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January 2015

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #42

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Do not have too many objectives. One-pointedness is the key to success. Break one arrow at a time.” -GMCKS
For those of you who made New Year’s Resolutions…how is it going?
Are you making progress?
Do you even remember what your New Year’s Resolution was? 🙂
Or did you make one too many resolutions?
‘Lose weight….make more money…improve work relationships…travel out of the country…be a better mom…end my marriage….’
Most of these resolutions are coming from ONE person!
There are TWO things required to make any resolution materialize.
Can you guess what they are?
Come on…
….go ahead and guess.
Willpower and Energy are required to make your resolutions go from the spiritual to the physical.
What most people don’t realize is willpower is a finite resource which quickly gets depleted as we add more and more responsibilities. With each new challenge, chore, errand, project, appointment our willpower becomes diminished.
Our willpower is best in the morning and dwindles by end of workday. There are many techniques that can recharge one’s willpower but for the rest of us we can follow the tips of Prof. BJ Fogg from Stanford University’s Persuasion Lab. He also runs a popular blog called TinyHabits.com 
Some of the web’s most successful companies, like Instagram, have used his habit methodology to create multibillion dollar companies that use technology to work with rather than against our natural tendencies.
Prof. Fogg is a master at helping people change habits and behavior using LESS willpower in a SHORTER period of time with LASTING change.
…breaking one arrow at a time…” means to choose your most important resolution, break it down into manageable, actionable steps and move in the direction until you achieve that resolution BEFORE adding another resolution to your plate.
Secondly, energy or prana is required to materialize your resolution. Think about it….who could materialize something faster?
A robust, healthy, happy, enthusiastic person ready to take on the world?
A lazy, lethargic, depressed, self-doubting person who can barely get out of bed?
The difference is the quantity and quality of the person’s energy.
If your goal is to earn an extra $1,000 this year…then that doesn’t require much energy from you. But if you want to earn an extra $100,000, lose 20 lbs, improve your marriage, take up a Improv class and learn the guitar…that will require MUCH more physical, emotional and mental energy or prana.
No energy, no progress.
Little energy, little progress.
Lots of energy, lots of progress.
Too many objectives with too little willpower and energy is a formula for disappointment and failure. On the other hand…
One objective, with lots of willpower and energy is a formula for success and accomplishment.
My recommendations:
1. Get Pranic Healing to increase your willpower and energy levels
2. Practice Twin Hearts Meditation daily to increase inner peace, willpower and clarity.
3. Focus all your energies on the most important resolution and don’t stop until it is accomplished.
4. Break your resolution down into very small, daily, actionable steps.
1. You guys asked for it, so here ya go. RSVP for the Full Moon Meditation on Sat. February 7th at 6:00pm. Location will be at the Studio, 4950 Washington St, Denver, Colorado. The most powerful time of the month to meditate is during the Full Moon, which is equivalent to meditating everyday for 30 days. We’ll be doing this in a group, so it’ll be even more powerful. To cover the room fee, its $10 at the door.This will be a photo shoot for some upcoming projects, so if you do not want to be filmed, I would recommend skipping this full moon meditation and coming to a future one. For the rest of us, lets enjoy the intense downpour of spiritual energy!
4. Did the you know the Sphinx is an ancient symbol of how to become a better person in a practical and spiritual sense? If you’d like to discuss it further, let me know.
5. Susannah’s bday was yesterday, so if you missed giving her a shoutout, here’s her Facebook Page. We celebrated it by eating at an oyster bar at Union Station downtown! Cool experience.
See ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #41

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “All people should have an objective. They may lead a moderate life. Not everyone has to be a millionaire.” -GMCKS
This reminds me of the first time I took Kriyashakti with Grandmaster Choa in the winter of 2005. For those of you who don’t know what they course is, you can get the details here.
Simply put, its how to materialize your goals, wishes and desires using the principles of energy.
Grandmaster Choa was a multimillionaire, so who better to learn from on how to be prosperous? So I thought he was going to give a super-duper secret on how to attract millions of dollars using subtle energies, “Man this is gonna be sooooooo cool!”
