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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #4

Atma Namaste Everyone & Happy Wesak!

Today’s Quote: “The Key to World Peace is to teach people to think for themselves and to use discernment.” GMCKS

Master Choa’s quote for today couldn’t be more timely. We just finished the Wesak Festival Meditation in Denver at 3:00pm. We and millions of other spiritual practitioners around the world came together to assist in creating World Peace by healing mother earth and all sentient beings.
The Wesak Festival Meditation is an opportunity to tap into the Lord’s Buddha (and other Great Ones) global shaktipat (spiritual empowerment).
And as today’s quote states, “…and to use discernment.” The first principle of the 8-Fold Path of Buddhism begins with discernment called Right Viewpoint. How can we have World Peace if we don’t have the right viewpoint? Yet if we can perceive World Peace accurately and correctly then our thoughts, feelings, and actions will follow suit. Wrong viewpoint, wrong everything else.
I will share some of my insights and pics from today’s Wesak Festival Meditation tomorrow evening on my site, christianrlong.com I want to thank everyone for taking time off from work, getting babysitters, and fighting traffic to participate in this once a year and in some cases, a once in a lifetime event.
I thank you and your Soul thanks you.
2 Announcements:
1. We will be filling in for Candess’s Twin Hearts Meditation this Friday at Awaken Healing Center at 1574 York St Denver because she is at the Wesak with Master Co in CA. Meditation starts at 6:30pm.
2. A fellow coach, David Secondo, and I are putting on a FREE Webinar called How to Share Your Genius and Grow Your Lifestyle. on May 20th 6:30pm MT. Its going to have lots of unique content and it’ll be super funny. David is an awesome coach and body-worker and I’m honored to know him. Please share the links to people near and far.
As Always…..
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here

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