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September 2014

Learn Millionaire Habits, Skills, and Mindset from a Millionaire — Denver, Oct. 18 2014

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Jeffrey Combs, the Millionaire Maker.

Jeffrey Combs, the Millionaire Maker.

The first success book I ever read was ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by the late-great Napoleon Hill, when I was 15 years old. It was recommended by my older brothers who had it recommended to them by their upline in a network marketing company.

While reading this book, I felt like I was peering into the hidden laws of the universe. How to bring the unseen into the seen, to bring my intense teenage desires into physical, glorious reality. At the time, it was girls and wellness…and stayed pretty much the same until my late teens  when it became girls and spirituality.

Reading that book led me UP a path of personal and spiritual development over the past 18 years, spending over $40,000 in books, home-study courses, seminars, and meditation retreats. During this time I came across extraordinary motivational, informational, and inspirational speakers, coaches, and businessmen.

Anthony Robbins. Brian Tracy. Donald Trump. Barbara Walters…and many others who were lessor known but just as empowering.

Enter Jeffrey Combs stage right…

I have a lot of indirect history with Jeffrey (continue reading to learn more about that history) but in a nutshell, he is a master at transforming people’s lives and businesses through his books, CDs, courses, events and one-on-one coaching.

Jeffrey Combs is president and founder of Golden Mastermind Seminars, international speaker and published author. He grew three network marketing businesses to over six-figures MONTHLY. Jeffrey has spent over 90,000 hours of real time, coaching entrepreneurs, direct and internet marketers, and real estate investors over the past 18+-years. He coaches 12 hours a day and has a three-month waiting-list to work with him. If you are looking to take your business or personal life to the next level I highly recommend coming to this event.

In 2007, my wife (at the time) and I were both employed in the timeshare business in Orlando. I believe timeshare to be one of the last true bastions of ‘true selling.’ Think about it. Where else in the world do you have the challenge of selling a 5, even 6-figure, product  in 90 minutes to someone who is not at all interested and is only sitting in front of you for a free breakfast and 2 amusement park passes valued at $85 for ONLY 45 minutes of his time?

Tough sell indeed.

Selling timeshare was a great time in my life…I learned about human psychology, asking qualifying and closing questions, dressing for success and painting a positive picture. Guess what I didn’t learn? Apparently, how to lie, deceive, double-talk, and play favorites with management. My timeshare selling career was on thin ice because of it. It offers some of the best sales training in the world along with some shadowy practices and characters, as I later found out.

Because of the unpredictable nature of the business, my wife was looking for additional opportunities to make money that  we could transition into and possibly use our active real estate licenses.

Enter Nouveau Riche University, stage left.

Without going into much detail. I got home from work one afternoon after selling my butt off and found my wife sitting in our office with a strange, older man dressed in a nice business suit. My first thought was, “Oh Lord, what is he pitching her and did she sign on the dotted line already? Ok, I’m sure we have at least 24-hours to cancel.”

The man sitting in our office was a very successful salesman, real estate investor, and father of five. And he was signing up my wife to sell real estate education for a commission. I wanted nothing to do with it. I remember saying, “How many different companies like this have we signed up for and not made any money with?” Her silence was answer enough.

But being the serial entrepreneur and lover-of-systems that I am, I began looking into the real estate education, pay-plan, and marketing system and immediately fell in love with it.

Every direct-sale or network marketing company has its rock-stars and top performers and Nouveau Riche University was no different. I began listening to their weekly conference calls. While each top performer had their own unique challenges and situations in building their business they all shared one thing in common…Jeffrey Combs.

“Who the heck is this Jeffrey Combs dude?”

One night, I was listening to another live call when the President of NRU introduced Jeffrey Combs on line. Within the first 2 minutes I knew this guy was different. I was in awe of his delivery, clarity and ability to cut to the heart of the matter.  A quote from him really stuck with me, “Sales is the world’s highest paid profession.” Being a self-proclaimed wordsmith, he spun old success cliches and adages into new, fresh and memorable lessons. He was a Top performer among top performers.

