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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #40

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “The Soul is the Gateway to Heaven within you.” -GMCKS
I gotta admit guys, I was a bit hesitant about using this today’s quote because to discuss it accurately would open up a very broad AND deep subject…the Soul…which I am neither qualified nor sanctioned to do so by the Master Stephen Co, Senior Teacher or the Institute for Inner Studies (IIS) out the Philippines.
So I’m gonna do my best to plant some seeds within your heart, mind and Soul.
Practitioners in the world of energy medicine or healing arts use the terms Soul, Higher Soul, Divine Self, Holy Spirit, Higher Self and Oversoul interchangeably. This is not correct. This tendency for ‘interchangeability of terms’ makes it difficult for everyone to get on the same page and talk the same language.
The medicine field has set terms.
The legal field has set terms.
The engineering field has set terms.
So why can’t energy healing have set terms?
Many experts, inside and outside of Pranic Healing, considered GMCKS a ‘Scientist of the Soul’ because he spent his lifetime developing and establishing a set of terms one could clearly follow and stay on the same page with other practitioners thus advancing healing from an art form to a science.
For those of you interested in learning more about the ‘Science of the Soul’ and its latent powers, I recommend reading Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul by GMCKS or taking the class of the same name. The meditations I experienced during this class, under the guidance of a Master Pranic Healer, are still some of my life’s most profound experiences.
One of the technologies used for Soul realization is the ancient practice of Raja Yoga, also known as Kingly Yoga. The essence of the practice is to be aware of the center of the head, where the pineal gland is located, while incorporating specific breathing, sounds and visualizations.
Through regular practice, one is able to access the ‘Heaven within you.’
What are the benefits of accessing your Higher Soul?
All the major religions and esoteric schools have written volumes about the benefits of accessing ones’ Higher Soul such as…
Greater control of one’s mental, emotional, and physical vehicles
Profound inner peace
Deep inner stillness
Higher intuition
Heightened healing abilities
…and much much more.
For eons, the exact techniques of accessing the Higher Soul have been reserved for adepts and hidden from the ordinary person. The techniques were hidden not to keep the ordinary person in the dark but to protect him from abusing its power. Just as you would not let a child play with a gun until he was ready and responsible to handle its power.
And the Soul’s power is a million times greater.
In my 15-years of doing regular, advanced meditations, I have seen glimpses of the Higher Soul’s power. I’m still a fetus compared to the great spiritual teachers, adepts and Holy Masters. But after witnessing miracles in my life and the lives of certain clients…I am literally in awe of its power…said with the most reverence I can muster.
You would respect the power of doctor’s scalpel right?
A hand gun?
A missle?
A nuclear bomb?
How much more of a fully realized Soul?
That is why this person must be of the highest character, self-control and intention.
With the blessings of God and my Teacher, GMCKS, may you have proper and rapid Soul realization!
1. Master Stephen Co offers the 4th installment of the Achieve the Impossible Series. Tithing, maybe one of the BIGGEST yet most neglected secrets to prosperity.
2. Videos from yours truly…
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3. We’re now on Meetup.com! Whoo Hoo! I guess that makes us official. Visit the Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Meetup and would love your feedback. Invite your peeps.
See ya Sunday!
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