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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #39

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“After the storm comes the stillness. After the heavy rain, there is growth. After the unpleasant changes, there will be Greater Activity, Greater Success.” -GMCKS
This quote reminds me of a very distinctive experience I had as a 10-year old boy living in Clinton, MA. It was August 18th, 1991 during the costliest and most powerful storm in New England history…Hurricane Bob.
You’d think the one the most powerful hurricanes in the United States would have had a more aggressive, badass sounding name…
like Hurricane Rex or Hurricane Juggernaut, even Hurricane Carl would have had more beef.
But I digress…
Ar the peak of Hurricane Bob, I remember being huddled into a corner in the living room with my two older brothers and dad…
while we looked out through our sliding glass doors Mother Nature was uprooting trees like toothpicks, blowing daredevil neighbors down the street and clapping thunder like there was an invasion on Mount Olympus.
On the outside, I appeared calm, taking the lead from the other men in the house but on the inside I was terrified and dying to know when this Hurricane of Hurricanes was going to end.
And then it did…
Now I heard about this whole ‘Eye of the Storm’ business as a tater tot, and didn’t want to get my hopes up, but my father assured me that everything
was going to be alright. Hurricane Bob blew himself out.
So feeling a little adventurous and barrel chested, I decided to take my new puppy Thor, an adorable bullmastiff, out for a walk amongst
all the wreckage in our neighborhood. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
Granted, there were downed powerlines and street lamps, trees littered the roads, windows blown out over neighbor’s lawns…
but as I walked around there was this all permeating, all encompassing stillness.
While man-made objects were scattered throughout the neighborhood, Mother Nature had become glorified. The sky was illuminated with a brilliant golden-pinkish-orangey glow, the scent in the air was invigorating, and there was a sweetness lingering on my lips. I felt, just for a few brief moments, Mother Nature herself, was sharing her treasures with me.
This story helps me to understand Today’s Quote...GMCKS is not just referring to a storm of nature but a storm of life.
While we’re in the storm of life; it seems dark, bleak, loud, hopeless and instead asking when it will end, we’re asking IF it will end.
But no matter how dark, bleak or hopeless it looks, there’s always someone there to comfort you, letting you know everything is going to
be OK and that the storm will not…CANNOT…last forever. That someone could be a best friend, a close family member, healer, therapist, even a stranger
but always God and the Higher Beings.
After the storms of Mother Nature and of life, comes new growth…new insights…a stillness…an opportunity to begin again more intellectually.
Who will be there for you during the storms of your life?
Who will you be there for when she is huddled in the corner during her storm?
1. Do you require a little help in achieving your New Year’s Resolution?
2. I’ve had a few people ask that I create a video discussing the types of meditation, proper meditation format and some pitfalls and challenges on the meditation path. This is for you guys!  
3. January Full Moon Meditation with Master Stephen Co, in which he talks about a virtue, that once mastered, makes you DESTINED to be successful!
See Ya Sunday!
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