’s what happens in life.
Now, as a 5th grader you take exams with other 5th graders but on the exams on the spiritual path you could be a 5th grader taking certain exams with college students in that particular area. Some Souls are ancient while some Souls are young. Just because someone’s age in chronologically older than another person, does not mean that Soul is older.
There are children being born today whose Souls are hundreds of thousands or millions of years old. What kind of exams or lessons do you think they have to learn?
Thank God for the Law of Mercy and Forgiveness, for without these Laws, we would forever be at the mercy of the Lord’s of Karma in learning our lessons.
Who in your life is teaching you a lesson?
What lesson is that person teaching you?
Thank that person, learn your lesson and move on to the next exam.
1. My apologies…no article yet from my Arhatic Yoga Retreat, I have been SUPER busy since being back and have not scheduled the appropriate amount of time to clearly and correctly articulate this trip. Coming Soon.
2. Master Co will be sharing his inner experiences of learning under GMCKS at his Mahasamadhi Talk tomorrow at 8:30pm. I’ll be logged in, ready to go.

3. Join us for the Aries Full Moon Meditation on Sat April 4th 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Please RSVP. The meditation will be in Belmar this time, NOT at the Studio due to a scheduling conflict. Click the link for location.

See Ya Sunday!
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