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14 Lessons I Learned in my 10-Years as a Pranic Healer

10-Years in Pranic Healing

Celebrating 10-Years as a Pranic Healer honoring my Great Teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

Last week on March 28th 2014 was my 10-Year Anniversary graduating from Basic Pranic Healing. By the end of this class, I knew I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to the study, practice and mastery of this energy medicine system. Pranic Healing is a no-touch, comprehensive system of energy medicine that utilizes prana or energy to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and much more. In this post I will be sharing some of my insights and experiences gained in the past decade using one of the most powerful and comprehensive healing systems available to the general public.



1. I learned how the inner mechanics of meditation work.

Throughout the Basic Pranic Healing Class I practiced the guided Twin Hearts Meditation meant to activate my heart and crown chakras, cleanse and energize my entire system and fill me with inner peace and mental clarity. Five years prior to that I would meditate using a mantra and then moved up to using sutras. At the time I learned the Twin Hearts Meditation, I thought I knew all there was to meditation. Thinking I was a meditation expert was pure delusion. Doing Twin Hearts Meditation regularly for 10-years, I realize I am but an infant meditation teacher whose not much further than those I teach.

2. I learned to see the world energetically.

At the beginning of my Basic Pranic Healing Class, my instructor said, “After this weekend, you will see the world from an energetic perspective.” I didn’t quite know what she meant but was open to seeing the world from as many different perspective as I could and boy did I get my wish.

Since taking that class 10-years ago, I can ONLY see the world from an energy perspective. I see the world in chakras, colored pranas, energy channels, energetic cords, energy congestion, energy depletion, thought-forms, entities, elementals, invisible helpers, healing angels, karma, and many other unseen and mostly unknown, forces. Its as though someone loaned me 3D Glasses to see the Matrix. These ‘glasses’ have given me a framework to understand the world around, outside and inside of me.

When someone mentions she is having relationship problems, I see it energetically. When someone mentions he is having business troubles, I see it energetically. When someone mentions he is addicted to cigarettes, I see it energetically. Now seeing energetically and acting physically, are two different skill-sets.

3. I learned the importance of energetic hygiene.

Of all the healing systems I have been exposed to or studied, I have not seen one dedicate the amount of time and energy teaching the importance of energy hygiene. Energy hygiene simply means taking systematic steps to keeping yourself, a client, and a space free of diseased, congested energy. Just as doctors and nurses take systematic steps to physically sterilized the OR to prevent contamination, so does the Pranic Healer. The times I’ve ignored or been unaware of these potential contaminants, it has resulted in disastrous outcomes.

My most extreme example was a place I meditated on my lunch break. Every meditation ends with me imagining golden roots of light coming out through the base of my spine going 10 feet into mother earth, like the roots of mighty tree. This helps to ground me after meditation, making me more practical and less spacey. This day, I chose a spot to meditate that appeared to be visually beautiful with lush, green grass, several healthy trees, and a quaint picnic table. What happened after this meditation was unbelievable.

Within 10 minutes after meditation I was feeling nauseous, highly irritable and overwhelmed with feelings of despair and fear. I felt as though I was losing my mind. I had to leave work early. It took several hours to recover from the experience. The next time I went to work I meditated in the same place and the EXACT same experience happened. I was at a complete loss until I asked my pranic healing mentor what might be going on. Through some investigation, it comes to find out I was meditation directly over a sewer line! As I was rooting myself deep into the ground I was actually rooting my energy into dense contamination and dirty prana that was being absorbed directly into my energy body.

Lesson: Take precautions to make sure your space, yourself and your clients’ are physically and energetically clean.

4. I learned energy medicine is not only and art by a science.

My first 5-years studying meditation and spiritual practices I had a hard time connecting the dots and filling in the gaps to my understanding. Like, why are there so many types of meditations? If God is everywhere then why go to church, or an ashram, or even meditate? Why is my life falling apart when I thought a spiritual practice was the solution to any and all problems? What makes someone a ‘natural born’ healer? How does one levitate and does it even matter?

With over 14 classes and over 20 books and CDs, Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga is a huge body of knowledge. Master Choa says, “Pranic Healing is a bridge to understanding higher teachings.” Once I understood the laws and principles that govern the world of energy, I could intelligently and systematically validate or invalidate a particular spiritual practice, healing modality or meditation.

Its kind of like understanding the laws and principles of gravity and aerodynamics. With this knowledge, you can then understand what makes an airplane fly and what doesn’t, and with even more knowledge and experience you can design the fastest, safest jet in the world. At the time same time, you must remain humble because a bumble bee is apparently ‘breaking’ the laws of aerodynamics. In reality, its simply using laws we are currently unaware of.

