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October 2014

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #28

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “According to the Law of Cycle, everything is subject to change, nothing lasts forever.” -GMCKS
I’m literally laughing out loud with today’s quote…a joyful giddiness that helps me show how far I’ve come since I was a kid.
For those of you who don’t know my story, I’ll borrow a family motto that my dad would share with my brothers and I…
“I’ve made enough mistakes for all of you.”
I have screwed up so many times in so many ways, you would be scratching your head wondering, “How can this one person make ten-persons worth of mistakes?”
Mother abandonment.
Physically Abusive Stepfather.
Alcoholic-VA Disabled Father.
Family Sexual Addiction.
Murdered Friends.
High School Dropout
College Dropout.
Prolonged Poverty
Car crashes.
Hospitalizations from depression and rage
Surprise child.
Failure in every business endeavor….and on and on (yes, I could go on)
This downward cycle of ‘shit-hitting the fan’ lasted for over two-decades.
But guess what?
Nothing lasts forever and the tides eventually turned…and I give credit to my teacher, Grandmaster Choa.
Since understanding and applying his Teachings over my life, currently I’m more financially successful, emotionally stable and happy, feel more connected to the human condition… all with a sense of immense gratitude, humility and awe of where I came from and where I’m going.
If your life is in the dumps right now, whether its financially, relationships, health, or not knowing why the hell God put you into a physical body to live on this planet…do not despair…
It will NOT last forever. Practice hope.
Likewise, if your life is going amazing with tons of money flowing to you, awesome relationships with high quality people, and you are in the best shape of your life do not forget…
It will NOT last forever. Practice gratitude. 
Relationships come and go. Money comes and goes. Health comes and go. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. Right now you’re healthy but eventually you’ll age, become sick and die.
The Law of Cycle shows up in weekly cycles, monthly cycles, yearly cycles, 7-year cycles, 12-year cycles…even a 24,000-year cycle of the cosmos known as a Yuga.
Once you understand your place in the cycle of your life you can choose when to bust your butt to make it happen, start a new business, get into a relationship, get out of a relationship, take it easy and enjoy life, educate yourself, mentor others, deepen your spiritual practice….and on and on.
These Teachings and the Law of Cycle are covered in Grandmaster Choa’s class, “Spiritual Business Management.”
At this point in my life, I feel very confident that I could handle any and all of life’s challenges because I am more centered in the ”I AM” rather than in the forever changing external world. And I eventually recognized, those decades of suffering were not wasted. Those dark times gave me compassion for my family, friends, clients, the world…and most of all towards myself.
I no longer take on the world’s pain but alleviate the world of its pain…one person at a time.
“This too shall pass.” -Persian Sufi Poet
1. November 1st I will be increasing my one-on-one Pranic Healing rates. For existing clients, I am offering an extension til December 1st if they want to invest in additional packages at my current rate. I’m increasing my rates for several reasons including; invested in additional training, additional healing tools, additional value-adds and resources for clients, additional lifestyle changes, increased meditation practice, attracting clients who are super receptive to being healed, spending more time on Pranic Healing projects…all with the purpose to heal you faster and better while spreading Pranic Healing.
2. Are you lacking willpower and inner strength in your life? Watch this lecture and meditation about Lord Shiva by Master Co. where you will learn how to awaken your higher will to move your purpose forward.
See You Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #27

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “Practice loving kindness to people and other beings.” -GMCKS
I almost skipped over this quote because it’s ‘too simple’ or ‘too obvious’ and most of you would just go about your day saying, “Yeah, duh…now let me see what the Announcements are.”
But then I thought about it.
Aren’t the most profound truths in life simple to understand yet require a lifetime to master?
Loving-kindness is no different.
As with all virtues we teach in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, there are many levels of understanding and practicing.
For instance, loving kindness (yang) AND non-injury (yin)….
On a physical level…hugging, kissing, sex AND not hitting
On a verbal level…words of encouragement AND not yelling, swearing, or using harsh words
On a mental level…teaching AND not mentally criticizing and judging
On a spiritual level…blessing all beings with loving kindness and non-injury AND not using subtle energies to manipulate others.
On a financial level…providing food, shelter and resources to sustain and protect life. Think of your parents.
Loving energy is magnetic, attractive, nourishing, trans-mutative and healing.
Remember the line in the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, “…It is in the giving that we receive…” or “…grant that I may not seek…to love as to love…”
As you give and share love with all people and all beings, you will rapidly receive that back into your life. By loving others, you will be love. By healing others, you will be healed. By consoling others, you will be consoled.
Its interesting how we can look at our lives with pessimism, resentment, anger, and misunderstanding. But if we’re honest with ourselves, we are reaping those negative qualities in our lives because that is what we’ve been planting in the past.
Try planting loving kindness with friends, family members, even complete strangers and see what happens.
Loving another person does not deplete you of love, lighting another’s candle does not diminish your own.
So where in your life can you show loving-kindness and non-injury to another person (or being) within the next 24 hours?
Give a call to a friend who’s been struggling.
Give a love letter to your partner letting him/her know you appreciate him/her
Give $10 to a homeless person holding up a sign
Give your child a hug and verbally affirm he/she is loved
Give 3 hours of donated time to a charity you’re passionate about
Give a tutoring session to an inner city kid
Give a scratch to your dog’s belly
Give (fill in the blank)
See how each line requires GIVING with an ACTION?
It is in the GIVING that you receive.
It is in the TAKING that you receive MORE (you can’t get water from an empty well)
Lets love each other more, care for each other more, support each other more…life rocks when you’re sharing, giving, teaching, and blessing!
1. The event this past weekend with Jeffery Combs was a smashing success! We had over 100 people register with awesome feedback afterwards.
2. Master Co is giving a LIVE streaming talk celebrating the Indian holiday Diwali, Festival of Lights, with a lecture and meditation. It’ll be ready tonight at 8:00pm. Check it out!
3. I’m a little late on sending this out, my apologies. This is the Oct Full Moon Meditation with Master Co. The lecture is on Working in Harmony with the Beings of the Inner World, followed by a meditation on Om Mani Padme Hum. I have been doing Full Moon meditations in Pranic Healing for over 10 years and this is one the most powerful ones I have ever attended! I strongly recommend spending some quality time with yourself and this recording.
See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #26

