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December 2014

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #38 Happy New Year!

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Atma Namaste Everyone and Happy New Year!
Today’s Quote: “In the process of nurturing the Souls of other people, you will be nourished.” -GMCKS
A Pranic Healing Master said, “If I had a 1,000 lifetimes, I couldn’t possibly repay the blessings and priceless teachings I have received from Grandmaster Choa.”
Another senior practitioner told me, “There is no way to payback the teachings that were offered to me by the grace of the Teacher. They are priceless…they cannot be bought!”
I remember thinking, “Wow, these people are super grateful to Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui…doctors, engineers, yogis, chiropractors, psychotherapists, surgeons, priests, stock-brokers and mega-successful businessmen. What do these people know that I don’t?”
After years of being around these senior practitioners, along with my own inner work of meditation, service, healing and self-study I’ve come to this conclusion…
Grandmaster Choa is a world teacher that has uplifted the Souls of millions of people around the world!
The Law of Karma states whatever you reap, you sow. I decided many years ago that I wanted to evolve spiritually. I had a deep yearning to sit at the feet of the Masters and drink their divine nectar…to be part of the innermost circle…to get a glimpse at the Divine Plan…to know God.
I finally realized I could alleviate this yearning by nurturing the Souls of others who had similar yearnings.
I was blessed to have been healed for FREE by Grandmaster Choa and several other Pranic Healing Masters for YEARS. Apparently I had tremendous amounts of karmic garbage created over who-knows-how many lifetimes.
To nurture means to provide….money, food, housing, healings, teachings, affection, words of encouragement and the like. If you are a parent, you are constantly nurturing your children on all levels.
I ALWAYS had tremendous inner resistance to nurturing people because I saw it as hand holding and moving at a snail’s pace. It was way too tedious for my taste.
I simply wanted to point the direction by way of book, class, CD, healing artifact or aphorism from GMCKS. I didn’t have the patience or time for anyone beyond that.
Funny right? Even though MANY people had patience and time for my Soul’s development. (Immature Souls do immature things, I suppose)
I was offered so much nurturing from my Pranic Healing community for years without expectation of repayment because they all realized, as they help nurture my Soul, their Souls would be nourished.
Don’t get me wrong, I paid for healings when I could, did hundreds of hours of free service and healings…but nothing comes close to the blessings, teachings and healings I received from GMCKS and the senior instructors.
I cannot repay what has been given to me in just this lifetime, nevermind previous lifetimes!
I’ve been meditating on, “What makes these teachings priceless?” This is what I’ve come up with…
How much is inner peace worth to you? Probably a lot right?
Ok…where do you find advanced techniques and practices to…
Cultivate inner peace at will?
Warm your body in a cold room without heat?
Slow your breathing and heart rate as to appear dead?
Remove a headache in minutes without aspirin?
Repair a relationship once thought to be hopeless?
Stop a lifelong drug addiction without psychotic drugs?
Increase memory and brainpower without supplements?
Leave your body at will and do service in the inner world?
Deeply understand a subject without ever picking up a book on it?
Google? Facebook? Local yoga studio? A book on meditation at your local library? The Guru Quote of the Week?
Its very VERY   V   E   R   Y difficult to find a teacher who can provide the teachings, blessings and energies required to crack the code of the inner sciences of spirit, mind, emotions and body.
For instance, there’s a type of prana (energy) called Electric Violet (EV) that is used for emotional and mental healing. Without proper techniques, practices, and blessings, one cannot even access this extremely powerful, potent prana.
Yet these teachings and blessings were given by Grandmaster Choa and other Great Teachers which took millions of lifetimes to cultivate not only the power of these energies but also to properly convey these teachings in an easily digestible form for others.
We pay doctors at least six-figures for the 20 years they have invested in their medical knowledge and expertise. How much more for the Great Teachers who have invested millions of lifetimes in their spiritual knowledge and expertise?
I am dedicated to helping Souls evolve in subtle and BIG-FAT-JUICY ways because it is the calling God has given me. I accomplish this through one-on-one healings, spiritual mentoring, newsletters, videos, group meditation, group classes, constantly directing others to GMCKS’ teachings even my Arhatic Yoga practice.
Again, WHATEVER it is you want in life…give it first.
Want love….give love.
Want money…give money.
Want friendship…be a friend.
Want great sex…be a great lover.
Want great health…help other become healthier.
Want world peace…be peaceful within yourself.
Want to trust others…be trustworthy.
Want emotional availability…be emotionally open.
Want spirituality…help spiritualize others.
1. Early yesterday morning on Dec 30th 2014 in Berlin, Massachusetts, my father Roy George Long Jr., stopping breathing and left his body at 72 while sleeping in his home. He struggled with health issues for many years. He left this earth with no friends, no partner and two sisters and his three sons. I honor him as a loving father, recovering alcoholic, generous tipper, disabled veteran, and emotionally distant son & brother. A father who never stopped giving of his love, advice and resources, all for the betterment of his three sons. He is forever an example of generosity, success ‘Against All Odds’ and sacrificial love.  I’ll miss our weekly Skype sessions, talks about God, his childlike giggles and bone-dry humor. I’m so happy he spoke with my son Gabriel (his only grandchild) on Christmas Day. I’m sad that he’ll never get the chance to open the Christmas present we mailed him. I’m overjoyed that his suffering is over and he has once again been reborn into the Light. My heart still aches at the passing of my beloved father. To my family, friends, Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yogis, please bless the Soul of my beloved father with divine light, love, power and healing energies. May he be glorified to the highest realms.