I was so inspired to action after that conference call, I immediately went outside and placed over 500 flyers promoting the NRU opportunity on cars at 10 o’clock at night.  I was on fire! That buzz lasted for over a week and I generated over 425 leads within 1-month after applying the knowledge he shared during that call.

I ordered most of Jeffrey Combs materials on lead generation, prospecting, closing, asking questions, qualifying, success mindset, removing procrastination…his material and delivery resonated so much with me and was unlike anything I had heard of before. I wanted more.

Enter ‘Breakthroughs to Success’ middle stage.

My wife and I had had the opportunity to visit Jeffrey Combs at his house in Stockton, CA for his weekend long event called Breakthroughs to Success. During this event, you would get to watch Jeffrey work and how he structures his day to create millionaire results. As ‘luck’ would have it, the last minute before buying our tickets, we BOTH lost our jobs. It was not a good day at the Long household.

We had enough money for ONLY one ticket. So who goes? Me or my wife? Who was more in need of a breakthrough? What happened next changed the direction of my life.

We went back and forth for a day, trying to encourage the other person to go but then I heard my wife subcommunicate that she really needed this, I made the internal shift and said, “Well, ok ok…you go and do this and come back with the clarity you’ve been seeking.” I definitely wanted to go but looking back, my inner drive wasn’t strong enough to make it happen.

She went. She had many breakthroughs. And she realized that our marriage wasn’t working.

Five-months later we were divorced and I moved from Orlando, FL to Butler, NJ outside of NYC.

It was the toughest time of my life emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I was emotionally crushed and devastated by what transpired over those 5-months. But that time of transition lead to the next four years of intense pranic healing work on myself and others,  direct training under the Pranic Healing Masters, attendance to dozens of meditation and healing retreats, a super supportive relationship and learning how to forgive myself and others. Jeffrey Combs was a major catalyst from a selfish life to a life of service.

I cannot thank him enough for freeing my ex-wife and I, from a marriage of misery, struggle, and obligation.

Now THAT is the power of a great coach.

And that is one, of many reasons, I’m bringing him to Denver on Oct 18th 2014.

For less than the price of a full tank of gas, you can spend the day with a millionaire who will teach you how to become one, if you so choose. I have attended this exact event in Orlando and put my reputation on it.

Check out what you’ll learn here.

What do I get out of it?

Well, monetarily nothing.

Yet I get to host Jeffrey Combs as a way of saying Thank You. I get to add tremendous value to my network so they can learn new skills, habits, and mindsets to increase their influence and affluence. Finally, I get him to present Pranic Healing to his network thus spreading the work of my Teacher, Grandmaster Choa.


Here at the details to the ‘More Heart Than Talent ‘Event.

Date: Saturday Oct 18th 2014

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Who is this for? Direct marketers, internet marketers, network marketers, coaches, holistic practitioners and real estate investors….anyone who is a sales or service professional or who wants to make a difference in the world.

Where: DTC area (still locating a space)

Limited Seating: 40 Spots Available

Reserve Your Spot here. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. The world needs more people like you who have influence and affluence to have a positive impact  on this and future generations to come. This is NOT your average event.

With Love.


Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #23

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Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “The purpose of meditation is to develop your higher faculties. Without this development, understanding deeper spiritual truths is not possible.” -GMCKS
This might be the very first quote about meditation in the Denver Twin Hearts MEDITATION Newsletter. Ha!
I was doing some research online today and stumbled across yet another Iphone/Android App dealing with meditation.
It gets me excited to see more and more services, products and apps offering to teach, encourage even entertain the masses into having a regular meditation practice.
The world is EVOLVING, yay!
When the upper chakras are more developed/evolved through meditation, one begins to see things clearly and as they are…
For instance, you probably wouldn’t physically lash out at your spouse and cause them physical injury right? Of course not, because you clearly see the damage it would cause…red marks, bruises, broken bone, bloody nose, etc.
But what about verbal injury? Do you ever say cruel or hurtful words to your spouse or loved ones? Take it a step further…mental injury by sending cruel or hurtful thoughts?
As the upper chakras become more developed i.e. heart, ajna, forehead and crown chakras, you can actually ‘see’ the damage hurtful words and hurtful thoughts cause another person. If you could clairvoyantly see what a mean, cruel or hateful word does to another person’s energy body, you would think thrice before saying it.
Interesting huh?
The new challenge people are having with all these new tools for meditation is which of the 100’s of meditations do they choose from?
For what purpose?
For how long?
What are the milestones they should be aware of?
What if they experience difficulties in their practice?
We also run the risk of ‘shiny ball’ syndrome…
-30-day Meditation Challenges,
-Meditation of the Week,
-Rihanna’s favorite meditation is…
-Tweeting about deep experiences during meditation that are best kept quiet…
But hey, as Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui says, “Evolution implies time, process and mistakes. We’re all growing, we’re all in the process of evolving.”
The great Saints, Sages, and Gurus have been guiding our Soul development for eons. In order for us to get the best benefits of developed higher faculties such as intuition, higher will, higher creativity or to understand deeper spiritual truths requires YEARS of consistent practice. These priceless ‘inner jewels’ but be earned.
A proper meditation practice is tailored to the individual by a Teacher, monitored by a Teacher, and spiritually empowered by a Teacher.
Its not about being dependent on the Teacher, its realizing that the Teacher has been there and done that…and can guide one accordingly.
In Grandmaster Choa’s book, “The Origins of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga” he states, “Without practicing Arhatic Yoga, it is not possible to understand it deeply.” When I first learned Arhatic Yoga in July 2004, it seemed so familiar, like I had practiced it before, in previous lifetimes even.
I believe that is one reason people are attracted to a certain spiritual tradition or spiritual lineage or yoga form…because they had practiced it previously in other lifetimes. Maybe for many many lifetimes.
Arhatic Yoga just made perfect sense to me and regular practice has only deepened my appreciation and understanding of its ‘inner jewels.’
As some of you know, I just recently got initiated into the next level of Arhatic Yoga that took me 7-years of regular practice to qualify for…and since practicing this higher level for almost 2-months, I’m having inner experiences and outer perceptions I could not have EVEN imagined before.
It has really humbled me when I think about my mentors in Pranic Healing, who have been doing this work for decades…I’m only getting a glimpse of their understanding of the Self, humanity, the Divine Plan, and God.
Could you tell if someone was enlightened just by physically looking at them?
Not to my knowledge…enlightenment is a subjective experience that has specific ‘inner’ landmarks as one progresses which have been laid down by these Great Teachers. You can’t buy, steal, download, or beg for it. It comes through lots and lots of focused work yet its so worth it.
But what would happen if I just downloaded a meditation app and after 8 days changed to another one because I got bored with it or wasn’t experiencing total bliss and euphoria or only practiced when I FELT like it?
Not much. Those ‘inner jewels’ will remain buried.
A qualified Teacher is essential to assist one is developing, identifying and excavating them.
If you haven’t guessed this already, I’m super passionate about this topic, its my life’s work and I could discuss, share, debate, teach about it for hours…but ultimately it goes back to you.
To quote a great Teacher, “You and you alone are responsible for your own enlightenment.”
I do my small part by holding the Twin Hearts Meditation Weekly, healing others, holding Pranic Healing Intros & Workshops and doing my Arhatic practice regularly.
Grandmaster Choa had these final instructions for his students.
1. Purify yourself.
2. Practice diligently
3. Spread the Teachings.
I thought I understood those instructions (deeper spiritual truths) in 2008 when I first learned of them and now I perceive these instructions on a level I would have never even thought of…hmm, the blessings of a meditation practice and a Great Teacher. They seem alive to me.
Thank You Master.
1. Now that we’re entering Fall, this is the second best time of the year for a cleanse. I recommend the Colorado Cleanse from my mentor Dr. John Douillard. This cleanse not only removes lots of diseased and congested energies from the ENTIRE body, it also jumpstarts your digestion (which many cleanses do not address). He is one of the top Ayurvedic doctors in the country and is a master at what he does.
2. I’m looking to add a Q&A section on the weekly newsletter. What kinds of questions? Spirituality, esoteric studies, energy healing, Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, meditation, and peak experiences.
NOTE: I may be unable to provide sufficient answers because I am not authorized to share it with the public. I will do my best. But hey, ASK ANYTHING. It will force me to brush up on some of my teachings. 🙂
Send your questions to christianrlong@gmail.com.
See you Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Herelife

