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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #20

Atma Namaste Everyone!

Today’s Quote: “If you want to be helped in time of need, you have to help others in time of need as well.” -GMCKS

As I write this newsletter, I’m sitting in a Public Storage unit in South Denver waiting for the arrival of the moving company to take our stuff out of storage and move it to our new place in Belmar. Seeing GMCKS’ quote today makes me LOL (and cry a little).

Most of you that know me, see me as a warm, generous, goofy and peaceful healer most of the time. Yet, most of you have never had to move with me either.

Have you ever seen ‘Wolverine’ from the X-Men movies?

That would completely represent the person I show up as during a moving-in/moving-out phase. My words become stern, critical and venomous, ‘impatience’ becomes my new mantra, boxes and furniture are strewn about like dead-bodies after the Trojan War with Achilles and my hair literally becomes just like Wolverine’s temperament…more crazy!

What does this have to do with…”if you want to be helped in time of need..”?

Reflecting on my own life, I have been very generous with my money, time, healing, counsel, even the food off my plate but I have NEVER been willing to help a friend, loved one or stranger move their belongings from point A to point B…willingly and without compensation.

And that could be one reason why moving is my LEAST favorite thing to do on the entire planet and isn’t it interesting I have been without help most times I’ve moved.

If you look at the PranicHealing.com website, you’ll notice they have raised lots of money for natural disasters over the years from typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like. I remember Master Stephen Co talking about why its important to help people that are in urgent need. He said, “By helping others in urgent need or disaster scenarios, you will be entitled to receive help if you yourself are ever in urgent need.”

So ask yourself the question, “What would I least want to be without?” Food? Shelter? Urgent Medical Care? Love & Affection? Spiritual Guidance? Umm..Moving Support? And to ensure you will be protected and provided for during a time of great need all you have to do is offer help, resources, money, etc to someone in need.

What you give, you will receive (after you give it).

Its SO simple yet SO powerful yet SO misunderstood by SO many people. How do we know that? Look around and observe how many people are suffering in their health, relationships, finances, businesses, spiritual progress, emotional states…

Hopefully at some point I can put my ego, personality and lower nature aside and provide some compassion, mercy, understanding and assistance to the next person who asks, “Hey Christian, can you help me move this weekend?” (taking a nice, deep, slow breathhhhhhhh.”



  1. We MOVED! We found an awesome place right in the center of Belmar in Lakewood. Its quiet, proper feng shui, more amenities than we’ll ever use, Wholefoods is ½ mile away…and you’ll still receive deep & thorough Pranic Healing sessions from yours truly at this new location. Address is 7397 W Kentucky Dr Unit D Lakewood, CO 80226 and it’s on my EMAIL SIGNATURE as well.
  2. I will be giving a talk at Mile High Church at the BHS Meeting on Thursday the 11th at 7:00am. The talk is titled, “The Art and Science of Pranic Healing” It’ll be informative, entertaining, and hysterical. Its $10 at the door which includes a decent breakfast. Bring your business cards for networking afterwards. I posted an article on my site today as to why I think I’m a fearless public speaker.
  3. Twin Hearts Meditation will still be taking place at the Downtown Denver YMCA, same as always.
  4. Susannah is launching her 6th book for her Real Life Book Club with an amazing group of women. Enrollment closes Sept 10th and there are only 12 spots left! Click here to register.
  5. I hope each and everyone of you are getting outside to play and absorb all these beautiful and rejuvenating pranas; air, ground and solar. In 2-months it’ll be getting chilly and we’ll be hibernating in our houses, which in general, has far less of those pranas.

See ya Sunday!

What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


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