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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #23

Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “The purpose of meditation is to develop your higher faculties. Without this development, understanding deeper spiritual truths is not possible.” -GMCKS
This might be the very first quote about meditation in the Denver Twin Hearts MEDITATION Newsletter. Ha!
I was doing some research online today and stumbled across yet another Iphone/Android App dealing with meditation.
It gets me excited to see more and more services, products and apps offering to teach, encourage even entertain the masses into having a regular meditation practice.
The world is EVOLVING, yay!
When the upper chakras are more developed/evolved through meditation, one begins to see things clearly and as they are…
For instance, you probably wouldn’t physically lash out at your spouse and cause them physical injury right? Of course not, because you clearly see the damage it would cause…red marks, bruises, broken bone, bloody nose, etc.
But what about verbal injury? Do you ever say cruel or hurtful words to your spouse or loved ones? Take it a step further…mental injury by sending cruel or hurtful thoughts?
As the upper chakras become more developed i.e. heart, ajna, forehead and crown chakras, you can actually ‘see’ the damage hurtful words and hurtful thoughts cause another person. If you could clairvoyantly see what a mean, cruel or hateful word does to another person’s energy body, you would think thrice before saying it.
Interesting huh?
The new challenge people are having with all these new tools for meditation is which of the 100’s of meditations do they choose from?
For what purpose?
For how long?
What are the milestones they should be aware of?
What if they experience difficulties in their practice?
We also run the risk of ‘shiny ball’ syndrome…
-30-day Meditation Challenges,
-Meditation of the Week,
-Rihanna’s favorite meditation is…
-Tweeting about deep experiences during meditation that are best kept quiet…
But hey, as Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui says, “Evolution implies time, process and mistakes. We’re all growing, we’re all in the process of evolving.”
The great Saints, Sages, and Gurus have been guiding our Soul development for eons. In order for us to get the best benefits of developed higher faculties such as intuition, higher will, higher creativity or to understand deeper spiritual truths requires YEARS of consistent practice. These priceless ‘inner jewels’ but be earned.
A proper meditation practice is tailored to the individual by a Teacher, monitored by a Teacher, and spiritually empowered by a Teacher.
Its not about being dependent on the Teacher, its realizing that the Teacher has been there and done that…and can guide one accordingly.
In Grandmaster Choa’s book, “The Origins of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga” he states, “Without practicing Arhatic Yoga, it is not possible to understand it deeply.” When I first learned Arhatic Yoga in July 2004, it seemed so familiar, like I had practiced it before, in previous lifetimes even.
I believe that is one reason people are attracted to a certain spiritual tradition or spiritual lineage or yoga form…because they had practiced it previously in other lifetimes. Maybe for many many lifetimes.
Arhatic Yoga just made perfect sense to me and regular practice has only deepened my appreciation and understanding of its ‘inner jewels.’
As some of you know, I just recently got initiated into the next level of Arhatic Yoga that took me 7-years of regular practice to qualify for…and since practicing this higher level for almost 2-months, I’m having inner experiences and outer perceptions I could not have EVEN imagined before.
It has really humbled me when I think about my mentors in Pranic Healing, who have been doing this work for decades…I’m only getting a glimpse of their understanding of the Self, humanity, the Divine Plan, and God.
Could you tell if someone was enlightened just by physically looking at them?
Not to my knowledge…enlightenment is a subjective experience that has specific ‘inner’ landmarks as one progresses which have been laid down by these Great Teachers. You can’t buy, steal, download, or beg for it. It comes through lots and lots of focused work yet its so worth it.
But what would happen if I just downloaded a meditation app and after 8 days changed to another one because I got bored with it or wasn’t experiencing total bliss and euphoria or only practiced when I FELT like it?
Not much. Those ‘inner jewels’ will remain buried.
A qualified Teacher is essential to assist one is developing, identifying and excavating them.
If you haven’t guessed this already, I’m super passionate about this topic, its my life’s work and I could discuss, share, debate, teach about it for hours…but ultimately it goes back to you.
To quote a great Teacher, “You and you alone are responsible for your own enlightenment.”
I do my small part by holding the Twin Hearts Meditation Weekly, healing others, holding Pranic Healing Intros & Workshops and doing my Arhatic practice regularly.
Grandmaster Choa had these final instructions for his students.
1. Purify yourself.
2. Practice diligently
3. Spread the Teachings.
I thought I understood those instructions (deeper spiritual truths) in 2008 when I first learned of them and now I perceive these instructions on a level I would have never even thought of…hmm, the blessings of a meditation practice and a Great Teacher. They seem alive to me.
Thank You Master.
1. Now that we’re entering Fall, this is the second best time of the year for a cleanse. I recommend the Colorado Cleanse from my mentor Dr. John Douillard. This cleanse not only removes lots of diseased and congested energies from the ENTIRE body, it also jumpstarts your digestion (which many cleanses do not address). He is one of the top Ayurvedic doctors in the country and is a master at what he does.
2. I’m looking to add a Q&A section on the weekly newsletter. What kinds of questions? Spirituality, esoteric studies, energy healing, Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, meditation, and peak experiences.
NOTE: I may be unable to provide sufficient answers because I am not authorized to share it with the public. I will do my best. But hey, ASK ANYTHING. It will force me to brush up on some of my teachings. 🙂
Send your questions to christianrlong@gmail.com.
See you Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Herelife

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