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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #22

Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “I am connected with God. I am one with God. I am one with all.” -GMCKS
I’m laying in bed as I type this, just finishing a very spicy potato pasta meal that Susannah made with love, sweetness and a small dump truck of hot spices. Naturally my body runs pretty hot, so hot ‘n spicy foods do not agree with me at all.
Whoa…my tongue is feeling the burn.
As I look at this quote from Grandmaster Choa where COULDN’T I go with this? God is OMniscient, OMniprovident, OMnipotent, OMnipresent….notice the sacred mantra OM is used to describe the characteristics of God?
I remember sitting in a class being taught by a Master Pranic Healer many years ago and he said, “God is everywhere…even in this…” pinching the sleeve of his dress shirt.
The QUALITY of God is always and forever present yet its the QUANTITY that varies. Just like a drop of water from the ocean is QUALITATIVELY the same as the ocean yet it is not QUANTITATIVELY the same.
Conservative Christians will have you believe that God is in the Church. Detractors of Religion will have you believe that God is within them, not in Church. They are both right. God is everywhere.
The difference between a Saint and an ordinary person is the quantitative connection to God. Over many many many lifetimes the Saint removed layers upon layers upon layers of negative thoughts, emotions, habits and energies that were limiting that connection to God.
Mercy and Forgiveness by God and the Great Ones.
Blessings and Teachings of a great teacher or mentor.
Service and tithing to others.
Inner reflection to correct character flaws.
Healing others.
And making LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of mistakes.
If you believe in reincarnation, then you realize a Saint is an ancient Soul that has lived for 100’s of thousands, if not millions, of lifetimes and has made many mistakes and learned from them.
They developed forgiveness, humility, patience, tolerance, loving kindness, non-injury, accurate perception, correct expression, generosity, non-stealing, constancy of aim and effort, non-laziness, moderation and non-excessiveness because they have been there and done that many times and realize the negative consequences of not learning those lessons.
The Saints, Great Ones, Holy Masters, and Avatars experience God’s light, love and power far differently than you or I. Its not about adding more things on your To Do list to connect with God but subtracting the lower, grosser, negative energies from our incarnated Souls.
The philosopher Antoine de Saint Exupery said, “It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.”
Not adding?
Our essential nature is that of a being of divine Light, Love and Power. As the quote says, “I AM connected with God. I AM one with God. I AMone with all.”
The I AM is all that is left after the physical, emotional and mental bodies die.
Pranic Healing works on the premise of cultivating the I AM qualities through spiritual teachings and blessings while at the same time removing the negative energies of the mental, emotional and etheric bodies of a person so the I AM can shine through.
Its more about removing than adding. In most cases, simply cleaning (removing negative energies) a chakra will cause it to function properly.
I would recommend saying Today’s Quote 3x…then be still, be aware of God.
Go on…try it…no one is listening…except God. 🙂


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