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #22

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Atma Namaste Everyone!
Today’s Quote: “I am connected with God. I am one with God. I am one with all.” -GMCKS
I’m laying in bed as I type this, just finishing a very spicy potato pasta meal that Susannah made with love, sweetness and a small dump truck of hot spices. Naturally my body runs pretty hot, so hot ‘n spicy foods do not agree with me at all.
Whoa…my tongue is feeling the burn.
As I look at this quote from Grandmaster Choa where COULDN’T I go with this? God is OMniscient, OMniprovident, OMnipotent, OMnipresent….notice the sacred mantra OM is used to describe the characteristics of God?
I remember sitting in a class being taught by a Master Pranic Healer many years ago and he said, “God is everywhere…even in this…” pinching the sleeve of his dress shirt.
The QUALITY of God is always and forever present yet its the QUANTITY that varies. Just like a drop of water from the ocean is QUALITATIVELY the same as the ocean yet it is not QUANTITATIVELY the same.
Conservative Christians will have you believe that God is in the Church. Detractors of Religion will have you believe that God is within them, not in Church. They are both right. God is everywhere.
The difference between a Saint and an ordinary person is the quantitative connection to God. Over many many many lifetimes the Saint removed layers upon layers upon layers of negative thoughts, emotions, habits and energies that were limiting that connection to God.
Mercy and Forgiveness by God and the Great Ones.
Blessings and Teachings of a great teacher or mentor.
Service and tithing to others.
Inner reflection to correct character flaws.
Healing others.
And making LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of mistakes.
If you believe in reincarnation, then you realize a Saint is an ancient Soul that has lived for 100’s of thousands, if not millions, of lifetimes and has made many mistakes and learned from them.
They developed forgiveness, humility, patience, tolerance, loving kindness, non-injury, accurate perception, correct expression, generosity, non-stealing, constancy of aim and effort, non-laziness, moderation and non-excessiveness because they have been there and done that many times and realize the negative consequences of not learning those lessons.
The Saints, Great Ones, Holy Masters, and Avatars experience God’s light, love and power far differently than you or I. Its not about adding more things on your To Do list to connect with God but subtracting the lower, grosser, negative energies from our incarnated Souls.
The philosopher Antoine de Saint Exupery said, “It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.”
Not adding?
Our essential nature is that of a being of divine Light, Love and Power. As the quote says, “I AM connected with God. I AM one with God. I AMone with all.”
The I AM is all that is left after the physical, emotional and mental bodies die.
Pranic Healing works on the premise of cultivating the I AM qualities through spiritual teachings and blessings while at the same time removing the negative energies of the mental, emotional and etheric bodies of a person so the I AM can shine through.
Its more about removing than adding. In most cases, simply cleaning (removing negative energies) a chakra will cause it to function properly.
I would recommend saying Today’s Quote 3x…then be still, be aware of God.
Go on…try it…no one is listening…except God. 🙂


Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #21

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Atma Namaste Everyone! 
Today’s Quote“Be calm! Be alert! Be focused – even under tremendous pressure.” -GMCKS
About a year ago I was fumbling around on TED.com, looking for something new, something interesting and to be quite honest, something to pass the time…and I found this video.
This 18 min TED talk speaks about heart rate variability (HRV) and how our hearts and brains are intimately connected. The vagus nerve is the physical link connecting heart wisdom to brain wisdom. When we have High HRV coherence we are calm, focused and creative but if we’re in a Low HRV coherence we experience flight or fight, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed.
The researcher demonstrates that when we are under stress, our Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) which deals with abstract and rational thinking, comes to a grinding halt. We literally can’t think momentarily.
Its actually quite funny to see the test subject unable to do a simple math problem while under social pressure.
So how does one become calm, alert, and focused in the midst of tremendous pressure?
Simple…meditate daily.
By meditating daily you remove layers of stress, anxiety, depression, and many other lower vibrations from the energy body while simultaneously energizing your chakra system to handle the workload of a new day, commitment or project.
Wanna know the most important chakra in dealing with stress?
The Ajna chakra.
This very important chakra allows one to be calm, alert and focused under great pressure. It is located in-between the eyebrows.
Btw, this is NOT the location of the third-eye.
The Ajna is also called the Master Chakra because it energizes, controls and regulates the chakras below it. Its the command center of your chakra system, like Washington DC is the command center of the United States. Its the center of higher will and abstract thinking.
Very few people in the world have strong, developed Ajna chakras. But those who do are very powerful people.
A person with a strong Ajna can be in the midst of a hostile corporate take-over, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, house-fire, or a life or death situation and be able to clearly and accurately assess the situation and achieve the desired outcome. This person is not dominated by their emotions but rather controls his emotions.
Henry Ford and John D Rockefeller Sr were famous for their unshakeability in business.
Think — military generals, professional sports coaches, top surgeons, Fortune 500 CEOs, great spiritual leaders, or anyone is who responsible over many resources and people.
If the world is falling apart around them, these are the people who remain calm, cool and collected.
What do most people do when the shit hits the fan? Fits of rage, yelling cruel & hurtful words, or collapsing emotionally…they become dominated by their lower nature and negative tendencies.
If you are being dominated by negative thoughts and emotions, what kind of quality will your plans, ideas, and action-steps be?
Crappy. Crappy. Crappy.
Just like you’re not suppose to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you’re not suppose to make important plans and decisions when you’re emotionally charged.
Again…meditate daily.
Meditating daily clears out lower, grosser energies while energizing all of your chakras, including the Ajna. Keep in mind, not all meditations are created equal and each meditation serves a different evolutionary purpose.
I recommend Twin Hearts Meditation for basic to advanced meditators. Try it for 30-days and see if you are more calm, alert and focused. I have been practicing it for over 10-years and its benefits are too innumerable to mention.
The funny thing is…NO ONE can meditate for you.
1. I will be speaking at the Business Honoring Spirituality Group (BHS) tomorrow from 7:00am to 7:30am at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO. The talk is, “The Art and Science of Pranic Healing.” I highly recommend coming out and guess what…free breakfast! if its your first time attending. Good talk, free breakfast, networking opportunities….hope to see you tomorrow.
2. To all my clients, thank you for sharing your amazing healing stories over the past 6-months. Your transformation keeps me in game!
3. Watch this recorded Sept Full Moon Meditation filmed from Limerick, Ireland with Master Co.
See ya Sunday!
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #20

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Atma Namaste Everyone!

Today’s Quote: “If you want to be helped in time of need, you have to help others in time of need as well.” -GMCKS

As I write this newsletter, I’m sitting in a Public Storage unit in South Denver waiting for the arrival of the moving company to take our stuff out of storage and move it to our new place in Belmar. Seeing GMCKS’ quote today makes me LOL (and cry a little).

Most of you that know me, see me as a warm, generous, goofy and peaceful healer most of the time. Yet, most of you have never had to move with me either.

Have you ever seen ‘Wolverine’ from the X-Men movies?

That would completely represent the person I show up as during a moving-in/moving-out phase. My words become stern, critical and venomous, ‘impatience’ becomes my new mantra, boxes and furniture are strewn about like dead-bodies after the Trojan War with Achilles and my hair literally becomes just like Wolverine’s temperament…more crazy!

What does this have to do with…”if you want to be helped in time of need..”?

Reflecting on my own life, I have been very generous with my money, time, healing, counsel, even the food off my plate but I have NEVER been willing to help a friend, loved one or stranger move their belongings from point A to point B…willingly and without compensation.

And that could be one reason why moving is my LEAST favorite thing to do on the entire planet and isn’t it interesting I have been without help most times I’ve moved.

