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Ten-Years Practicing Arhatic Yoga and 5 Lessons it Has Taught Me

By July 21, 2014Uncategorized

A message from my great teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga.

This month is my 10-Year Anniversary of practicing Arhatic Yoga also called the ‘Yoga of Synthesis.’ It was developed and refined by my great Teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. He compiled from several yogic schools such as Hatha, Kundalini, Bhakti, Jnana, Raja, Mantra and Tantra, and the inner teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Qigong and Judaism (Kabbalah), as well from other esoteric schools such a Theosophy, Astara, Mentalphysics and Hermetics. He removed conflicting practices and theories, dogma, superstition and spent 25 years refining the practices. What is a left is a spiritual system designed to rapidly develop one to Soul realization. The derivative of Arhatic is ‘Arhat’ which is a Buddhist term that means ‘Saint’ or ‘highly perfected being.’ Its the most powerful and complete yoga system I am aware of that rapidly, properly and safely increases one’s connection to his Higher Soul and God.

Learning Arhatic Yoga is not a simple matter of buying a DVD or going down to your nearest yoga studio and taking a class like Bikram, Vinyasa or Nidra. Arhatic Yoga is taught in the United States approximately 3 times per year and most of its Teachings are transmitted orally. There is also an application process in order to be approved to even take the course. I have been turned down twice applying to the higher levels of Arhatic Yoga. This application/rejection process is to protect the applicant, not to deny his Soul spiritual feeding.

To be an Arhatic Yoga Instructor is even more strenuous and selective. Many Teacher Training schools can be completed within 6-12 months, but if one chooses to take-on the Herculean task of being an Arhatic Yoga Instructor, one is looking at 15 or more years of dedication and demonstration.

Grandmaster Choa said an Arhatic Yogi is one who has, “…an intelligent mind, a loving heart and powerful will.”

And to express that trinity, I would like to share some of those experiences over the past 10-years practicing this beautiful yogic system of spiritual and personal development.

In March of 2004, I learned Basic Pranic Healing in Sarasota, FL under Dr. Lorraine Graves. I didn’t learn Pranic Healing because I wanted to remove the aches and pains of other people. I just wanted to learn Arhatic Yoga and Basic Pranic Healing was the prerequisite (man, as a new spiritual practitioner, I was so clueless) Up until this point, I had been a regular meditator for 5-years and thought I knew it all in regards to meditation, spirituality and yoga…that is, until I met an advanced Arhatic Yogi who would later become my closest mentor.

Why was I so interested in Arhatic Yoga?

I have always been a very curious person, especially about meditation, yoga and spirituality. The first phone call I ever had with my pranic healing mentor turned into a 3-hour discussion about chakras, the Incarnated and Higher Souls, clairvoyance, yogic powers, Holy Masters, and the coveted ‘Golden Body.’ By the end of that phone call, I absolutely, positively, without-question HAD to learn Arhatic Yoga system and meet its founder, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

It took me years to realize this now obvious point…the purpose of a spiritual practice is NOT to develop yogic powers. Yogic powers are a natural by-product of the right spiritual practice. The purpose of the right spiritual practice is to increase your capacity to serve others. Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui once said, “You can spend the next 20-years of your life specializing in a specific sidhi (yogic power) such as levitation. Ok, now you can levitate…how will that alleviate the suffering of mankind?”

Grandmaster Choa developed Pranic Healing to alleviate the suffering of mankind and Arhatic Yoga to increase one’s capacity to alleviate the suffering of more people and rapidly evolve the Soul. To paraphrase, “What is the point of having huge chakras and not using them? Is the point to show them off like a peacock shows off its feathers? Its like a having a huge cargo ship without any cargo. Big chakras mean big responsibility.”

My Soul and my whole being had been ignited!