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Atma Namaste Everyone!

Today’s Quote: “Do not look at the words, look at the essence behind the words.” GMCKS 

This is one of those ‘tricky’ quotes by GMCKS that I had to do some research on. In all of GMCKS’ books, meditation CD recordings, and healing protocols he is very exacting in his wording. So I looked up the word, ‘essence.’
Merriam-Webster defines es-sence as:

– the basic nature of a thing : the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is

– the most significant element, quality, or aspect of a thing or person 
Hmm….the basic nature of a thing eh?

So how can we apply this to our daily dealings with people and their words?

As yourself the question, “What is this person really saying to me?”
The actual words are just a small part of communication. You have inflection, tempo, volume, context, body language, even which gender is communicating and which gender is receiving. It is the ‘behind’ the words you are looking for.
There is a style of communication called subcommunication and is most often used by women, whereas men use direct communication. There are evolutionary biological reasons as to why men and women communicate in these styles but in general, a woman implies and suggests and a man states and requests.
A famous example being, “Does this dress make me look fat?”
The subcommunication is, “Do you find me attractive?”
If one were to take it several layers deeper and get to the essence of the words, it could like like:
“Do you find me lovable?” to deeper
“Do I find myself lovable?” to deeper
“Am I lovable.” to deeper
“I Am.”
The essence or basic nature of humans is ‘I AM.’
The essence of life coaching is to help the client recognize this ultimate truth “I Am That, That I Am” and to dis-identify with falsehoods such as  “I AM afraid. I AM confused. I AM lost. I AM angry. I AM unlovable. I AM a failure.”
When client’s come for Pranic Healing its the process of removing non-truth which leaves only truth, the I AM, because that is our essential nature.  A migraine headache, a spousal argument, chronic fatigue, or work disharmony are all symptoms, surface level ‘stories’ getting in the way of the essence or heart of the matter, the I AM.
Communicating, coaching and healing at the level of the essence gives us access to profound and permanent transformation, connection and understanding of ourselves, others and the nature of reality.
So, what was the essence of today’s newsletter?
1. Two and 1/2 months ago I had the idea to bring Jeffery Combs, the Millionaire Maker, to Denver. I asked him, “Jeffery, what would it take to bring you to speak in Denver?” He said, “Put 20 people in a room and I’ll be there.” After talking to the right people and showing the immense value Jeffery can bring to Denver, we have over 65 people registered for his event! The room holds a total of 80 people, so for those of you who thought you might be out of luck…fear not. Its Saturday, October 18th in DTC from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Click here for details or to register.
See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #25

