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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #48

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Sometimes the Spiritual Path is lonely. Your spiritual progress depends on your clarity of thought and sharpness of mind. Do not get stuck. Do not freeze. Keep on moving!” -GMCKS
I recently calculated, I’ve spent over 2500 hours with my eyes closed in meditation practice and many of those hours were with me, myself and I.
Sure, I would have loved friends, family members, jeez…even complete strangers with a heart beat to meditate with me. To have people with the same level of dedication, inspiration and determination towards their own Soul realization would have been awesome….but alas, just like finding a true spiritual teacher, master martial arts instructor or master business coach…they are very few and very far between.
Eventually, one comes to the realization that NO ONE is going to do his spiritual practice for him. One then develops inner resolve to create and follow his own meditation schedule.
Regardless of:
…what anyone else is doing, thinking or saying.
…what parties, events, or activities are going on
…whether one feels like meditating, or is in the mood or not.
…whether one is tired or not.
Simply sit and do your practice
Do your practice day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. Gradually, over time, the Divine will reveal its secrets to you but you must persistent…meditate on the meditation not the experience.
Simply sit and do your practice.
During your spiritual practice life will come up; setbacks, disappointments, successes, windfalls, career advancement, layoffs, sickness, deaths, births, moves, marriages, divorces, friends in, friends out…regardless, keep moving forward.
Simply sit and do your practice.
Your mind will become sharper, clearer and more still. You will also see the shortcomings of others faster so you’ll have to practice humility, gratitude, patience, understanding and tolerance.
Simply sit and do your practice.
Your emotions will become filled with greater joy, inner peace, contentment but you will begin to experience the suffering of friends, family members, and those you’ve never even met. (maybe you become healer to help)
Simply sit and do your practice.
I was fortunate enough to be exposed to group meditation practice early on. Meditating in a group RAPIDLY accelerates the evolution of each meditator but whether or not you are not able to attend a group practice…
Simply sit and do your practice.
While living in NYC, I was blessed to connect with the Center for Pranic Healing in Lyndhurst for group Kriyashakti reviews, weekly Twin Hearts Meditations, Monthly Full Moons, quarterly course reviews and annual retreats. I received priceless lessons, blessings and instructions. But its 100% my responsibility to…
Simply sit and do my practice.
I realized years ago, no one is responsible for my personal and spiritual growth other than me. Period, end of discussion.
If I want to become a better….
son….then me, myself and I have to simply sit and do my practice.
The vicissitudes of life will ALWAYS be there but your chance to evolve using a physical body will not be, so…
Simply sit and do your practice.
1. Last night, I got back from visiting my two older brothers and the annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat. I’m in the process of writing an article of my experiences that I will be sharing on my website. The link will be in next week’s newsletter.
2. If you are a small business owner looking to be more prosperous, then come on down for the 1st Prosperity Meditation and Healing on Thursday March 26th from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Register here.
3. How many of you would be interested in doing an Archangel Meditation recorded by one of the Master Pranic Healers? Email me back and if there’s enough interest, I’ll put something together.
4. Susannah did an AMAZING job of supporting the Twin Hearts Meditation group and Feeding the Homeless program this past Sunday. Excellent work lil ninja, may the good karma come back to you many many many times. So be it!
5. Pictures from our Pisces Full Moon Meditation. Whoa…was it powerful. (I think a little too powerful for some people…thanks for the feedback guys)
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here

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