5. I learned what it means to work towards a BIG vision.

Master Choa’s ultimate vision is to have a Pranic Healer in every home throughout the world. This way when physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual ailments afflict a household the Pranic Healer can heal himself, his family, and his community. The purpose is to alleviate the suffering of mankind.

I thought I knew what motivation and vision was in my younger days of network marketing. I would associate with successful network marketers who would work 14 hour days, travel from city to city, and spread their message of financial independence by enrolling and training people into their business. These people were dedicated. Dedication took on a whole new meaning when I met Master Choa and the Pranic Healing Masters.

Master Choa, was not just traveling city to city but country to country spreading Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. In less than 25-years, he was able to spread two unknown spiritual systems, Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, to over 150 countries. Teaching, writing, healing, blessing, developing, and experimenting. He was a successful businessman, family man, philanthropist, bestselling author, scientist, spiritual teacher, and Master of Energy. A friend of mine, who is half the age of Master Choa and independently wealthy, attempted to keep up with Master Choa’s global schedule and after two-months gave up because it was simply too difficult to maintain. Master Choa didn’t maintain this schedule for a couple weeks, months, or even years but for decades.

6. I fell in love with the Pranic Healing Community.

Little did I know, but my becoming a Pranic Healer I would be energetically inducted into a global network of loving, powerful and intelligent healers dedicated to helping me and my family.

Many pranic healers, at the end of their meditations, will bless each and every Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi and their families with Light, Love, Power, Good Health and Prosperity. When I need healing, someone is there. When I need a place to stay in a new city, someone is there. When I need clarity about my life, someone is there. When I need an explanation about a pranic healing protocol, someone is there. The darkest, saddest and most confusing times of my life, a Pranic Healer has been there.

This pranic healing community is far beyond a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear for my confessions, the healing component is what makes all the difference for me. One of the Pranic Healing Masters has literally saved my life. It was the darkest time of my life when I couldn’t take anymore suffering and letting down those closest to me. I was dragged out of my car, barely conscious and as I lay on the ground I could feel the my life-force leaving me. I could see the ‘tunnel of light’ everyone talks about. The pain and suffering began to subside and I began feel myself getting lighter and moving through that tunnel of light.

Then BAM! I was jarred back into the body from a shaktipat (spiritual empowerment) by my Pranic Healing Master who is also an MD. I was fully back in my body, conscious and surrounded by a dozen people being orchestrated by this Master to get ice, elevate this, do healing here, monitor these vitals, and after the etheric dust settled….I was revived. Thank you.

7. I learned service to others is a way of life.

Throughout my 10-years in Pranic Healing I have seen practitioners tirelessly and persistently serve others. Tirelessly! Whether service was in the form of money, time, teaching, support, healing, blessing…it didn’t matter. Whatever was needed was offered.

These same people demonstrated an ease and mastery of life that was palatable. Simply being in their presence made me feel better, safer and empowered. Always a humbling experience. I would always ask myself, “Why? Why do these people do what they do? They’re professional men and women who don’t do it for the money, or recognition, or guilt or even out of boredom.” Looking back, its clear to me why they do it. They serve others because its the right thing to do. Period.

One of my non-Pranic Healing mentors once said to me, “Christian, one day you’re going to realize life is about service to others, its not about you.” As a cocky, arrogant spiritual practitioner, I didn’t like hearing that. At that time, I thought life was about my meditation, my bank account, my wants, my desires, my happiness, and as long as I’m getting what I want isn’t that really the best thing for others?

As I’ve matured and pulled my head out of my ass, I concluded its both. I have love of others (compassion and service) and love of myself (self-interest) and put them in proper perspective. I have a coaching and pranic healing business. I do it because its the right thing to do (compassion and service) and I do it because it makes me money (self-interest). The more I have loved and served others, in whatever capacity, the more richness, meaning and joyful my life has become.

8. I learned the inner workings of prayer.

Pranic Healing taught me how to pray or invoke (asking from an authority) to God and the Higher Beings. Prior to Pranic Healing, I never understood the point of praying to God. After practicing, studying and experimenting with invocation over the past 10 years, I can attest to its power.

After an invocation, simply ‘being still’ I experience true magic. Here’s the challenge with explaining this phenomenon to others, its a subjective experience with many layers, nuances, and purposes. You can invoke for anything; willpower, clarity of purpose, abundance, higher creativity, higher clairvoyance, greater healing ability, humility, physical healing and anything else you can imagine. The degree to which you can summon those qualities into your life is based on many factors but consistent and persistent practice are essential to validate its power for you.

