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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #36

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“An intelligent person is not closed minded. He does not behave like an ostrich buying his head in the ground, trying to avoid new ideas and developments.” -GMCKS
The image of today’s quote brings to mind a little kid with his fingers in his ears doing, “La la la la la la” when an adult is telling him something that is unagreeable with his wants, needs or desires…even if what the adult is telling him true and for the little boy’s ultimate good.
How many of us are like that as ADULTS!
In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, we close our minds off to new relationships, business opportunities, health trends or whatever because ‘we know better.’
Within Pranic Healing there are certain virtues that are studied and developed in order to be better people for ourselves and the world…and one of the virtues is called Accurate Perception and Correct Expression…GMCKS calls it one of the most difficult virtues to master, saying, “…volumes could be written about this one virtue.”
Simply put, it means seeing things AS THEY ARE, not as we wish — want — or need them to be but simply, AS THEY ARE. It means to no longer practice delusion to one’s self or others. It means seeing the many layers and facets of truth.
For instance, if I asked you the question, “Where do you live?” You can answer in any number of ways…
Your address
Your county
Your city
Your state
Your country
Your planet
Your longitude and latitude and on and on.
Which answer is the correct one?
It depends…if I was looking to drive to where you live, I’d need your address.
An intelligent person steers clear of biases, false assumptions, negative judgements and looks for the most accurate answer to achieve the desired result in the best way possible…which isn’t always easy.
When the automobile was being developed in the early 1900’s…the businessmen who made their money building horse and buggies chose to ignore the innovation of gas powered vehicles. Those who tried to stay in business were eventually left behind, literally and metaphorically.
They were unwilling to be open-minded, adapt, ask questions, and remain flexible.
Contrary to popular belief, having an open mind is very difficult…it means allowing everything in AND discerning along the way. An intelligent person does not accept things blindly. Active intelligence requires time, effort, energy and willpower to understand a subject.
I first learned of this practice in Jnana Yoga taught by MCKS. Its extremely challenging to use the intellect in an open yet constructive way.
Once this process of understanding a subject, idea or object is mastered…one can quickly find solutions, opportunities and angles to challenges where the masses only see roadblocks, obstacles, problems and frustration.
What would life look like if we held onto the old ways of thinking?
Clean water
Available food
Safe shelter
Artificial Limbs
Cell phones
What about having an open mind to…
End of hunger in this lifetime?
End of poverty in this lifetime?
End of disease and sickness in this lifetime?
World peace in this lifetime?
Individual enlightenment in this lifetime?
Immortality in this lifetime?
All the world’s greatest inventions and innovations were thought to be IMPOSSIBLE just a generation before they were invented.
Open up your mind, open your heart, open up your viewpoint, experiment, play, ask questions, seek answers, fall in love with curiosity like when you were a child and see what your intelligence can bring from the IMpossible to the possible.
1. MY SON IS COMING INTO TOWN TOMORROW NIGHT! Gabriel will be spending Christmas and New Year’s with his daddy. You’ll see him when you come for healing, go to the same networking events, Mile Hi Church Service, Twin Hearts Meditation, Rock climbing gym or ANYWHERE ELSE I go. Please stop by to say hi. He’s a very special Soul and quite the Ham.
WE’LL See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
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