If you look at the PranicHealing.com website, you’ll notice they have raised lots of money for natural disasters over the years from typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like. I remember Master Stephen Co talking about why its important to help people that are in urgent need. He said, “By helping others in urgent need or disaster scenarios, you will be entitled to receive help if you yourself are ever in urgent need.”

So ask yourself the question, “What would I least want to be without?” Food? Shelter? Urgent Medical Care? Love & Affection? Spiritual Guidance? Umm..Moving Support? And to ensure you will be protected and provided for during a time of great need all you have to do is offer help, resources, money, etc to someone in need.

What you give, you will receive (after you give it).

Its SO simple yet SO powerful yet SO misunderstood by SO many people. How do we know that? Look around and observe how many people are suffering in their health, relationships, finances, businesses, spiritual progress, emotional states…

Hopefully at some point I can put my ego, personality and lower nature aside and provide some compassion, mercy, understanding and assistance to the next person who asks, “Hey Christian, can you help me move this weekend?” (taking a nice, deep, slow breathhhhhhhh.”



  1. We MOVED! We found an awesome place right in the center of Belmar in Lakewood. Its quiet, proper feng shui, more amenities than we’ll ever use, Wholefoods is ½ mile away…and you’ll still receive deep & thorough Pranic Healing sessions from yours truly at this new location. Address is 7397 W Kentucky Dr Unit D Lakewood, CO 80226 and it’s on my EMAIL SIGNATURE as well.
  2. I will be giving a talk at Mile High Church at the BHS Meeting on Thursday the 11th at 7:00am. The talk is titled, “The Art and Science of Pranic Healing” It’ll be informative, entertaining, and hysterical. Its $10 at the door which includes a decent breakfast. Bring your business cards for networking afterwards. I posted an article on my site today as to why I think I’m a fearless public speaker.
  3. Twin Hearts Meditation will still be taking place at the Downtown Denver YMCA, same as always.
  4. Susannah is launching her 6th book for her Real Life Book Club with an amazing group of women. Enrollment closes Sept 10th and there are only 12 spots left! Click here to register.
  5. I hope each and everyone of you are getting outside to play and absorb all these beautiful and rejuvenating pranas; air, ground and solar. In 2-months it’ll be getting chilly and we’ll be hibernating in our houses, which in general, has far less of those pranas.

See ya Sunday!

What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


Upcoming Talk at Business Honoring Spirituality in Lakewood, CO.

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30+ Years Promoting Conscious-Based Businesses

30+ Years Promoting Conscious-Based Businesses

Thursday Sept 11th at 7:00am (yes, AM) at Mile High Church in Lakewood CO, I will be presenting a talk called, “The Art and Science of Pranic Healing” mostly based on Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s first book of the same title, later renamed, “Miracles Through Pranic Healing.”

I will share my own wacky spiritual journey, what Pranic Healing is,  what Arhatic Yoga is, who Grandmaster Choa is, and how both can heal and transform your life. I will be presenting in front of Business Honoring Spirituality (BHS), a 30+ year networking group that strives to support conscious-based businesses in Greater Denver.

Through the constant push of my Higher Soul (along with girlfriend and best friend) I have been opening myself to more opportunities for public speaking. I can’t NOT do it.

Let me explain…

Ever since I was a little kid I was told over and over and over again, “Man, you have a lot of energy, can you just relax a little?” I never, ever liked hearing that. I always wanted to be in front of large groups of people to burn of this excess creative energy..but here was the problem, I couldn’t sing, couldn’t paint LIVE murals, couldn’t juggle or perform magic, and though I loved dancing…you wouldn’t see me on the TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” but ya know what I could do easily?

Talk…talk…and talk some more.

Public speaking has always been an outlet for my excessive creative energy. So rather than overwhelming a single person with all the knowledge, experiences and insights I had to offer…I thought, “Why not a huge crowd of people!?” Out of that huge crowd of people there must be 20% who will a ton of value with what I’m sharing…taking notes, learning something new, having an AHA or two and using them to transform their lives. WHY NOT?!

