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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #35

Atma Namaste Everyone! 

Today’s Quote: “What we call spirituality is actually inner sciences or sciences not dealing with the physical world. The process of the union between science and spirituality is already in progress.” -GMCKS

My best guess is that quantum physics is a great bridge between spirituality and science.
One of my best friends from college and I go back and forth about spirituality and science often. I was always encouraging him to become more spiritualized but his Catholic upbringing left a bad taste in his mouth.
But through my example and coaxing, he learned Transcendental Meditation in 2000. Afterwards he learned Pranic Healing then Arhatic Yoga. I was so excited by his openness to evolve! Then about 4 years ago he told me he was an atheist.
Grandmaster Choa says an atheist is a person who is identified with form. For example an atheist might say,
“God doesn’t exist because that’s crazy to think there’s this guy in the sky with a big white beard watching us sleep.” or
“If there was this all loving God then why would he let babies starve to death or hundreds of 1,000’s of people be killed by tsunamis?” or
“If God exists, where is he? Show him to me right now!”
These people are identified with the form and personality of God.
Its an extremely limited viewpoint.
God is an all pervasive consciousness…
God is the Causeless Cause.
I was disheartened to hear my friend tell me and my first thought was, “What? You’ve been initiated into an advanced yoga system by a world teacher. How can you not believe in God.” I later realized what he thought God was….
Over the years he would (and still does) send me articles and videos from a renowned neuroscientist, an evolutionary biologist, and a cosmologist and other like-minded scientists. I read most of their articles and watched many of their videos.
The problem is that these great scientific minds are caught up with disapproving the philosophy of God or the parables taught in the Holy Books rather than seeing the totality of an all pervading consciousness.
Grandmaster Choa (a chemical engineer by training) would say the Bible should not be taken literally.
Arguing about the existence of a man living in the belly of a whale, or Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac to please God or Lord Jesus being the literal Son of God…these stories were told to the masses to teach very simple life lessons and there are many levels of truth depending on the development of the person receiving the lessons.
Only the Initiates (close disciples) of the great world teachers were taught the inner sciences because these truths were/are extremely powerful and need to be handled by responsible Souls.
In less than a month, we will be entering 2015 and while we’ve made huge strides in the fields of computing, medicine, physics, and communication we are still ill-equipped to prove the existence of consciousness, chakras, meridians, auras, Angels, the Incarnated Soul, the Higher Soul, past lives and God.
So how do we know these things exist at all?
What instruments are there to explore these inner sciences?
WE are the instruments! We are beings of divine light, love and power that have the capacity and ability to explore the inner sciences.
By way of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and direct knowing by higher faculties.
But not all of us are reliable instruments to explore the inner world, which I know is one reason scientists scoff at mediums, psychics, channels and faith healers…these scientists met unreliable instruments claiming to be reliable.
Grandmaster Choa said higher clairvoyance is knowing through direct perception without having to study. It would be similar to a person (non-clairvoyant) who is blind-folded holding the tail of elephant thinking the tail is the totality of an elephant vs the person (clairvoyant) stepping back without the blind-fold who can instantly and accurately see the totality of an elephant.
Just because a person doesn’t believe in God, inner sciences, auras, chakras, or meridians doesn’t change the existence of them.
One thousand years ago, the ordinary person wouldn’t have been able to comprehend or believe in electricity yet their lack of belief didn’t change the fact that electricity existed.
For those who have worked in the inner sciences for many years realize the inner world is MORE REAL than the physical world at times.
Overtime, there will be a union of the inner sciences with the physical sciences and I believe the fastest way to achieve this is for US to be better instruments.
How do we that?
Regular meditation, inner reflection, inner study, giving and receiving energy healing, character building, service, and tithing.
In time, these actions will help clean and strengthen us as instruments to the divine, validating what the Great Teachers, Rishis, Saints and Holy Books have stated for eons.
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See ya Sunday!
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