Then he started with, “Becoming a millionaire is hard and takes a lot of work and you have to use your head…” In that moment, my hopes of easy millions evaporated into the ethers from whence they came, “You mean I gotta work for this stuff!?”
Having taken Kriyashakti several times since that chilly winter of 2005, I have a much better idea of what Grandmaster Choa was stating AND inferring.
The principles of Kriyashakti help make the impossible possible but to become a millionaire still requires intelligent work, industriousness and many known and unknown factors.
And its not for everyone to become a millionaire. It requires LOTS AND LOTS of mental, emotional and physical energies to build a successful brick ‘n mortar, internet, coaching or healing business. That is why, for some businessmen, building a business is their yoga, specifically Karma Yoga.
Karma Yoga is the Yoga of Right Action and Non-attachment to the fruits of those actions. Some people desire to create a product or deliver a service yet are so attached to the fruits of their actions they either NEVER even get started or their actions are filled self doubt and neediness.
Liken the actions of the business person to the seeds of a farmer. If the farmer is timid about throwing out his seeds he will have nothing to harvest. Or the farmer throws the seeds down then immediately digs them up and hopes to find better soil, again…leaving him with no harvest.
But the successful businessmen/farmer do the best they can in choosing the right seeds, right season, and right location. Then they get to planting WITH NO ATTACHMENT.
Many successful businessmen are Karma Yogis. They use their businesses to develop their characters….persistence, non-attachment, patience, self-mastery, generosity, understanding, awareness and the like. By building a better business they become better people. That is how their business becomes their yoga.
But as Today’s Quote states, “…not everyone has to be a millionaire.” But everyone should to have an objective.
What is your objective?
To be a….
better parent?
better employee?
better consultant?
greater lover?
better healer?
better meditator?
greater servant to others?
healthier person?
Having an objective means you know WHY you are getting up each and every morning then systematically working towards that objective before laying your head on the pillow each night.
I knew my objective over a decade ago (to become a Master Pranic Healer) but doubted, second-guessed and fought it because I wanted to entertain lessor, lower, easier objectives and trivial experiences. Now that I am SOLD OUT to a lifetime objective, I can settle in for the long-haul actions required and NOT settle for time-wasters, excuses, and rationalizations.
And I soon found out once I had clarified and committed to my lifetime objective the world increased its party invitations, trivial distractions, and drama from people who have no such objectives.
I remember stories of Pranic Healing instructors entertaining Grandmaster Choa when he was in town teaching higher courses. The instructors would bring him to local museums, shows and movies as a way of showing their love and appreciation.
One time, while at the movies….the audience erupted in laughter at a particular scene. While everyone was laughing, Grandmaster Choa leaned over to discuss a new pranic healing technique with one of the instructors! That is focus, constancy of aim and effort. His lifetime objective was to spread Pranic Healing and once he made that decision he didn’t stop until his physical body died.
I am sold out on…
spiritualizing the world.
alleviating the suffering of mankind.
becoming a better person everyday
sharing Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga with others
being a very prosperous, Master Pranic Healer.
Which leaves me very very little time for:
debating religion, politics and big business
watching mindless tv shows and movies
attending endless cocktail and UN-happy hours
socializing about the weather and sports
gossiping about family, friends and celebrities
beating myself and others up verbally and mentally
These decisions do not make me better or worse than anyone else.
My life experiences and those of great people I have observed, inspired me to write a conscious-story then the programmed-story I was living as a young adult.
Again….what is your objective?
1. Mark your calendars because Its OFFICIAL, Basic Pranic Healing will be offered in Denver on March 7th to 8th. Whether you are a client looking to figure out what the heck is being done to you or an aspiring healer and teacher or wanting to heal yourself of minor aches and pains, this is the class for you.
It all begins with Basic Pranic Healing.
Early-bird is $325 by 2/22, Normal is $350 by 3/4 and $375 at the door. Space is limited (no really, its limited).
Chandan Parameswara is the Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and class will be held at the
Awaken Healing Center on 1574 York Ave, Denver, CO 80206. To reserve your spot is $100 deposit or
pay in full before the 2/22 to receive the early-bird.