After learning Basic Pranic Healing in March, I was told Arhatic Yoga was coming up in July. The course cost more money than I had expected and I had no money to make it happen. I was having a hard enough time paying for food with my girlfriend but my Soul was calling and would not be denied.

My mind kept spinning with this question, “How am I going to afford not only the class but plane ticket, hotel room AND time-off from work?” It became an obsessive mantra in back of my mind.

I firmly set my intention and the universe began to organize to fulfill this intention. A week later, a friend introduced me to a software program she had access to which developed e-commerce websites for small businesses. Keep in mind, I had never developed a professional website. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Yet I saw it as an opportunity to manifest my intention.

As soon as I had access to this software, I began cold calling businesses within a 5-mile radius from my house. My pitch was, “Do you guys need a website?” I spent 5-hours a day for the next 4-days calling businesses if they needed a website. The No’s, the Not Yet’s and the Never Call Me Again’s, started to stack up. But all I needed was one, itty-bitty, tiny-weeny yes.

And on the 4th day, I got my YES! (sort of)

I got a ‘yes’ for a face-to-face meeting with a dental office. After meeting with the head dentist and asking her some questions, she decided to go ahead and hire me. Long story short, I got more than enough money to pay for the entire Arhatic Yoga course just from this one client. If I remember correctly, I spent approx 80 hours working on that website using a software I had never used, doing something I had never done.

With God, ALL things are possible.

Without a clear intention and a powerful Will, one cannot manipulate subtle energies to materialize that intention. Once I decided I was going to Arhatic Yoga, I immediately used my Will to make it happen. But if my intention was fuzzy, full of self-doubt or will was weak…most likely it would have never materialized.

I remember driving to the Tampa International Airport with my girlfriend and feeling so much gratitude and sense of accomplishment. Inside I was thinking, “I did it! I did it! I’m going to Arhatic Yoga and I’m gonna learn some cool meditations. Awesome! (c…l…u…e…l…e….s…s)”

Fast-forward to the registration table. We got our name badges and walked into a huge ballroom with about 175 other people from all over the world. Different ages, races, professions and income levels. Yet there was something very special about the people in that room, a specialness that everyone seems to be ‘in on.’ I didn’t pinpoint what that specialness was until many years later.

We looked at the front of the room and teaching from stage…Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

This was the first time I had never seen Grandmaster Choa in person. Before that, I had only seen a couple pictures from students…I thought he was the stereotypical Asian spiritual teacher; meek, small in stature, hard to understand, and spoke in riddles. Boy, was I surprised when I saw Grandmaster Choa from that stage. He had a presence unlike anything I have ever seen or could have imagined.

First of all, he was over 6 ft tall; so much for the small Asian spiritual teacher stereotype. Secondly, he moved with so much power and grace it was as though he was a tiger in human-form; so much for the slow moving meek stereotype. Lastly the Teachings he was sharing were clear, immediately practical and understandable; so much for the language barrier and mystical riddles.

After 9-years of searching, I had finally found my Teacher.

My eyes were glued to him the entire weekend. I observed everything; how he spoke to students, how he healed, what he did on breaks, what kind of clothes he was wearing… at times throughout the weekend I felt as though I was watching an energy Teacher rather than a physical Teacher.

On one break, I was lucky enough to be in the elevator with Grandmaster Choa and his assistant. He said, “Christian, how are you doing?” I said, “I’m good Master, thank you.” As I looked into his eyes, I saw a purple ring surrounding the iris of both of his eyes. My consciousness began merging with his through his eyes. He quickly looked away to break the connection. I later realized it was for my benefit rather than his.

On another break, I ran up to him in the hallways. In the Asian culture, it is customary to touch the feet of the Teacher to pay respect and even receive some his or her energy. I quickly and clumsily knelt down to touch one of Grandmaster Choa’s feet before he could say anything and I immediately felt a surge of power coursing through my system. It was like I stuck my whole body into an electrical socket and within seconds I felt light-headed and dizzy. He said, “Stand up Christian, stand up.” He asked me what spiritual practice I had studied. I said, “Transcendental Meditation, Master.” He said, “Ahh, very good very good.”