Just as one intense workout at the gym will not develop the body of Olympian, likewise, one invocation will not summon the full manifestation of the qualities of God into your life. My suggestion is to invoke for a specific quality you desire daily for 90 days and notice what happens.

9. I learned that Pranic Healing is extremely powerful.

I was a ‘believer’ of Pranic Healing after my very first session. The girl who introduced me to Pranic Healing, spent 45 minutes using a protocol on me. Never touching and never talking. After the session, I felt as though I had been awakened from a dream and my life was never the same.

Is that everyone’s experience? Absolutely not. But over the past 10-years, my clients, fellow Pranic Healers and I have had dozens of profound stories of its power. Two of my favorite personal stories was during the first time I took Advanced Pranic Healing, which uses colored pranas for its protocols.

My girlfriend was my healing partner for the weekend. She began ‘scanning’ (feeling) the subtle energy around my physical heart and all off a sudden my chest started to tighten, I had shortness of breath and was having intense, painful heart palpitations. I felt as though I was going to faint. She immediately called over the instructor and quickly explained the situation. The instructor immediately started to remove the excess energy around my heart and within a few minutes the tightness and pain subsided and after 10 minutes went away completely. Our instructor later explained why this happened and how to prevent it next time.

The second story happened the very same day, and this time to my girlfriend! I guess karma’s a bitch. Most of her life, she experienced constipation issues. So to help her out and practice my new found healing abilities using colored pranas, I did the constipation protocol. After a few minutes nothing happened, so I thought more energy would be better, right? An hour later, the protocol took efffect and she wasn’t fast enough making it to the bathroom. She spent the rest of the night on the toilet. So much for following the simple protocol.

10. I learned Pranic Healing doesn’t have all the answers.

Master Choa says, “Truth is dynamic, not static.” Pranic Healing is humble enough to realize it doesn’t have all the answers and is open to questioning its own methodologies and protocols. Over the past 10-years I have seen Pranic Healing evolve its organizational procedures, distribution methods of its teachings and protocol modifications, all with the purpose to alleviate suffering faster.

Pranic Healing is a living, breathing, dynamic system of energy medicine. Dogma, superstition and office politics do not have a place in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. The current Pranic Healing Masters, Pranic Healing Organizations and Foundations, and the world of Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yogis are not perfect, they all make mistakes and are doing their best to represent Master Choa’s Teachings in the most accurate and purest way possible.

If there is a better way to do something, Pranic Healing is open to it.

11. I learned what it means to be a Disciple.

I once thought discipleship was for people without a backbone, brain-washed and had no willpower of their own. In my early years of going to Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga classes where Master Choa taught, I would see the reverence towards him from the senior teachers and students.

I would ask, “Am I the only one is this room not drinking the cool-aid? Why are these people touching his feet? Do you really need that many flowers on a stage?” Devotion and respect for a spiritual teacher was not unfamiliar to me, pulling from my previous meditation background, but I didn’t understand the underlying energy reasons for the devotion and reverence. I just wanted to meditate and feel good…why all this devotion stuff?

Now, I’m shaking my head in regards to my past ignorance. Master Choa always made me feel special. Out of his hundreds of thousands of students, he always remembered my name and asked me how I was doing. He made me feel important, special and as though I mattered. Master Choa loved everyone, made everyone feel special, made everyone feel like they mattered, because everyone does. I wanted to serve Master Choa because I loved him and loved the gift he was giving the world. Being a true disciple is some of the most spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing work a Soul can do.

To learn about true discipleship, study the greatest disciple of all time, Lord Hanuman, the senior disciple of Lord Rama. Why did Lord Hanuman take the form of a monkey God? How was he able to move a mountain for his great Teacher? Why did he say to his Teacher, “Spiritually you and I are One?”

The great spiritual texts are not to be taken literally but to studied with a discerning mind to understand the esoteric (that which is hidden) teachings. Master Choa opened my eyes to true discipleship, its rewards and possible pitfalls. The rewards are priceless but not easy. Nothing in life of value is easy to acquire, how much more for priceless blessings, teachings, and healings?

Right before Master Choa’s left his physical body, his final message to his disciples was, “Practice diligently. Purify oneself. Spread the Teachings.”

12. I learned the importance of living a virtuous life.

At the end of the Basic Pranic Healing Class (and others) one is taught about the virtues from an energetic perspective. Mastery of the virtues insures a rapid and safe development towards Soul realization. Character building is the foundation that my life and spiritual practice must rest upon. The only guarantee I can ever remember Master Choa making was, “If you practice inner reflection and firm resolution of the virtues everyday for 2 to 3 years, your progress will be guaranteed.”