Un(Fortunately), I will be in MA and NJ wrapping up affairs with my father’s passing then attending the annual Arhatic Yoga Retreat with Masters Co, Glenn and Marilag. So I will not be attending the Basic Pranic Healing Class. Its a time for the healer to get healing!
3. My interview of Dinah Snow; Speak – Love – Thrive with Heart
See ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #40

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “The Soul is the Gateway to Heaven within you.” -GMCKS
I gotta admit guys, I was a bit hesitant about using this today’s quote because to discuss it accurately would open up a very broad AND deep subject…the Soul…which I am neither qualified nor sanctioned to do so by the Master Stephen Co, Senior Teacher or the Institute for Inner Studies (IIS) out the Philippines.
So I’m gonna do my best to plant some seeds within your heart, mind and Soul.
Practitioners in the world of energy medicine or healing arts use the terms Soul, Higher Soul, Divine Self, Holy Spirit, Higher Self and Oversoul interchangeably. This is not correct. This tendency for ‘interchangeability of terms’ makes it difficult for everyone to get on the same page and talk the same language.
The medicine field has set terms.
The legal field has set terms.
The engineering field has set terms.
So why can’t energy healing have set terms?
Many experts, inside and outside of Pranic Healing, considered GMCKS a ‘Scientist of the Soul’ because he spent his lifetime developing and establishing a set of terms one could clearly follow and stay on the same page with other practitioners thus advancing healing from an art form to a science.
For those of you interested in learning more about the ‘Science of the Soul’ and its latent powers, I recommend reading Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul by GMCKS or taking the class of the same name. The meditations I experienced during this class, under the guidance of a Master Pranic Healer, are still some of my life’s most profound experiences.
One of the technologies used for Soul realization is the ancient practice of Raja Yoga, also known as Kingly Yoga. The essence of the practice is to be aware of the center of the head, where the pineal gland is located, while incorporating specific breathing, sounds and visualizations.
Through regular practice, one is able to access the ‘Heaven within you.’
What are the benefits of accessing your Higher Soul?
All the major religions and esoteric schools have written volumes about the benefits of accessing ones’ Higher Soul such as…
Greater control of one’s mental, emotional, and physical vehicles
Profound inner peace
Deep inner stillness
Higher intuition
Heightened healing abilities
…and much much more.
For eons, the exact techniques of accessing the Higher Soul have been reserved for adepts and hidden from the ordinary person. The techniques were hidden not to keep the ordinary person in the dark but to protect him from abusing its power. Just as you would not let a child play with a gun until he was ready and responsible to handle its power.
And the Soul’s power is a million times greater.
In my 15-years of doing regular, advanced meditations, I have seen glimpses of the Higher Soul’s power. I’m still a fetus compared to the great spiritual teachers, adepts and Holy Masters. But after witnessing miracles in my life and the lives of certain clients…I am literally in awe of its power…said with the most reverence I can muster.
You would respect the power of doctor’s scalpel right?
A hand gun?
A missle?
A nuclear bomb?
How much more of a fully realized Soul?
That is why this person must be of the highest character, self-control and intention.
With the blessings of God and my Teacher, GMCKS, may you have proper and rapid Soul realization!
1. Master Stephen Co offers the 4th installment of the Achieve the Impossible Series. Tithing, maybe one of the BIGGEST yet most neglected secrets to prosperity.
2. Videos from yours truly…
If you would like me to cover a topic on yoga, spirituality, energy healing, the chakras or meditation email me directly atchristianrlong@gmail.com with Video Suggestion in Subject Line.
3. We’re now on Meetup.com! Whoo Hoo! I guess that makes us official. Visit the Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Meetup and would love your feedback. Invite your peeps.
See ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #39

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“After the storm comes the stillness. After the heavy rain, there is growth. After the unpleasant changes, there will be Greater Activity, Greater Success.” -GMCKS
This quote reminds me of a very distinctive experience I had as a 10-year old boy living in Clinton, MA. It was August 18th, 1991 during the costliest and most powerful storm in New England history…Hurricane Bob.