During that weekend I experienced miracles and healing that is hard to believe, even though I was there and I can assure you if you’re looking for a system to rapidly, properly and safely develop spiritually, I know of no better system than Arhatic Yoga.

At least once per year, I would attend a major class that Grandmaster Choa was teaching up until he left his body in March of 2007. I love my Teacher very much. I am honored and humbled to spread his Teachings and technologies to help alleviate the sufferings of mankind. To quote the Senior Teacher of Pranic Healing, “I am but a firefly comparing myself to the Sun.”

Five-Lessons from this Arhatic Yogi

1. The path towards rapid enlightenment is not easy.

I thought for many, many years being a spiritual person simply meant closing my eyes twice a day and doing my meditation practice. That’s it. I had no idea how difficult it can be to rapidly evolve one’s Soul in a balanced way physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. My Pranic Healing mentor referred to his Arhatic Yoga practice as, “…like climbing a mountain everyday…” Meditating, while extremely important, is only one part of the whole towards being an enlightened being. Its mastery of your thoughts, emotions and physical body. Its service of others. Its the ability to manifest goodwill in the world.

2. Purification is key.

The French poet, Antoine de Saint Exupéry said, “It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.” A main aspect of Arhatic Yoga is purification. Its an ongoing process to remove negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative patterns, and weaknesses of character. Our natural state is one of Light (Intelligence), Love and Power (Will). Through a rigorous process of purification we can BE our essential nature rather than seeking it outside ourselves. Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga is about removing the blockages, obstacles and impediments that prevent us from experiencing our divine nature.

3. A Guru is needed to spiritual evolve.

Being of the western mind, this was super tough for me to accept. After-all, I’m special, an individual, a free-spirit, and no one knows me better than I know myself. Most westerners (and the rest of the world) have a very distorted understanding of the Guru-Disciple relationship. This is the most sacred of all relationships. Your parents, spouse, or children are with you in this lifetime…the Sat Guru (permanent spiritual teacher) has been with you thousands if not, hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. Unfortunately, there are teacher’s claiming to be Gurus who are out to use, control and manipulate their disciples for the Guru’s own selfish ends. This is not a true Guru and these people are not true Disciples. If you are genuinely interested in learning about the Guru-Disciple relationship feel free to contact me. I’ll leave you with this nugget…you already have a Guru, whether you realize it or not.

Without Grandmaster Choa’s constant presence and guidance while practicing Arhatic Yoga, I would have been lost for a very long time. I would have spent years, maybe even decades, wandering aimlessly through my spiritual practice rather than rapidly, properly and safely evolving my Soul. Through years of clairvoyant observation, scanning, experimentation, and using his intuitive and intellectual faculties, he developed Arhatic Yoga. He has done the heavy lifting with the results to prove it.

4. Too much energy, too quickly is not good.

In the beginning, I was told there are several levels within Arhatic Yoga. Each successive level increases one’s energy by a factor of 10. I thought, “Wow! Ok, I’m going to move up these levels as quickly as possible.” I thought, more energy is always better, right? (yeah, clueless about this too) And because I was so impatient to reach these higher levels, I ended up pushing my inner world too hard which adversely effected my outer world. Look at it like this…if you wanted to pay off your 30-year mortgage in 5-years, would that require more energy? More money? More effort? Yes. Likewise, if you want to rapidly evolve the Soul, you are accelerating the fruition of positive and negative karma in your which can show up in many forms like health, financial and relationship problems. But you signed up for it. Spiritual energy is a like fertilizer for the good seeds and bad seeds.

