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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #41

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “All people should have an objective. They may lead a moderate life. Not everyone has to be a millionaire.” -GMCKS
This reminds me of the first time I took Kriyashakti with Grandmaster Choa in the winter of 2005. For those of you who don’t know what they course is, you can get the details here.
Simply put, its how to materialize your goals, wishes and desires using the principles of energy.
Grandmaster Choa was a multimillionaire, so who better to learn from on how to be prosperous? So I thought he was going to give a super-duper secret on how to attract millions of dollars using subtle energies, “Man this is gonna be sooooooo cool!”
Then he started with, “Becoming a millionaire is hard and takes a lot of work and you have to use your head…” In that moment, my hopes of easy millions evaporated into the ethers from whence they came, “You mean I gotta work for this stuff!?”
Having taken Kriyashakti several times since that chilly winter of 2005, I have a much better idea of what Grandmaster Choa was stating AND inferring.
The principles of Kriyashakti help make the impossible possible but to become a millionaire still requires intelligent work, industriousness and many known and unknown factors.
And its not for everyone to become a millionaire. It requires LOTS AND LOTS of mental, emotional and physical energies to build a successful brick ‘n mortar, internet, coaching or healing business. That is why, for some businessmen, building a business is their yoga, specifically Karma Yoga.
Karma Yoga is the Yoga of Right Action and Non-attachment to the fruits of those actions. Some people desire to create a product or deliver a service yet are so attached to the fruits of their actions they either NEVER even get started or their actions are filled self doubt and neediness.
Liken the actions of the business person to the seeds of a farmer. If the farmer is timid about throwing out his seeds he will have nothing to harvest. Or the farmer throws the seeds down then immediately digs them up and hopes to find better soil, again…leaving him with no harvest.
But the successful businessmen/farmer do the best they can in choosing the right seeds, right season, and right location. Then they get to planting WITH NO ATTACHMENT.
Many successful businessmen are Karma Yogis. They use their businesses to develop their characters….persistence, non-attachment, patience, self-mastery, generosity, understanding, awareness and the like. By building a better business they become better people. That is how their business becomes their yoga.
But as Today’s Quote states, “…not everyone has to be a millionaire.” But everyone should to have an objective.
What is your objective?
To be a….
better parent?
better employee?
better consultant?
greater lover?
better healer?
better meditator?
greater servant to others?
healthier person?
Having an objective means you know WHY you are getting up each and every morning then systematically working towards that objective before laying your head on the pillow each night.
I knew my objective over a decade ago (to become a Master Pranic Healer) but doubted, second-guessed and fought it because I wanted to entertain lessor, lower, easier objectives and trivial experiences. Now that I am SOLD OUT to a lifetime objective, I can settle in for the long-haul actions required and NOT settle for time-wasters, excuses, and rationalizations.
And I soon found out once I had clarified and committed to my lifetime objective the world increased its party invitations, trivial distractions, and drama from people who have no such objectives.
I remember stories of Pranic Healing instructors entertaining Grandmaster Choa when he was in town teaching higher courses. The instructors would bring him to local museums, shows and movies as a way of showing their love and appreciation.
One time, while at the movies….the audience erupted in laughter at a particular scene. While everyone was laughing, Grandmaster Choa leaned over to discuss a new pranic healing technique with one of the instructors! That is focus, constancy of aim and effort. His lifetime objective was to spread Pranic Healing and once he made that decision he didn’t stop until his physical body died.
I am sold out on…
spiritualizing the world.
alleviating the suffering of mankind.
becoming a better person everyday
sharing Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga with others
being a very prosperous, Master Pranic Healer.
Which leaves me very very little time for:
debating religion, politics and big business
watching mindless tv shows and movies
attending endless cocktail and UN-happy hours
socializing about the weather and sports
gossiping about family, friends and celebrities
beating myself and others up verbally and mentally
These decisions do not make me better or worse than anyone else.
My life experiences and those of great people I have observed, inspired me to write a conscious-story then the programmed-story I was living as a young adult.
Again….what is your objective?
1. Mark your calendars because Its OFFICIAL, Basic Pranic Healing will be offered in Denver on March 7th to 8th. Whether you are a client looking to figure out what the heck is being done to you or an aspiring healer and teacher or wanting to heal yourself of minor aches and pains, this is the class for you.
It all begins with Basic Pranic Healing.
Early-bird is $325 by 2/22, Normal is $350 by 3/4 and $375 at the door. Space is limited (no really, its limited).
Chandan Parameswara is the Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and class will be held at the
Awaken Healing Center on 1574 York Ave, Denver, CO 80206. To reserve your spot is $100 deposit or
pay in full before the 2/22 to receive the early-bird.
Un(Fortunately), I will be in MA and NJ wrapping up affairs with my father’s passing then attending the annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat with Masters Co, Glenn and Marilag. So I will not be attending the Basic Pranic Healing Class. Its a time for the healer to get healing!
3. My interview of Dinah Snow; Speak – Love – Thrive with Heart
See ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
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Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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