You’d think the one the most powerful hurricanes in the United States would have had a more aggressive, badass sounding name…
like Hurricane Rex or Hurricane Juggernaut, even Hurricane Carl would have had more beef.
But I digress…
Ar the peak of Hurricane Bob, I remember being huddled into a corner in the living room with my two older brothers and dad…
while we looked out through our sliding glass doors Mother Nature was uprooting trees like toothpicks, blowing daredevil neighbors down the street and clapping thunder like there was an invasion on Mount Olympus.
On the outside, I appeared calm, taking the lead from the other men in the house but on the inside I was terrified and dying to know when this Hurricane of Hurricanes was going to end.
And then it did…
Now I heard about this whole ‘Eye of the Storm’ business as a tater tot, and didn’t want to get my hopes up, but my father assured me that everything
was going to be alright. Hurricane Bob blew himself out.
So feeling a little adventurous and barrel chested, I decided to take my new puppy Thor, an adorable bullmastiff, out for a walk amongst
all the wreckage in our neighborhood. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
Granted, there were downed powerlines and street lamps, trees littered the roads, windows blown out over neighbor’s lawns…
but as I walked around there was this all permeating, all encompassing stillness.
While man-made objects were scattered throughout the neighborhood, Mother Nature had become glorified. The sky was illuminated with a brilliant golden-pinkish-orangey glow, the scent in the air was invigorating, and there was a sweetness lingering on my lips. I felt, just for a few brief moments, Mother Nature herself, was sharing her treasures with me.
This story helps me to understand Today’s Quote...GMCKS is not just referring to a storm of nature but a storm of life.
While we’re in the storm of life; it seems dark, bleak, loud, hopeless and instead asking when it will end, we’re asking IF it will end.
But no matter how dark, bleak or hopeless it looks, there’s always someone there to comfort you, letting you know everything is going to
be OK and that the storm will not…CANNOT…last forever. That someone could be a best friend, a close family member, healer, therapist, even a stranger
but always God and the Higher Beings.
After the storms of Mother Nature and of life, comes new growth…new insights…a stillness…an opportunity to begin again more intellectually.
Who will be there for you during the storms of your life?
Who will you be there for when she is huddled in the corner during her storm?
1. Do you require a little help in achieving your New Year’s Resolution?
2. I’ve had a few people ask that I create a video discussing the types of meditation, proper meditation format and some pitfalls and challenges on the meditation path. This is for you guys!  
3. January Full Moon Meditation with Master Stephen Co, in which he talks about a virtue, that once mastered, makes you DESTINED to be successful!
See Ya Sunday!
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #1 New & Revised

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Welcome to the NEW & REVISED Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter 1st Edition!
***Save this page as your resource guide***
***You are now able to access ALL archived newsletters here. ***
I would suggest setting aside 5 mins to read this because I pray it will transform your life and the life of your Soul. This first edition is the longest because it puts us all on the same page.
I trust it will be highly informative, interesting and inspiring for beginner and advanced spiritual aspirant. The simplest takeaway of this email is come to the Group Twin Hearts Meditation.  
Do you want more inner peace?
Do you want more inner healing?
Do you want more success in life?
Let me show you how….
The 4 Purposes of the Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter 
1. Create a Denver community of 25 people practicing this meditation weekly for healing
2. Inspire people to learn and practice Pranic Healing to heal themselves and family.
3. Inspire people to learn and practice Arhatic Yoga to properly, rapidly and safely evolve their Soul.
4. Share tips, updates, videos, articles, stories about energy healing, meditation and spirituality and how it can immediately benefit your life.
Emails will go out once per week on Wednesdays after 6:00pm
What is Twin Hearts Meditation?
An advanced meditation for global service designed to heal mother earth and the practitioner. Twin Hearts Meditation highly activates the heart and crown chakras for greater illumination and soul realization. The heart chakra is the center of love for those closest to you while the crown chakra is the center of love for God and all sentient beings. Beginners to advanced meditators, will greatly benefit from the regular practice of the Twin Hearts Meditation.
Why is it called Twin Hearts?