During my meditations, I was pulling down a tremendous amount of energy but my physical and emotional bodies could not handle that energy. Physically my body would overheat, get sick often or suffer from insomnia. Emotionally, I had bouts of severe anger, irritability and depression. My life was falling apart and at the time, I had no idea why. And I was so arrogant to think I was ready for the next level of Arhatic Yoga. My Pranic Healing mentor, who reached a much higher level than I, said, “If I were to do it over again, I would have spent more time on purification in the lower levels and less time racing to the next level, because my life would have been much smoother.” What’s the point of having lots and lots of energy if you don’t know how to use it properly and it leaves your life in shambles?

5. Follow the simple instructions.

This is one of Grandmaster Choa’s most famous sayings. Because of our egos and personalities, we have a tendency to think we know better than everyone and anyone else. Our situation is unique. We’re thee exception. The rules don’t apply to us. We’ve figured out a better way. We got a short-cut. We’re gonna outsmart the system.

I have seen in my own life and the lives of many other spiritual practitioners that we think we know better. Just recently, someone very close to me was suffering from severe emotional distress…she is an Arhatic Yogi. I asked her, “Ok, have you done this, this and this?” She said, “No.” I said, “What did Grandmaster Choa say?” She said, “Follow the simple instructions.” I said, “Well, are you following them right now?” She said, “Well, I don’t think it’ll work.” How can one be so sure if one has not tried it? Reluctantly, she followed the simple instructions. An hour later she came back transformed…no more suffering.

Pride is very clever. Grandmaster Choa said, “Pride is the last thing to go.” The King James Bible states in Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Even the personal development company, Peak Potentials, says, “The three most dangerous words in the English language are, ”I KNOW THAT.’”

How can one accurately and honestly evaluate a Teaching, tool or technology to be true, not true or temporarily true, based solely on one’s emotions, preconceived ideas, opinions, and judgments? I do my best to follow the Arhatic Yoga system to the letter and when I’m not following it, it’s usually an indicator of negative pride.

Which is a likely to be more accurate?

My singular opinion/experience having more validity than a great Teacher who spent 30-years developing, testing and refining an advanced yoga system that has improved the lives of tens of thousands of people?


Could it be I’m demonstrating negative pride, self-delusion and an unwillingness to submit to higher truths because I think I KNOW THAT or want to take a shortcut?

I hope this post has inspired you to learn and practice Arhatic Yoga. There are immediate benefits to practicing Arhatic Yoga such as inner peace, mental clarity and increased energy levels. But the truly priceless inner gems and jewels within you, are only uncovered through consistent and diligent practice over many years. Mastery has its rewards. A recent quote I read, sums this up nicely,

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” -Ernest Hemingway

UPDATE 7/20/14  After 7-years of preparation, purification, meditations, service, tithing and inner study, I have been approved for the next level of Arhatic Yoga. This milestone, next to the birth of my son, is the most awesome milestone of my life. I take this level later this month. Because I have not been Initiated, I am not fully aware of all the benefits but at the very least, I will be a greater instrument of goodwill and the will to do good, enabling me to heal more people, faster. 

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  • Lisa says:

    Congrats on your approval for the next level of Arhatic Yoga Christian!! 😀

  • Mathurnath says:

    If you are genuinely interested in learning about the Guru-Disciple relationship feel free to contact me. I’ll leave you with this nugget…you already have a Guru, whether you realize it or notIf you are genuinely interested in learning about the Guru-Disciple relationship feel free to contact me. I’ll leave you with this nugget…you already have a Guru, whether you realize it or not
    I would like to learn about the guru shishya relationship. Thank you for the same. Atma Namaste

  • Niro says:

    Hi friend

    Thank you for sharing your progress and process. I am about to do my level one arhatic yoga, I have been meditating for a number of years, It’s funny how I was asked by my manager to take up pranic in 2011 with grandmasters methods, that’s when I started meditations, I was skeptical then.
    However the funny part is the opportunity knocked on my door again and in September 2014. I am really excited.

    If you have any special tips aprt from the above. Please feel free to email me. I hope to keep in touch.

