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Is Personal Development Your Addiction?

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  • Liz Shartel Jackson says:

    Hello Christopher,

    I think I met you thru the Cherry Creek Chamber event/talk a little while back(?) I am the owner of Beacons Community Space in Cherry Creek, and spoke with you briefly because I have taken a few workshops from/with Master Stephen Co. I was wondering if you could help my sister, who has been suffering greatly from severe/chronic depression and anxiety for the past year and a-half … and ( having exhausted the Western route with all their meds, etc. ), she simply is at the end of her rope. I truly don’t know how much more she can handle. Could you call me briefly to discuss and set up an appt? I’m not sure she can wait until your next available, however. Thank you in advance, Liz ( cell 303.570.6451 )

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