Clairvoyantly observed (people who can see subtle energies) the heart chakra has 12 petals while the crown chakra has 960 petals on the outside and 12 petals at the center, perfectly replicating the heart chakra, hence the name Twin Hearts.
Blessing the earth through meditation is an ancient practice and was reserved for the Saints, Arhats and Holy Masters but through slight modifications the ordinary person can practice it safely leading to physical empowerment, emotional stability, mental clarity, and spiritual illumination. It is the foundational meditation in Pranic Healing (see below).
Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Info:
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here
If you are interested in practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation at home, you can purchase it using one of the three links below.
Three Versions of Twin Hearts Meditation: 
Twin Hearts Meditation (original version)
Twin Hearts Meditation with Self Healing (for physical ailments such as cold, flu, fatigue, broken bones, etc)
Twin Hearts Meditation with Psychological Healing (for emotional and mental ailments such as stress, anger, depression, addiction, phobias, anxiety, etc)
What is Pranic Healing? 
Pranic Healing is a comprehensive, no-touch healing system that utilizes prana or energy to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing takes a recipe approach to energy medicine for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. Pranic Healing works on the 11-Major chakras, meridians (energy channels) and the inner and outer auras. Pranic Healing can be learned by anyone with average intelligence and who can follow simple instructions.
It can be done Face to Face, over Skype and over the phone. Pranic Healing was introduced to the US in 1987 by its founder Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS). Currently, Pranic Healing is practiced in over 180 countries by over 500,000 practitioners in hospitals, public schools, and government agencies. People from all backgrounds, religions and belief systems practice Pranic Healing. There are over 14 Pranic Healing classes. Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui has said, “Pranic Healing is the most  powerful healing system available to the general public.” See some of my client testimonials here.. And more here.
Who is Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS)? 
A chemical engineer, philanthropist, author of over 20 books, successful businessman, worldwide spiritual teacher, and master of subtle energies. GMCKS is the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, which he was able to spread to over 180 countries in less than 25 years.
His spiritual mission is to have a Pranic Healer in every household in the world to alleviate the suffering of mankind.  Pranic Healing is the healing arm and Arhatic Yoga is the meditation arm, they work in conjunction with one another.
What is Arhatic Yoga?
Arhatic Yoga is an advanced system for spiritual development first mentioned in the book ‘Yoga of Synthesis’ by Sri Aurobindo in 1970. ‘Arhat’ is a buddhist term that means ‘Saint’ or highly evolved being.  It is a culmination of various yogic techniques designed to help the practitioner to evolve rapidly, properly and safely to Soul realization.
Arhatic Yoga involves Devotion to God and Reverence for the Spiritual Teacher, Purifications, Meditations, Book Study, Service and Tithing. Arhatic Yoga distills the teachings of several schools of yoga, Hermetics, Kabbalah, Tibetan Rites, Mental Physics, and other ancient and modern-day mystery schools.
Who is Christian R Long?
After readings 100’s of books, attending dozens of seminars, investing over 2500 hours in meditation and healing retreats, training with the top energy healers in the world, traveling globally and spending over $40,000 in personal and spiritual development, Christian R Long has accepted the calling to heal the world one person at a time. Prior to that Christian was a real estate investor and worked in the Trump Tower at 40 Wall Street.
He learned Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga in 2004 and in the process found his life’s purpose…to help Souls evolve. He has been personally trained, healed and blessed by GMCKS and 5 of the world’s 10 Pranic Healing Masters. His life’s purpose is to share GMCKS’ teachings for the benefit of mankind…one person at a time.
He accomplishes this by offering One on One Pranic Healing sessions, group meditations, and group talks. He is not perfect, and is in the process of evolving like everyone else yet knows these teachings are very powerful and trans-formative.