The virtues we practice in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga are Loving-Kindess & Non-Injury, Generosity & Non-Stealing, Constancy of Aim and Effort & Non-Laziness, Accurate Perception & Correct Expression, and Moderation & Non-Excessiveness. Master Choa began mastering the virtues at a very young age and he attributes his rapid Soul evolution to their mastery. Volumes have been written about these virtues and they are a lifetime practice but so fulfilling to know, remember, practice and eventually, master them.

13. I learned the value of discernment.

At the beginning of every Pranic Healing class whether basic or advance is a slide that says, “Do not accept these teachings blindly. Use intelligent evaluation, experiment, and draw your own conclusion.” I have always loved this about Pranic Healing.

Just because Lord Jesus, Lord Mohammad, Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna or a Holy Master said it, does not make it true for you. One must validate teachings for themselves. Until you prove something for yourself, you may take it as ‘temporary truth.’

For instance, if you meet a person who is a good clairvoyant and she begins describing the heart chakra, colors it has, and its size. If you can’t see energy you might call them crazy and that what they are seeing is in their imagination. Whose to say she hasn’t simply developed the skill to see subtle energies that you are unaware of? So take what they say as ‘temporary truth’ until you can validate it for yourself.

I’ve never had anyone in Pranic Healing say to me, “Just take my word for it.” or “That’s just the way it is.” or “You have to believe this because Master Choa says so.” I was given the Teachings, I experimented with the Teachings, and drew my own conclusions. My conclusions weren’t too far off from the aforementioned result.

14. I realized Pranic Healing has been there during my Darkest and Brightest.

Pranic Healing has been a thread throughout the biggest landmarks of my life; traveling throughout British Columbia, moving to FL, marriage, birth of my son, first home, first foreclosure, first clairvoyant sight, divorce, moving to NJ, profound inner peace, hospitalizations, loving relationships, suicide attempt, sexual mastery, first real estate partnership, traveling the country, dissolving of first real estate partnership, depression, moving to Denver, coaching and pranic healing business.

Pranic Healing has been there all along; quietly leading, directing, healing and blessing me. My sufferings were from inaccurate perceptions, impurities and unrealistic expectations I had. I chose not to follow the simple instructions I was given by the Master Choa and the Masters. We all make mistakes right? We all have lessons to learn right? We all get prideful right? If I exercise improperly and hurt myself, it doesn’t make exercise wrong, it makes my implementation of that exercise wrong. If I eat salmon 2-weeks past its expiration date and get food poisoning, its the not the fault of the salmon or the packaging company, its mine for not following the label.

I am forever grateful to Master Choa, the Pranic Healing Masters and my Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga family.

In conclusion, Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga is a practice I will continue for the rest of my life because…well…it just works. A friend of mine, who has been a practitioner several years longer than me once said from his kitchen table, “Hey Pranic Healing is amazing but if another system comes along that is more complete, more comprehensive, more powerful, I’ll jump ship and study that system. So far, I haven’t had to jump ship.”

What will the next 10-years look like for Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and my relationship with them? What advances will be made in energy medicine? What will be the current state of the earth, her energy body and our collective karma look like? I wish I had a crystal ball to consult but sadly I don’t. I’ll just chug along healing those in need, practicing diligently, spreading the Teachings to those who are spiritually thirty, and purifying myself.

My ultimate spiritual goal (is there such a thing?) is to become a Master Pranic Healer in this lifetime, which to my understanding takes approx. 20 years of diligent blessing, healing and teaching around the world. Well, I’ve put in 10-years so far, guess I have another 19 years to go! Thank you Master Choa. Thank you All.

With Love.

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    How can I learn pranic healing.. I live in Louisville ky..

  • SUDHEER says:

    hi christian

    interesting read. I am from india . Just started journey in pranic healing though has experience in reiki.
    Your experiences,perspectives and thoughts are really interesting. PRANIC HEALING gives different experience to different people. Nice that you put yours. Best wishes. Namasthe

  • Tensie says:

    Awesome , I have been into it for 12 years n learnt to live

  • Parames says:

    Please help me / teach me how to improve the income of my clinical bussiness – it has been a bit down d past few months by d way I just started pranic Healing – I did my basic one month ago and going to do my advance on 3/11 and 4/11 – I am fr Malaysia

    • longrchristian says:

      Yes Parames,

      I’m glad you reached out…here is the link to the newest program I am launching to help energy healers run
      profitable and professional healing practices. The program is launching THIS Sat…

      Click on this link…http://eepurl.com/couT8T

      Any questions, let me know.

      -Christian, Denver’s Energy Healer

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