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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #47

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “The role of the Guru is like that of a transformer. The Guru brings down High Spiritual Energy to the level your subtle bodies can handle.” -GMCKS
I love LOVE LOOOOOOOVE this quote, its one of the pillar teachings taught in Arhatic Yoga.
I’ve used this analogy with my clients in the past…
If you were to plug a toaster directly into the nuclear power plant…what would happen to the toaster?
You cannot plug the toaster directly into the most powerful source of energy, the energy must be stepped down from the nuclear power plant then electrical station then the powerlines on the street then into the home where the toaster can safely be plugged into the wall socket and get the power it can handle.
Likewise, in the world of spirituality there is a hierarchy of energy starting with the Supreme God to multiverses, universes, Archangels, Buddhas, Avatars, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, Saints, MahaGurus on down….they are all energy transformers for each other and us.
Even within our own energy bodies, there is a ‘stepping down’ of energy from the crown chakra to the ajna chakra to the throat chakra and so forth….
And our energy bodies are energy transformers for those around us because energy always flows from the highest to lowest. The bigger, stronger, cleaner and more powerful your energy body the GREATER your capacity to provide energy for your friends, family, co-workers, employees, kids, strangers and even lower energy beings.
Think about it…if your energy body was 10x, 100x, or a 1,000X bigger than it is now…how many people (and other beings) could you help?
We’re all helping each other evolve.
The reason we ‘plug into’ the Guru is because his/her energy body is MUCH bigger than ours and he/she is able to regulate the quality and quantity of the divine energy feeding us so we don’t ‘blow a circuit.’
That is why we INVOKE (ask for divine help, guidance and protection) prior to doing any spiritual work or meditation. We are humbling ourselves to the immense energies of God and the Great Ones who are always there to provide us with the right ‘voltage’ of divine energy.
I would not recommend this, but if you’d like to experiment…attempt doing the Twin Hearts Meditation WITHOUT invoking to God, the Great Ones, GMCKS and the lineage and notice what happens.
Remember, never take my word for it…experiment and draw your own conclusion.
I learned the power of certain meditations and mantras firsthand over 10 years ago. These energies must be held with reverence, humility and awe.
I remember it like it was yesterday…I heard the divine name of a certain chakra being chanted by a high level Arhatic Yogi…and what happened next I’m not at liberty to discuss…
But after the effect wore off, I became awakened to the fact that there are extremely powerful energies that I had no right ‘messing around’ or ‘playing’ with unless under the direct guidance of a true Guru.
My beloved Sat Guru, GMCKS, is my energy transformer.
1. I’m on the road right now in MA visiting my older brothers before driving to NJ to the annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat, which is going to be AWESOME! I’ll be sending mucho blessings to each and everyone of you during the meditations.
2. Registration is officially open for the Prosperity Meditation and Healing for Business Owners on Thursday March 26th from 10:00am to 12:00pm. You must RSVP, Limited to 12 spots and several have already been taken.
3. I’m posting LESS AND LESS on Facebook for the weekly Twin Hearts Meditation on Sunday because it doesn’t allow me to automatically renew, so I have to re-create the event each week. For all updates on meditations, classes, and healings check in with Denver Twin Hearts Meetup. 
See ya Sunday! (Susannah is leading it and will do an awesome job)
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Meetup Page: Here


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