    I came into meditation because one day I ended up out of my body and that’s when I realized that we are all immortal beings.

    Thank you so much hope to keep in touch

  • Geethanjali says:

    one of the awesome blogs i read on arhatic yoga..thanks a ton for taking to wrtie this..May Master’s blessings be with you!

  • Kylie says:

    This post was remarkably helpful for me right now. Thank you so much for your raw and heartfelt account of your experiences!!!

  • venkat says:

    Am inspiring post. God bless you on your journey

  • Arhatic Yogi says:

    Thank you for the honest sharing . I think it will benefit other Arhatic Practitioners.

  • Anuradha says:

    Very Inspiring post on Arhatic Yoga. Thanks for sharing your spiritual journey…
    Our Master’s blessings be with you!

  • T.Govardhan says:

    Thank you Master, for all your presence, while i was reading this post
    Thank you for all your great great blessings

  • ranjani says:


    Thanks ton for sharing it.
    It has made me more grateful for the journey within.

    You gave passed master’s reminiscing to us..

  • rahul chauhan says:

    wow..it was a pleasure reading your experience. Next week I am going to do advanced pranic healing course..wish me the best. bye.. 🙂

  • surya says:

    Yoga teached by so many gurus in olden days . It spiretual for reaching orginal. Olden days for spiritual up liftment it was taught freely now a days Gurus are making money. Money is for this world we cannot carry after death.
    God given gift is using for making money by Gurus or so called Masters.

    This yoga is very simple your using your thought. Regarding meditation do in free time. Conestant rememberence helps you too much.
    Cleaning daily for about 30 minutes better. Sidhes are not goal reaching goal is important
    Use what ever powets you rquited for your spiritual levels.
    Thank you.

  • Julian says:

    I blog often and I truly thank you for your content.
    Your article hass really peaked my interest.
    I will bookmark your website and keep checking for new
    details about once a week. I subscribed to your Feed

  • Bettie says:

    Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of
    the challenges. It was really informative. Your website is useful.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Jacqueline says:

    Thank you for sharing your insight. Your words are helpful to me today.

    I wish you continued blessings and gratifying works of service.

    Amen. Namaste. So be it.

  • Vigneshwaran says:

    Tears rolled down my eyes whIle reading this. I miss GMCKS very much physically. Your message inspired me to practice regularly. Thank you.

  • Thanks & Congrats Christian. Was very useful for me and others also. God bless.
    Melvin Mathew, Kerala, India. My Master- Fr Dr Jacob John.

  • Joshua says:

    I can’t find a way to contact you. The only one was through services and to make sure I am not a bot, it asks to add two numbers together. It says incorrect every time.

  • Raja says:

    Can you say more about Guru, where he exist always with us?

  • Jyot says:

    Very inspiring. ….thanks for sharing. …god bless

  • Merwan Najera says:

    A divorced spiritual master? How silly!

  • Jennifer Tan says:

    Atma Namaste Christian

    Just get to know you from Atma Anne Low from Singapore.
    I am so happy and blessed to read this wonderful sharing of Arhatic Yoga practise from GMCKS it enlighten me somehow.

    Thank you so much and sincerely looking forward to your more sharing and learning from you.

    May you and family be blessed with divine light love and power.

    Love love
    Jennifer Tan

  • Steffi Rupp says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, thank-you Christian. Would love to hear more about your journey as an Arhatic Yogi.

    Favourite part : “I did it! I did it! I’m going to Arhatic Yoga and I’m gonna learn some cool meditations. Awesome! (c…l…u…e…l…e….s…s)”

    Completed Pranic Crystal a week ago and ego was really jumping the gun, immediately desiring to complete 3 more courses before the year ends….. next thing you know all the karma comes around to be purged.
    Character building, service and cultivation of the heart is so important!!

    Warm regards,
    Steffi from Melbourne Australia

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