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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #42

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Do not have too many objectives. One-pointedness is the key to success. Break one arrow at a time.” -GMCKS
For those of you who made New Year’s Resolutions…how is it going?
Are you making progress?
Do you even remember what your New Year’s Resolution was? 🙂
Or did you make one too many resolutions?
‘Lose weight….make more money…improve work relationships…travel out of the country…be a better mom…end my marriage….’
Most of these resolutions are coming from ONE person!
There are TWO things required to make any resolution materialize.
Can you guess what they are?
Come on…
….go ahead and guess.
Willpower and Energy are required to make your resolutions go from the spiritual to the physical.
What most people don’t realize is willpower is a finite resource which quickly gets depleted as we add more and more responsibilities. With each new challenge, chore, errand, project, appointment our willpower becomes diminished.
Our willpower is best in the morning and dwindles by end of workday. There are many techniques that can recharge one’s willpower but for the rest of us we can follow the tips of Prof. BJ Fogg from Stanford University’s Persuasion Lab. He also runs a popular blog called TinyHabits.com 
Some of the web’s most successful companies, like Instagram, have used his habit methodology to create multibillion dollar companies that use technology to work with rather than against our natural tendencies.
Prof. Fogg is a master at helping people change habits and behavior using LESS willpower in a SHORTER period of time with LASTING change.
…breaking one arrow at a time…” means to choose your most important resolution, break it down into manageable, actionable steps and move in the direction until you achieve that resolution BEFORE adding another resolution to your plate.
Secondly, energy or prana is required to materialize your resolution. Think about it….who could materialize something faster?
A robust, healthy, happy, enthusiastic person ready to take on the world?
A lazy, lethargic, depressed, self-doubting person who can barely get out of bed?
The difference is the quantity and quality of the person’s energy.
If your goal is to earn an extra $1,000 this year…then that doesn’t require much energy from you. But if you want to earn an extra $100,000, lose 20 lbs, improve your marriage, take up a Improv class and learn the guitar…that will require MUCH more physical, emotional and mental energy or prana.
No energy, no progress.
Little energy, little progress.
Lots of energy, lots of progress.
Too many objectives with too little willpower and energy is a formula for disappointment and failure. On the other hand…
One objective, with lots of willpower and energy is a formula for success and accomplishment.
My recommendations:
1. Get Pranic Healing to increase your willpower and energy levels
2. Practice Twin Hearts Meditation daily to increase inner peace, willpower and clarity.
3. Focus all your energies on the most important resolution and don’t stop until it is accomplished.
4. Break your resolution down into very small, daily, actionable steps.
1. You guys asked for it, so here ya go. RSVP for the Full Moon Meditation on Sat. February 7th at 6:00pm. Location will be at the Studio, 4950 Washington St, Denver, Colorado. The most powerful time of the month to meditate is during the Full Moon, which is equivalent to meditating everyday for 30 days. We’ll be doing this in a group, so it’ll be even more powerful. To cover the room fee, its $10 at the door.This will be a photo shoot for some upcoming projects, so if you do not want to be filmed, I would recommend skipping this full moon meditation and coming to a future one. For the rest of us, lets enjoy the intense downpour of spiritual energy!
4. Did the you know the Sphinx is an ancient symbol of how to become a better person in a practical and spiritual sense? If you’d like to discuss it further, let me know.
5. Susannah’s bday was yesterday, so if you missed giving her a shoutout, here’s her Facebook Page. We celebrated it by eating at an oyster bar at Union Station downtown! Cool experience.
See ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


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