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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #29

Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Be realistic! Everybody makes mistakes. Forgive and forget and continue living. By giving a person love you help them grow.” -GMCKS
This quote seems to be coming at an opportune time for clients and subscribers alike, considering lots of people are pissed off lately and looking for blood!
The first part of the quote is ‘Be realistic!…’ which I think helps us by having right viewpoint which leads to right thoughts then right emotions then right actions then right livelihood and so forth.
By having the right viewpoint of being realistic and that everybody makes mistakes, it eases your suffering. Unrealistic expectations leads to suffering.
For instance, lets say you were traveling from DTC to Thornton at 5:30pm during rush hour and needed to arrive by 5:50pm.
Now are those realistic expectations? Nope. Are those unrealistic expectations going to lead to suffering? Yup.
People will not being driving as fast as you want. This person won’t let you in the lane. Another person blows a flat tire in the middle lane and backs up traffic for miles….you’d be lucky to arrive in Thornton by 7:00pm.
So who ultimately made the mistake? You did!
You were not being realistic…and that’s ok. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. You didn’t make the mistake on purpose. At the time of making the decision, you had perfectly good reasons for doing what you did.
And guess what? So doesn’t everybody else on the planet.
The person(s) who did you wrong had perfectly good reasons as to why they did what they did….it reminds me of the quote by Gene Fowler, “Men are not against you, they are merely for themselves.”
‘..forgive and forget and continue living…’ Wouldn’t you agree the most valuable asset we have is not our money or our possessions but is our time? What’s the point of holding onto bitterness, resentment and anger from the person(s) who wronged us? That eats away at our enjoyment and quality of life…our very essence.
Here’s a little realization I had awhile back…the person(s) I was still mad at YEARS after they wronged me had completely and utterly forgotten about the incident. Most likely, this person was completely unconscious what he was doing when he did it.
Grandmaster Choa says there are 7 levels of forgiveness:
1. Forgive next lifetime (guess who you’ll be meeting up with?)
2. Forgive on deathbed
3. Forgive after many decades
4. Forgive after several years
5. Forgive after several months
6. Forgive after several weeks
7. Forgive after several minutes (this is where the Saints are…this is our goal)
Forgiving is extremely therapeutic. If one is receiving healing from me or another practitioner and wants faster, more permanent results…forgive forgive forgive!
Lastly, ‘…by giving a person love you help them grow.’ The energy of love or pink prana, is extremely healing, nourishing and nurturing. What would your life look like now if as a child you were SHOWERED with love?
Probably pretty freakin’ awesome right? Emotionally balanced, mentally alert, fluid, things just roll off your back and you’d have a huge reservoir of love to give others, even complete strangers.
But most of us didn’t receive those energies growing up because the people around us either didn’t know how or didn’t want to give us love.
See how the cycle continues?
Then we withhold love because we feel jipped, taken advantage of and close ourselves to giving AND receiving love.
Look, I love you so I feel I can be straight with you…LOVE NO MATTER WHAT!!
The heart chakra is the center of sweetness, tenderness, patience, and UNconditional love. And by giving love unconditionally you will receive love back ten-fold, a hundred-fold. The more you give, the more you receive.
Look at the people around you who are the most magnetic, attractive, inspiring, and enthusiastic…are they withholding or giving?
Love the other person because you realize he/she is a divine child of God that took on a physical form to learn lessons and workout his/her own karma. Help him with that evolution by blessing him with love, tenderness and sweetness.
Obviously, if this person(s) is a physical threat….you remove them from your physical presence and afterwards bless them with love and forgive them. Its simply the right thing do, wouldn’t you want someone blessings and loving you after you made a stupid mistake?
Think about it, do it and draw your own conclusion.
Much Love….
1. November Full Moon Meditation with Master Stephen Co tomorrow after 6:30pm. Meditating during the Full Moon is equivalent to meditating everyday for 30 days. Its super powerful, cleansing, energizing and healing.
2. This is one of my new ideas called Mahatma Project: Spreading the Message of Great Souls doing Great Work, where I interview people who are helping to raise consciousness or alleviate the suffering of others by using their gifts.
If you have someone in mind you would like to be interviewed let me know by emailing me at Christianrlong@gmail.com Subject:Mahatma Project
Here is my first interview with the awesome Danny Ballard of Thrive Group.
See Ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
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