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Standing on the Shoulders of PUAs

Return of Kings, a site by men for men.

Return of Kings, a site by men for men.

Today (actually yesterday) is an exciting day because an article I submitted to Return of Kings, got accepted and published on their site. Here it is. 

Return of Kings (ROK) is a site dedicated to inspire, educate and entertain men in how to own their balls while placing them in the mouths of their chosen woman. Ten-years ago I was not ready for a site like ROK, I would have found it unrefined, barbaric, and an attack on women. Now I find it as a breath of fresh musk among the sea of beta-orbiters, cock-blockers and white-knights.

This is why I changed.


I spent almost 4 years in a relationship without sex, without communication and without either one of our lives moving forward, I said, “Enough! I can’t take this anymore! Two healthy, spiritual people who supposedly love and respect one another should have sex more than once every 6-weeks. I’m out.” ¬†After I left this relationship, I entered the deep, dark, gritty world of pickup, seduction, social dynamics between men and women, or whatever else you feel like calling it.

Over the next year of reading seduction books, watching expert how-to videos online, talking with men further down this path and experimenting with everything I had learn…it clicked. The ‘Dating Matrix’ had finally revealed herself.

Now it got very interesting.

I felt as though I could see women for not only who they were but also who they were conditioned to be. It was so liberating and empowering. My success with women on all fronts skyrocketed. Sex was better and more plentiful, love and appreciation for women had never been higher, and heartache was no longer reserved for women but only for the sufferings of my fellow men.

Just as the men before helped move me from suffering to plentiful va-jay-jay, I became compelled, almost evangelical, with sharing that same message to every man, “You no longer have to settle for sexless, loveless, and emasculating relationships and marriages! I have seen the Dating Matrix!”

I later found out, men apparently have a hard time swallowing ‘Red Pills.’

The male ego is one of the culprits keeping men stuck and enslaved. A man’s ego will rationalize and justify a million reasons not to change, such as, ‘what are you selling’ or ‘things aren’t that bad between me and her’ or ‘I’m fine just the way things are’ or ‘I’m not that kind of guy’ or ‘there’s more important things in life than just sex’ or ‘the hottest chicks go for the richest guys’ or ‘I want a girl who likes me for me’ and on and on.

What happens to the man that lives with these reasons?



This man can now feel justified with his current state of affairs, all the while blaming external factors and never looking at himself in the mirror and taking responsibility for why his dating life, etc. is so shitty.

How did I swallow the ‘Red Pill’ without puking?

Easy. I was ready, willing, and able to do anything and everything it took to figure out why my dating life and past relationships sucked. I grabbed my male ego by the hair, a quick knee to the face then to the balls, finally applying a triangle choke until he submitted. I told him if he ever comes back, I’ll burn his house down and fuck his sister. I wanted change, nay… I NEEDED change.

There’s an old joke about two guys sitting on a porch. The guys’ dog is howling at the top of its lungs and his buddy asks, “What’s up with you dog man?” The guy says, “Oh, he’s just sitting on a rusty nail.” Confused, his buddy asks, “Well, why doesn’t he just get off the nail to stop the pain?” The guy answers plainly, “Cuz the nail isn’t hurting enough yet.”

We all have pains in our lives, or more accurately, lessons we haven’t yet learned. Most people have a plethora of opportunities to learn a lesson regarding self-love, patience, generosity, non-neediness, and others. The world gives you gentle nudges to course correct but the less aware and more bullheaded you are, the more severe the consequences become by NOT learning the lesson.

These are possible nudges from the world to change and what could happen if you don’t:

  • Unprotected sex….STD scare, then STD, then baby with wrong partner.
  • DWI….pulled over with warning, then suspended license, then hit and run with 25 yrs in prison
  • Sugary diet….cravings, then excessive weight gain, then insulin shots, then amputated limb
  • Smoking cigarettes…slight cough, then aggressive cough, then hole in throat, then lung removal
  • No Game…confused by women, then fearing women, then hating women, then raping women, then prison

Each time we are getting nudges to move away from this pain, but if we don’t change, the pain becomes greater and greater until we…

…hit rock bottom.

Hitting rock bottom didn’t just happen overnight, many nudges came at many cross roads up until that point suggesting, ‘Continue on your current path to greater pain and suffering or choose this path to greater pleasure and growth.’ Most people fail to listen and follow these nudges. Isn’t it sad that you have to hit rock bottom before changing? To paraphrase my spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, “You can learn your lesson by awareness or by the Stick from the Lords of Karma. Awareness is much less painful.”

So we have websites, like Return of Kings and RSD Nation , as constant reminders to all men to learn their lessons sooner than later, that YES you can have as much sex as you want, YES you do not have to settle for any kind of relationship that doesn’t suit your purpose, YES you can be proud of your sexuality and masculinity, YES you can be on your purpose without permission from the world.

You have the choice to change through awareness rather than being beaten to your knees by the Lords of Karma.

I thank all the men over the past few years who have been that beacon of light, hope and inspiration. Not just by their words, but more importantly, by their example.

I wish these resources where readily available to me 10 years ago, it would have saved me years of unnecessary suffering and mistakes while rocketing my social, sexual and business life into a stratosphere I can only begin to imagine now at 33.

I’m looking forward to contributing more articles to ROK and others, as a way to add but a drop of knowledge and experience to the collective ocean; an ocean that I have gratefully fished often.

With Love.

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