I love you dad, you were always my greatest supporter.

-Lil Wolfie,
your youngest

2. My son Gabriel Ganesh Long is heading back to Sarasota this coming Friday. Thank you all for welcoming him with open hearts and minds and for listening to his wacky stories of Improv, the Sarasota Opera House, and how he’s not cold in the mountains no matter how cold it gets. He is already missing you guys.

3. Watch Master Stephen Co’s Year End Meditation starting Jan. 1st 11:00am MT. Review and let go of 2014 then plan and energize 2015!
4. Start the year off right with Pranic Healing to remove congestion, blockages and negativities then energize yourself with abundance, prosperity, success, inner peace and focus. Schedule your first Pranic Healing One on One Session here.
5. Join us for the Feeding the Homeless after this Sunday Twin Hearts’ Meditation at the downtown YMCA. Its a great way to help those in need and generate some MASSIVE good karma points.
6. I will be sending out a REVISED newsletter #1 on January 7th which you can use as a resource guide.
See ya Sunday and once again, have a New Year filled with Divine Light, Love and Power!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #37

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “To maintain the purity of the teachings, the teachings have been inscribed into books by the physical Sat Guru.” -GMCKS 
This reminds me of a story told by one of the Pranic Healing Masters many years ago…
Grandmaster Choa brought this senior instructor up on stage and asked him to demonstrate a simple breathing technique.
The senior instructor confidently demonstrated this breathing technique, probably wondering, “Why is he having me demonstrate this…its so simple, I’ve been teaching this for years.”
Afterwards, Grandmaster Choa thanked the student and sternly questioned the instructor, “Is this how I taught you the technique?”
The senior instructor slightly altered the technique, for any number of reasons…. maybe he forgot the original technique or he consciously or unconsciously thought he had a better technique or did not understand what Grandmaster Choa was actually asking him to demonstrate.
GMCKS said, “If a senior instructor can distort the Teachings of a simple technique, how much more for the system of Pranic Healing? Or the advanced system of Arhatic Yoga? How much more when the Sat Guru is no longer in the physical body to offer guidance, explanation and blessings?”
There is a natural tendency for the degradation and distortion of spiritual teachings over time after  the physical Sat Guru leaves the body. The responsibility goes to the first disciples then to the secondary disciples then to the tertiary disciples and so forth.
Look at all the great teachings given by great teachers through the world’s major religions. Do you think we are practicing these the teachings in their purity as they were taught centuries or eons ago?
Easy…look at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical fruits we are currently harvesting in our lives, not just individually but as the whole of humanity.
Looks like we haven’t learned to conquer fear, anger, greed, pride, intolerance, and on.
In order for Grandmaster Choa to ensure the highest level of purity for the longest period of time, he inscribed (meaning to create a permanent record of) his Teachings into books, CDs, and videos that are spoken in clear, simple and plain language.
My goal as an Arhatic Yogi and Pranic Healer is to be a living embodiment of those teachings to the best of my ability. The more receptive and conductive I am to those teachings, the greater my ability to pass on the teachings energetically.
For those of you who know me, I’m ALWAYS recommending the books, CDs and courses by Grandmaster Choa vs. the watered-down version of Christian’s energy, opinions and understandings of those books, CDs and courses.
First of all, to present the Teachings of my Teacher as my own, is spiritual and intellectual stealing…one of the worst things I can think of.
Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to directly plug into the love, power and elegance of GMCKS’ systems of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.
Thirdly, by using the Law of Karma (as you give, you receive), I want access to great spiritual teachings, technologies and blessings…so by giving access to others, I receive greater and deeper access.
In Today’s Quote you see the term ‘Sat Guru‘ who is the Head Teacher of a spiritual system or path. The Sat Guru guides, blesses and protects those using that given system or path.
Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui is the Sat Guru of Arhatic Yoga. Its a rare gift to meet the physical Sat Guru, meaning to meet him/her while they are still in a physical body.
I had a chance to be taught, healed, blessed by Grandmaster Choa and its been the greatest blessing of my life.
I mentioned this in a previous newsletter, Grandmaster Choa has three final instructions for his students.
1. Purify oneself
2. Practice diligently
3. Spread the teachings
By purifying oneself, you increase your ability to spread the teachings accurately and correctly.
What are the Teachings?
Come here and I’ll whisper it in your ear…a little closer, come on….ready?
My point is, the Teachings are universal teachings that are common to all of mankind without exception.
Where is Service only a Christian thing?
Where is Wisdom only a Buddhist thing?
Where is Devotion only a Hindu thing?
The stories of all the major religions are all different but the fundamental Teachings are all universal.
1. Happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you! Realize you are loved and a divine child of God. Make sure to let the people close to or far from you this message as well.
2. Master Stephen Co has done a Special Christmas Lecture and Meditation. This is a great video for Christians and Non-Christians alike.
3. The third installment of Achieve the Impossible #3 series with the topic of MONEY! Nice work Master Co.
4. Thursday January 1st at 11:00am, YEAR END MEDITATION LIVE with Master Stephen Co. This is one of the best meditations to celebrate and let go of 2014 while getting clarity and energizing 2015! It MAY be recorded and available for a week.
See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #36

