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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #32

Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “The person undergoing suffering becomes smarter, stronger and more compassionate. This results in a positive evolutionary effect. It is transformational.” -GMCKS
Think about a time you were suffering in a relationship, a new business start-up, assisting an ailing parent or getting into a new fitness routine because enough is enough…
How are your smarts, strength and compassion DURING the suffering? Probably anything but…more like uncertain, anxious, fearful and filled with self-interest.
Only AFTER you have been through the Fires of Life, can you look around and see the suffering of others and say to yourself…
“Wow, I remember what it was like to start my first business wondering where I was going to find my first clients, if I could make my mortgage payments, if people would even be willing to pay my fees. But I’m so much stronger because of what I’ve gone through.”
“Geez, I remember what it was like being in a dis-empowering relationship and how I afraid I was to leave because I didn’t think anyone else could love me. Now, I have self respect, good self esteem and allow only the best people into my life.”
“Holy moly, I never thought I’d pass the bar exam because of such a high failure rate and the intense competition after graduation. Now I’m so much smarter in knowing how they test AND the difference between how the real-world works.”
You are now transformed into a bigger, better, smarter person than the actual problem you once faced.
Life is a series of challenges, adversities and disappointments one after another in relationships, finances, health and ‘surprises’ of deaths, bankruptcies, divorces, lay-offs…
But only by LIVING life and TRANSFORMING as a person, will you become stronger, smarter and more compassionate towards yourself and all people. Life is not to be lived in a vacuum or sterile environment. Get out there and mix it up!
Next time you’re experiencing one of life’s challenges say to yourself, “Sweet, here’s another opportunity to transform into a better person!”
I didn’t have compassion and understanding for
…a parents’ stress until I became one.
…those going through a bitter divorce until I had one.
…business partners fighting for power until I became one.
…homeless teens until I became one.
Because I have experienced these adversities of life, it has made me far less judgmental, critical or cynical. I have more smarts, strength and compassion towards all people because I suffered through it myself.
And because I have a deeper understanding of others’ suffering, I can also communicate from a place of awareness rather than buying into the seduction of their programs, weaknesses and lack of awareness.
The really cool thing is once you tap into the deeper awareness of the Principle of Oneness, you begin to realize that your suffering is another’s suffering, their suffering is your suffering, your happiness is their happiness, their happiness is your happiness, even if you have never experienced the situation firsthand…that’s some high level stuff.
I once heard, “Sympathy is jumping in another’s boat which is sinking. Empathy is helping them into your boat.”
As you transform yourself…you transform others…and the world.
I love each and everyone of you….live an exciting life!
1. Looking to interview Great Souls doing Great Things. Preferably these Souls are in Greater Denver Metro area. If you have someone in mind, drop me a line at christianrlong@gmail.com and a little bit about them.
2. Thank you all for sharing your amazing stories of healing and growth over our time working together. The biggest secret is your receptivity to being healed. VERY IMPORTANT!
3. Master Co recorded a talk from the Esoteric Study Group (ESG) on GMCKS’ book, Achieve the Impossible. If you’re looking to accomplish great things in this incarnation and want to be prosperous along the way, I highly recommend watching.
4. For those of you interested in the world of True Yogis, click here.
See Ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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