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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #12

Atma Namaste Everyone! 

Today’s Quote: “When you take care of your workers or your employees you are generating good karma.” -GMCKS
Many of you are business owners and this a great quote to remember and practice if you want to be more prosperous in your business.
If you observe the Best Companies to Work For, you’ll notice a trend that these companies are very generous with their bonuses and benefits such as free organic lunches, massages, paid time to work on outside projects, financial aid to go back to school, etc.
Some may say, “Well of course these companies can be this generous…they’re already successful.”
Observe the Worst Companies to Work For who offer little to no benefits, long hours without overtime, high stress, minimal pay, and lack of regard for the growth and development of their entry level workers. (these business are struggling financially)
In business, there are many factors of what makes one company succeed and another fail, but wouldn’t you want to have as many factors in your favor as possible?
Be generous to your employees.
By being generous to your employees in compensation, time off, personal development, etc you are generating good karma for your business. Helping a person to flourish helps not just that person but it has a ripple effect through his family, community and country. That good karma comes back to the business in many ways; community goodwill, loyal employees, harmonious work environment, high moral and increased profits.
But by being greedy in-spite of the needs and wants of your employees, being driven solely by profits, you are generating bad karma for your business. Think about the type of karma McDonald’s is generating for the environment and the global workforce? Its not a judgment but an opportunity to observe. How would you like to be the CEO of a multi-billion company that knowingly pollutes the environment, food supply and expands the working poor class?
Be good to your employees and God will be good to your business.
1. I will be attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive this WHOLE weekend with Susannah. My last MMI was 4 years ago in NJ. I was in real estate investing at the time and during that one weekend I generated close to $100,000 in private capital to invest in real estate. Not a bad weekend. Now I’m going there to make Pranic Healing and Meditation contacts. That being said, “Twin Hearts Meditation this Sunday is aMAYBE.” I will send out a FB message on Saturday letting everyone know. Stay tuned.
2. I have been receiving lots of requests to Master Stephen Co’s Forgiveness Meditation. Here it is in the flesh. Watch Video 1 (lecture) and Video 3 (meditation) for a powerful process of letting go of past hurts and move on with your life.
Twin Hearts Meditation this Sunday (90% likely)
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here


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