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“An intelligent person is not closed minded. He does not behave like an ostrich buying his head in the ground, trying to avoid new ideas and developments.” -GMCKS
The image of today’s quote brings to mind a little kid with his fingers in his ears doing, “La la la la la la” when an adult is telling him something that is unagreeable with his wants, needs or desires…even if what the adult is telling him true and for the little boy’s ultimate good.
How many of us are like that as ADULTS!
In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, we close our minds off to new relationships, business opportunities, health trends or whatever because ‘we know better.’
Within Pranic Healing there are certain virtues that are studied and developed in order to be better people for ourselves and the world…and one of the virtues is called Accurate Perception and Correct Expression…GMCKS calls it one of the most difficult virtues to master, saying, “…volumes could be written about this one virtue.”
Simply put, it means seeing things AS THEY ARE, not as we wish — want — or need them to be but simply, AS THEY ARE. It means to no longer practice delusion to one’s self or others. It means seeing the many layers and facets of truth.
For instance, if I asked you the question, “Where do you live?” You can answer in any number of ways…
Your address
Your county
Your city
Your state
Your country
Your planet
Your longitude and latitude and on and on.
Which answer is the correct one?
It depends…if I was looking to drive to where you live, I’d need your address.
An intelligent person steers clear of biases, false assumptions, negative judgements and looks for the most accurate answer to achieve the desired result in the best way possible…which isn’t always easy.
When the automobile was being developed in the early 1900’s…the businessmen who made their money building horse and buggies chose to ignore the innovation of gas powered vehicles. Those who tried to stay in business were eventually left behind, literally and metaphorically.
They were unwilling to be open-minded, adapt, ask questions, and remain flexible.
Contrary to popular belief, having an open mind is very difficult…it means allowing everything in AND discerning along the way. An intelligent person does not accept things blindly. Active intelligence requires time, effort, energy and willpower to understand a subject.
I first learned of this practice in Jnana Yoga taught by MCKS. Its extremely challenging to use the intellect in an open yet constructive way.
Once this process of understanding a subject, idea or object is mastered…one can quickly find solutions, opportunities and angles to challenges where the masses only see roadblocks, obstacles, problems and frustration.
What would life look like if we held onto the old ways of thinking?
Clean water
Available food
Safe shelter
Artificial Limbs
Cell phones
What about having an open mind to…
End of hunger in this lifetime?
End of poverty in this lifetime?
End of disease and sickness in this lifetime?
World peace in this lifetime?
Individual enlightenment in this lifetime?
Immortality in this lifetime?
All the world’s greatest inventions and innovations were thought to be IMPOSSIBLE just a generation before they were invented.
Open up your mind, open your heart, open up your viewpoint, experiment, play, ask questions, seek answers, fall in love with curiosity like when you were a child and see what your intelligence can bring from the IMpossible to the possible.
1. MY SON IS COMING INTO TOWN TOMORROW NIGHT! Gabriel will be spending Christmas and New Year’s with his daddy. You’ll see him when you come for healing, go to the same networking events, Mile Hi Church Service, Twin Hearts Meditation, Rock climbing gym or ANYWHERE ELSE I go. Please stop by to say hi. He’s a very special Soul and quite the Ham.
WE’LL See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #35

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 

Today’s Quote: “What we call spirituality is actually inner sciences or sciences not dealing with the physical world. The process of the union between science and spirituality is already in progress.” -GMCKS

My best guess is that quantum physics is a great bridge between spirituality and science.
One of my best friends from college and I go back and forth about spirituality and science often. I was always encouraging him to become more spiritualized but his Catholic upbringing left a bad taste in his mouth.