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Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “You must constantly look at your goal.” -GMCKS
Whom better to talk about goal-setting than Grandmaster Choa…developed, tested, refined and spread both an unknown healing modality and yoga system to over 180 countries, wrote 20 books, created over 15 comprehensive pranic healing courses, ran a multi-million dollar family company (mostly at a distance), created several charitable foundations that supports millions of people around the world with feeding, legal aid, social justice, meditation and healing clinics…
…and did I mentioned he accomplished all of this in less than 30 years?!
My body is 34 years old and I’m still working on opening a SINGLE healing clinic! Thank you Grandmaster Choa for being an example of great power and focus.
“…constantly look at your goal.” If I asked you right now….
“What’s your goal?” or
“What do you want?” or
“In five-years what will your life look like?”
Could you answer those questions clearly including time-frames, milestones, resources and people needed?
If yes, you are a rockstar! If not, you need to be honest with yourself and start getting AFTA-IT or abandon the goal entirely because its just draining your mental and emotional energy.
There’s an advanced Arhatic Yoga practice called ‘Concretizing Meditation.’ Its literally the process of manifestation, to bring something non-physical (idea, inspiration, wish) into the physical. This is the process Grandmaster Choa used throughout his life to leave a global legacy of spirituality and healing.
It is a profound process and once learned and practiced, one begins to realize….”Whoa, not only do I need to be REALLY clear as to what I want,
I also have to REMOVE a lot of stuff from my life in order to focus.”
Most people have too many vague goals and no system to accomplish them.
Look familiar?
Physical: Lose weight
Emotional: Feel better
Mental: Think better
Spiritual: Feel connected
Financial: Make more money than last year
Relationship: Meet someone cool
Is it any wonder why we rarely get exactly what we want? Vague goal, vague results.
Or we look back in 5-years and ask the questions, “What the hell did I accomplish? Where did all the time go?”
Your goals, desires, wishes, aspirations, must constantly be at the forefront of your mind. If they are not, they will not materialize.
Getting what you want in life requires constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness and those require ENERGY.
Write ONE thing you desire on an index card in the morning, noon and evening for 30 days and you will be AMAZED at what materializes. By looking and writing your goal daily you are seeing it from many angels and perspectives that will help in its fulfillment faster!
Grandmaster Choa says, “Everything must be written down.” It took me years to figure out the deeper teachings behind that statement and I don’t want to rob you of finding out the wisdom contained within it. It doesn’t say, “…everything must be TYPED OUT.”
1. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback about the weekly newsletter. As a reminder, I have full articles on my blog like How to Get Unstuck from Sticky Habits that are much more comprehensive and entertaining. The weekly newsletter takes an hour to write, a blog article takes 5-6 hours to write. More MOJO!
2. Our Jeffery Combs event started off as a little seed idea 2-months ago and now we got 70 people registered to go. SAweet! We got 10 more spots let to have a completely full-room.
3. I’m proud of you guys for scheduling appointments on the link below, change is not always easy but necessary. I came up with a new line,Click on the Clock to Schedule. Get it?! LMAO!
4. Susannah has a request for you guys to LIKE her Real Book Club FB page. Send out a lil love to a fellow Arhatic Yogini.
5. This is our 25th Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter….a quarter of 100! YAY!
See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #24

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote: “When someone is aggressive, and you reject the Negative Energy, it bounces back to the other person unless you transmute that Negative Energy into peace, love, harmony and understanding.” -GMCKS
By raise of hands, how many of you have every had a verbal/emotional confrontation with another person such as girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, relative, co-worker, boss….clerk at the DMV?
If you are not raising your hand…please come over to my place for I have never met a Saint in person and want a pic with you I can post on my Facebook wall.
For the rest of us (you can lower your hand now), confrontation is simply part of life. Most confrontations can be avoided entirely while others require a bit more finesse to safely navigate.
Think back for a minute to a time you were in a heated ‘discussion’ with someone and as you were making your final, absolute, no-comeback point, the person begins crossing his arms.
How does that make you feel?
Warm, fuzzy and well received? Or does it piss you off even more?
Yup, most likely the latter.
Energetically, what is really going on? As you are arguing back and forth with the other person, the solar plexus chakras of each of you are inflamed, spinning erratically, and spewing out psychic garbage. You are literally dumping negative psychic energy into each other’s energy bodies.
No wonder why we feel like crap after an argument.
When the other person crosses his arms, its a crude form of psychic self-defense. So instead of him absorbing the negative energy you’ve been projecting… it bounces right back to you…and with avengence! Remember, whatever you give, comes back to you many many times.
For better or worse.
There is an advanced class in Pranic Healing called Pranic Psychic Self Defense, where you learn how to energetically protect yourself from negative, draining and abusive psychic attacks and you also learn how to transmute all those negative, angry, bitter, resentful energies into love, peace, harmony and understanding.
Its fighting without fighting.
When I worked on Wall Street in NYC, I would create very powerful shields to protect myself from the ocean of stress, anger, and anxiety I was swimming in. I cannot express to you how helpful psychic shields are in one’s day to day living. Especially if you’re in a psychically toxic environment.
By transmuting the negative energies that are being projected at you from the other person, you are practicing loving-kindness and non-injury towards them. There are certain psychic shields you can create that will cause lots of emotional harm to a person if they project negative energies at you OR (the better option) you can create a shield that transmutes those same negative energies into much higher vibrations.
Can anyone say, “Alchemy.” ?
Yet when doing healing work, one cannot have a shield on…it prevents the flow of pranic energy from the healer to the client.
1. I am trying out a new scheduling service for ALL my appointments. I’ve always prided myself on having a good memory but juggling dozens of appointments in my head/iphone is proving to be less effective than a scheduling service. Rescheduling, canceling, sending reminders, keeping track of package sessions have become a part-time job. Years ago I used Bookfresh and wanted to try a new service called Setster. So for the foreseeable future, please book ALL one-on-ones, healings, and meditations using the icon in my email signature below or on mywebsite.  Hopefully with better scheduling, more people can get healed faster and more often.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
2. Put this in your calendar! On Saturday, Oct 18th 2014, come join me to meet and learn from Jeffery Combs, the Millionaire Maker. Most of you are small business owners, coaches, holistic practitioners or some kind of commission-based salesperson…that is why I am bringing him here to teach you the millionaire habits, skills, and mindset necessary to be successful. This is my personal story working with Jeffery (its unusual). To learn more about the event or to register click here. Spots are LIMITED.
See you Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here