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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #33

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “What is important is not where you are right now. What is important is where you want to be!” -GMCKS
I remember a time I was receiving a healing from a senior Pranic Healer at the Pranic Healing Center in Lyndhurst, NJ. Master Glenn would refer to this healer as an Angel incarnate because she was such an amazing channel of healing energy.
Even now, after 20 years of service to GMCKS’ work, she is one of thee most committed healers and instructors in the world. She embodies the virtues of an Arhatic Yogi; Intelligent Mind, Loving Heart and Powerful Will. I’ve seen this woman produce miracles.
She is always ready, willing and able to provide healing to all those in need, especially Pranic Healers who were going through very rough times (like me).
In 2009, that seemed to be my regular state of affairs. I reluctantly (so much for gratitude) sat down in the healing chair and she asked me, “Christian, can you imagine what is bothering you…what is making you angry, depressed and sad? Lets bring it to the surface and I’ll help remove it for you.”
I began to delve into the dark recesses of my mind with all the worries, self-doubts and failed attempts throughout my childhood and teenage years. At first it was agonizing then I became lighter and lighter until the darkness was lifted and my heart melted and became filled with a warm glow.
I was at peace….
After the healing, she told me, “Christian, you need to stop thinking about all the mistakes you’ve made throughout your life. Meditating on your past mistakes is simply keeping you stuck. Just let them go and keep moving forward. Focus on where you want to be.”
During the healing, she asked me to think of those mistakes from my past in order to bring the energies to the surface of the chakras which made it easier to extract them.
As Today’s Quote states, “…is not important where you are right now…but where you want to be!”
I was so conditioned to relive my past mistakes and failures, always torturing myself with ‘What If’ scenarios…
what if I never married her?
what if I didn’t move so much?
what if I get involved in that investment?
what if I stayed in that job? Or that job? Or that job? Or that job?
I couldn’t let go of my negative past therefore it couldn’t let go of me.
Focus on what you want to be, do and have and work towards it consistently and persistently until you accomplish it. Period.
Yes, we require learning from our mistakes but after the lesson is learned, begin again more intelligently and keep moving forward.
To reach your Target; whether its a new house, learning how to invest in real estate, becoming a great healer, traveling the world, starting the business of your dreams…requires you to let go of your negative past and become a better person to accomplish it.
Let go of your excuses, rationalizations, negative programs, fears, insecurities and justifications….and get your ass in the game! In my early to mid-20’s, I was obsessed in finding all the reasons as to why I was a failure and why I couldn’t make things happen in my life.
How productive was that? It was a manifestation of self-loathing and seeking pity from others.
Next, focus on where you want to be-do-have and become the person required to reach your Target. I have several Targets in my life that I am very clear about and with the blessings of God, GMCKS and continual effort, I will accomplish them. I am required to grow, stretch and evolve in order to get what I want.
Its ok (in fact, necessary) to invoke for the blessings, help, guidance and protection of God and all the Great Ones to help you achieve your Target(s) in life.
How? It’s really simple.
“God and all the Great Ones, thank you for providing me with help, guidance, protection and inner strength to achieve my Target. Thank you. So be it!.”
Or you can focus on where you are followed by an excuse…
“I don’t have enough money and this is why…”
“I’m can’t find a loving relationship and this is why…”
“I’m not courageous enough and this is why…”
“I’m not the kind of person that speaks in public and this is why…”
“I’ve never made money in business before and this is why…”
“I’m not smart enough and this is why…”
Your Higher Soul and a Great Being got together to ‘discuss’ what lessons, experiences and growth you wanted from this incarnation.
Your Higher Soul is investing in you as an opportunity to evolve into a better person with more skills and abilities to serve others.
Your Higher Soul is observing you, in this VERY moment and asking the question, “Will this be a good investment?” To learn more about your Higher Soul and divine nature read the book, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul. Its also a class in Pranic Healing and still one of my favorites.
Do you want to use your incarnation wallowing in earlier mistakes?
Do you want to justify why you’re stuck in the present?
Do you want to focus on where you want to be and start running towards it?
Either way, your Higher Soul is still observing and determining if its investment of Soul energy was had a great, good, or poor ROI.
1. Happy Slappy Turkey Day to everyone! May you, family and friends be blessed with divine Light, Love and Power from God, all the Great Ones and my Teacher, GMCKS, so be it!  I’m staying local this year and actually on day 3 of the 4 Day Colorado Colon Cleanse by Dr. John Douillard. Its been years since I’ve done a cleanse like this and man do I want a slice of blueberry pie. 🙂
2. Final week for existing clients to buy packages at old rates. Existing clients can take advantage of my old rates by buying a package of 7 or more Pranic Healing sessions. Currently, the 10-Session package is most popular. New rates for existing clients take effect on December 1st 2014.
3. Special Thanksgiving Meditation with Master Co tonight at 8:00pm.
4. Achieve the Impossible Part 2 with Master Co tomorrow night at 8:00pm discussing how to understand and apply the Law of Karma to help you be more prosperous.
See You this Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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