But through my example and coaxing, he learned Transcendental Meditation in 2000. Afterwards he learned Pranic Healing then Arhatic Yoga. I was so excited by his openness to evolve! Then about 4 years ago he told me he was an atheist.
Grandmaster Choa says an atheist is a person who is identified with form. For example an atheist might say,
“God doesn’t exist because that’s crazy to think there’s this guy in the sky with a big white beard watching us sleep.” or
“If there was this all loving God then why would he let babies starve to death or hundreds of 1,000’s of people be killed by tsunamis?” or
“If God exists, where is he? Show him to me right now!”
These people are identified with the form and personality of God.
Its an extremely limited viewpoint.
God is an all pervasive consciousness…
God is the Causeless Cause.
I was disheartened to hear my friend tell me and my first thought was, “What? You’ve been initiated into an advanced yoga system by a world teacher. How can you not believe in God.” I later realized what he thought God was….
Over the years he would (and still does) send me articles and videos from a renowned neuroscientist, an evolutionary biologist, and a cosmologist and other like-minded scientists. I read most of their articles and watched many of their videos.
The problem is that these great scientific minds are caught up with disapproving the philosophy of God or the parables taught in the Holy Books rather than seeing the totality of an all pervading consciousness.
Grandmaster Choa (a chemical engineer by training) would say the Bible should not be taken literally.
Arguing about the existence of a man living in the belly of a whale, or Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac to please God or Lord Jesus being the literal Son of God…these stories were told to the masses to teach very simple life lessons and there are many levels of truth depending on the development of the person receiving the lessons.
Only the Initiates (close disciples) of the great world teachers were taught the inner sciences because these truths were/are extremely powerful and need to be handled by responsible Souls.
In less than a month, we will be entering 2015 and while we’ve made huge strides in the fields of computing, medicine, physics, and communication we are still ill-equipped to prove the existence of consciousness, chakras, meridians, auras, Angels, the Incarnated Soul, the Higher Soul, past lives and God.
So how do we know these things exist at all?
What instruments are there to explore these inner sciences?
WE are the instruments! We are beings of divine light, love and power that have the capacity and ability to explore the inner sciences.
By way of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and direct knowing by higher faculties.
But not all of us are reliable instruments to explore the inner world, which I know is one reason scientists scoff at mediums, psychics, channels and faith healers…these scientists met unreliable instruments claiming to be reliable.
Grandmaster Choa said higher clairvoyance is knowing through direct perception without having to study. It would be similar to a person (non-clairvoyant) who is blind-folded holding the tail of elephant thinking the tail is the totality of an elephant vs the person (clairvoyant) stepping back without the blind-fold who can instantly and accurately see the totality of an elephant.
Just because a person doesn’t believe in God, inner sciences, auras, chakras, or meridians doesn’t change the existence of them.
One thousand years ago, the ordinary person wouldn’t have been able to comprehend or believe in electricity yet their lack of belief didn’t change the fact that electricity existed.
For those who have worked in the inner sciences for many years realize the inner world is MORE REAL than the physical world at times.
Overtime, there will be a union of the inner sciences with the physical sciences and I believe the fastest way to achieve this is for US to be better instruments.
How do we that?
Regular meditation, inner reflection, inner study, giving and receiving energy healing, character building, service, and tithing.
In time, these actions will help clean and strengthen us as instruments to the divine, validating what the Great Teachers, Rishis, Saints and Holy Books have stated for eons.
1. Do you have a friend or loved one who needs healing? You may feel Pranic Healing would be great but don’t know how to explain it. Send them this simple video, How Energy Healing Can Improve Your Life.  (I made it 🙂
See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #34

