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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #31

Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “To surrender spiritually implies you have no resistance. It is not giving up one’s thinking faculty or one’s willpower or it does not mean to resist mindlessly. It simply means to give up your inner resistance. This is a manifestation of intelligence.” -GMCKS
Great couple of snow days huh!
Before sitting down to write tonight’s newsletter, I was talking a beautiful bath (and yes, I was using bubbles) which is part of my daily ritual for cleansing and disconnecting after the days’ healing sessions.
I was thinking about Today’s Quote while laying in the water, and I began ‘letting go’ and ‘giving up my resistance’ of holding onto the heavy, diseased and congested energies.
While doing this…I experienced this overwhelming sense of gratitude…I was so grateful for feeling the warm water slide over my body, the pips and pops of the soap suds, the safety of a good place in a great neighborhood and even the TIME to do this activity.
Resistance has its place but not when it comes to connecting with God.
You can resist against someone trying to control you.
You can resist an intruder coming into your home.
You can resist a sexual aggressor.
You can even resist your lower tendencies to give up on an important goal….
But resisting God is resisting your divine nature.
There is a term in the Hindu tradition called Sharanagati, which has been defined as ‘to surrender’ but a more accurate definition is ‘to ‘be conductive.’
By surrendering to others, one’s Ajna Chakra (or higher will) becomes smaller. This is seen throughout cult leaders and their followers…the Ajna Chakra of the leader is much larger and developed than the Ajna Chakras of his followers. Surrendering one’s will and thinking faculties to another, can be very dangerous to one’s spiritual and personal development.
But by being conductive, you become a channel of divine light, love and power to pass through you.
A rubber hose is not conductive to an electrical impulse passing through it yet a golden wire is far more conductive to the electrical impulse.
Most people are like the rubber hose to God. They are not allowing the divine blessings of light, love, power, healing, abundance, happiness, oneness, gratitude, courage, confidence, and humility to pass through them.
How does one go from a rubber hose to a golden wire?
Purification. Purification. Purification.
As one begins to purify his thoughts, speech, emotions and physical body, he becomes more conductive to the divine energies all around him.
I would recommend looking into Arhatic Yoga where you will learn many tools, technologies and practices to not only purify your incarnated Soul (the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies) but to energize your entire being with these divine energies.
After 10+ years of practicing Arhatic Yoga, I am still in awe of the elegance yet power of this yogic system.
A true spiritual teacher or Guru (dispeller of darkness) never asks the student to surrender his mental faculties of reason, discernment or critical analysis. The Guru encourages the student to ask questions, to experiment and draw one’s own conclusion.
The Guru only shows the path and its the student’s job to tread that path of spiritual righteousness.
The word Guru has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, watered-down or vilified by the western world. When people hear Guru, the words ‘charlatan, con-artist, or trickster’ come to mind. That a Guru takes advantage of unwitting followers to sell their homes, cars, money even bodies to give to the Guru.
This is not a true Guru…true Gurus or Great Spiritual Teachers are very rare and hard to find. Gurus are not perfect, they are also in the process of evolving. They are simply further down the path than the student and are helping him to navigate the path of spiritual righteousness.
Wearing spiritual attire, espousing spiritual sounding phrases and chanting mantras does not make one a Guru.
As I understand it through Grandmaster Choa, pride is the last of the weaknesses to go. Even the Holy Masters can fall due to pride…how much more for us?
Pride is what keeps us as a rubber hose rather than as a super conductive golden wire.
Humility. Discernment. Humility. Discernment. Humility. Discernment.
1. Through much nugging (my arm still hurts) of Susannah and a few other clients, I have put all past Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletters on my website. I guess it’ll give some great Google-juice and spread Pranic Healing faster to more people whom are outside of Denver.
2. Cool testimonial…a client was having her birthday recently and I offered to help bless her birthday wish. I walked her through the process of creating the wish, we blessed it and set it free. A few days later, she txted letting me know it had come true…an over $400,000 wishhad come true! Now keep in mind, its not common and there are many many factors that determine whether a wish comes true…some factors we can control, some we can’t. I love being a little catalyst for my clients in getting what they want.
See you this Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

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