My biggest crowd to date was at the age of 15 in front of 2,000 people but I was singing, “When Doves Cry” by Prince

“But didn’t you just say you couldn’t sing?” Ok, ok, it was less like singing and more like screaming and undulating my hips to “When Doves Cry” by Prince. Jeesh.

And I enjoyed every off-key moment. I’d be willing to bet my crappy version would cause Prince to punch me in the larynx BUT the audience loved the performance because of who I was BEING while I was up there singing my un-trained lungs out. The conveyance of energy is one of THEE most important aspects of speaking to large groups of people.

What about stage fright?

Well, I totally got that out of my system when I was 6 years old during an elementary school chorus event. That was a scary time; huge burning stage lights hung above our little heads while the parents lurked in the shadows taking dozens of flash photography shots. I was so disorientated while on stage I could barely keep my balance, nevermind balancing out my bravado.

And one too many flashes did me in… I blacked-out and fell off the stage.

When I came to…the dirty, crimson curtains were being closed shut…while standing up I felt queasy and had NO idea where I was. Out of nowhere, my speech therapist came into the picture (did I forget to mention I had a severe speech impediment?) and wanted to see if I was alright.

As she approached my pasty-white (I’m Irish remember), trembling, disorientated body, I puked all over her black skirt. Jokes on her (and my puke)…that’ll teach her for lending a helping hand.

In most cases, that would have mentally and emotionally crippled ANY person from ever wanting to be on stage again. Apparently this one event was the only one I needed to permanently purge the fear of being judged or criticized by an audience of more than 3.

Butterflies in the stomach? Nope. Clammy palms? Hmm, nope. Weak in the knees? No. I eat butterflies for breakfast with my clammy-palms protein shake and weak-in-the-knees B12 shot.

I think my secret to fearless public speaking is my belief in the power and importance of the information I’m my sharing. Here’s a hint: It’s not mine! Therefore I have no ego about it. And whatever is my own personal story, who can refute what I’m saying? Its my story and no one else.

Most of my public talks are about Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, its Founder Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, and/or Meditation. There is NO ONE on this planet that could convince me these tools, Teachings, and technologies didn’t improve my life and can’t improve the life of another person.

There’s a lot of power in believing that. One must believe in his message-cause-voice, for better or worse. What I share from stage is a genuine desire to improve the lives of my audience. I crave from the depths of my Soul that they will be healed from their suffering and filled with light, love, and power. To live more empowered lives; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etherically, and physically. Its not my job to do the work for them, but I do consider it my job to be a messenger of hope.

I am living proof of the transformative power of the teachings I share with other people. I was a person filled with anger, bitterness, resentment, judgement, loneliness, fear and constant worry when I was growing up as a young boy, teenager and 20-something. Yet through consistent (that’s the key) application of my Teacher’s teachings, my life has improved in ways I could not have ever imagined.

A Master Pranic Healer asked a group one time, during a full moon meditation, “What’s inner peace worth to you? $100? $1,000? $10,000? $1,000,000? More?” He answer was, “Inner peace is priceless.”

There is no amount of money that can buy it. It is cultivated from within. I have spent 15+years cultivating it through thousands of hours trial, error, research, reading, experimenting, meditation, reflection and ‘unnecessary’ suffering. Looking back, it was worth every moment of effort to cultivate it. And you know why? Because now no one can take it from me. These are my priceless jewels that I’ve earned. They can’t be foreclosed on, repossessed, taken to court, or bankrupted. What dividends will these spiritual investments payback in the future?

I encourage each and everyone of you to come to my talk (even if you’re not in Greater Denver 🙂 and seek to develop your inner gifts that can never be taken away. What would your life look like if your inner state was that of peace, stillness and love regardless of external circumstances? Your Higher Self is waiting for YOU to cultivate it for YOU.

I thank God, my Higher Soul, and my supporters that constantly encourage me to get onto every and all stages that will have me in order to inspire others that inner peace is possible, love is possible, hope is possible, Soul realization is possible.
Atma Namaste.