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Denver Twin Hearts Meditation Newsletter #2

Atma Namaste Everyone!
“‘Knowing’ alone is not enough. There’s nothing to be proud about. One must remember the teachings; regularly practice the teachings until they are mastered.”
My interpretation of this quote from my Teacher goes back to the spiritual teaching of, Know. Remember. Practice. Master.
If one doesn’t KNOW how to handle his anger, how can he REMEMBER to? If one REMEMBERS how to manage his anger, but never PRACTICES, how can he improve? If one KNOW, REMEMBERS, but rarely PRACTICES, how can he MASTER anger and live a life of patience, tolerance and understanding?
What area of your life would you like to master? Health? Relationships? Money? Managing yourself in time? Know. Remember. Practice. Master.
Look forward seeing you all this Sunday.
What: Twin Hearts Meditation
Why: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for you, your family and community.
When: Every Sunday 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: Downtown Denver YMCA
Facebook Event Page: Here
**Pranic Healing respects all religions, races, sexes and creeds.
**Pranic Healing is not a replacement for traditional allopathic medicine but a complement to it.
**Pranic Healers are not to diagnose or prescribe any medical conditions unless the Pranic Healer is a also a licensed MD.
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