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Creation is a continuous process.” -GMCKS
Imagine a banana sitting on your kitchen counter…is that banana really JUST sitting there or is it in a state of decay? It is still in a dynamic process of creation, whether our visible eyes realize it or not.
Life is ever moving, ever changing, ever becoming and we are part of that life.
As I understand it, this creation process happens through sound or the ‘Word’. Genesis 1:3, “God SAID let there be light and there was light…” He spoke creation into existence…Grandmaster Choa talks about this in detail in the book, “The Existence of God is Self Evident.” Its tiny book containing a powerhouse of spiritual truths.
The mantra OM is used in the process of creation. If one is still and aware during a deep meditation, you can hear the internal OM, which is always present, always creating.
Your words are very very powerful…they are creating your life for better or for worse. Listen to the people in your life whom you admire, respect and would like to be in the company of and pay attention to their words.
Likewise, listen to the people in your life that you would rather stay away from and pay attention to their words.
The people who are using words of compassion, love, power, prosperity, courage, confidence, clarity, healing, joy and the like, are literally and metaphorically creating their lives with those words.
And the people who use words of hate, anger, judgement, criticism, fear, self doubt, lack, greed, falsehoods and the like, are also creating their lives with those words.
What kinds of words does a…
depressed person use?
angry person use?
victim-mentality person use?
prosperous person use?
loving person use?
courageous person use?
Here’s the kicker…the more developed and stronger one’s throat chakra becomes, the more important it is to watch what you think and say, as in the Lord’s Prayer, “Holy be thy name…” In relation to that stanza, Grandmaster Choa says one’s words must be holy, must be good, for whatever you think or say will come back to you many many times.
What do you want coming back to you?
The bigger your energy (cause), the greater the effect.
Saying a negative remark such as, “You’re such a stupid idiot.” has a negative effect on the person you’re projecting to….now what if you’re energy was 5x, 10x, or 100x more powerful…how much more of a negative impact would that have on that person?
Watch your words and use them to create the life of your dreams.
1. We’re going as a group the Awake: Life of Yogananda. The showing is for only 5 days, starting on Friday the 5th. We’re going to the 7:30pm showing. Its about the fascinating lives of one of the 20th centuries most famous yogis. Buy tickets here. 
See you Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here