Christian owns and runs two successful websites, ChristianRLong.com (active blog) and PranicHealingLiving.com (no longer updated but contains LOTS of resources)
Work with Christian in 1 of 3 ways: 
1. VIP One-on-One to Collaborate or,
2. Twin Hearts Meditation or,
3. Pranic Healing session.
CLICK on the CLOCK to schedule
Socia Media Links:
Beginner Books about Pranic Healing and the Chakras:
Miracles Through Pranic Healing, GMCKS’ original work
Your Hands Can Heal You, by Master Stephen Co, Senior Instructor
The Chakras and their Functions by GMCKS, the definitive guide on the chakras
Important Dates to put in your Calendar: 
Basic Pranic Healing (usually every 3 months in Denver)
All coursework within Pranic Healing starts with learning Basic Pranic Healing, also known as Pranic Healing Level 1. Its a 16-Hour course over a Saturday and Sunday. You will learn about the chakras and their functions, how to do simple healing protocols, self healing, distant healing on others, cutting energy cords, energetic hygiene, scanning (or feeling) the energy body, and deeper understanding of the Twin Hearts Meditation. Throughout the two-days you will receive tremendous healing. Learning Basic Pranic Healing is a prerequisite to learning other courses.
Mahasamadhi – March 19th
To celebrate GMCKS leaving his physical body on March 19th, 2007 including lectures on Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and higher teachings with meditations.
Wesak Festival – May 3rd 2015 
The Wesak Festival is the oldest spiritual event dating back over 2500 years ago started by Lord Buddha. It coincides with the peak of the Full Moon of Taurus, which is the most powerful time of the year to meditate. For over 20 years, the worldwide Pranic Healing community connects for a group meditation to focus these intense energies to bless mother earth, all sentient beings along with our goals and projects. Meditating during the Wesak Festival is equivalent to meditating everyday for several months.
Founder’s Day – August 15th 
To celebrate the birth, life and teachings of GMCKS, the Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.
Full Moon Meditations – Monthly during the Full Moon
For over 20 years, the Pranic Healing community has come together to meditate as a group during the Full Moon. Meditating during the peak of Full Moon is equivalent to meditating everyday for a month. There is always a relevant lecture given right before the Full Moon meditation. If there is only one time you can meditate during the month, make it at the peak of the Full Moon.
Year-End Meditation – January 1st  
For over 18 years, the Pranic Healing community does a Year-End Meditation that deals with reflecting on the good and not so good events of the previous year, blessing and letting go of that year then to clarify, plan and energize the upcoming New Year.
Esoteric Study Group with Master Stephen Co – BiWeekly
Usually every 2-weeks, Master Stephen Co, Senior Instructor, releases a video stream containing teachings about Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, Full Moon Meditations, Celebrations, Natural Disaster Healings and other GMCKS coursework. Each topic is very different and all very powerful. He includes a healing portion, lecture and meditation with each video stream. The recordings are usually up on the site for at least 7-days. You can see the newest and archived streams here.
Resources to Energetically Clean Your Space:
OM CD chanted by GMCKS to break up negative, heavy, stress energies in your home, office or yoga studio.
Purification Incense by Master Stephen Co to quickly and properly cleanse your home, office or yoga studio.
Total Health Through Energy Healing Vid Series:
Christian R Long shares 10+ years of his experience in yoga, meditation, energy healing and spirituality into simple, easy and practical solutions. This video series contains over 2.5 hrs of HD content to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life using energy healing. You can order it here.
Consistency in Key
Just as our physical body gets dirty everyday and we take a shower, likewise the energy body gets dirty everyday with negative thoughts and negative emotions from ourselves and others, that is why regular meditation and pranic healing is essential.
Twin Hearts Meditation has a cumulative effect, meaning with regular practice, your energy body will become cleaner and stronger which can improve all areas of your life including health, relationships, spirituality, even finances. Ideally, one should meditate daily, but with a tighter schedule meditate weekly. The key is to pick a time and do it consistently.  
Additional Denver Twin Hearts Meditation and Healing Clinics are organized by fellow Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi, Candess Giyan, at her meetup page.
I look forward to serving and healing you, your family and friends, and our community. Now is the time…
Atma Namaste
**Pranic Healing respects all religions, races, sex and creeds.
**Pranic Healing is not a replacement of traditional allopathic medicine but a complement of it.
**Pranic Healers are not to diagnose or prescribe for any medical conditions unless the Pranic Healer is a also a licensed MD.