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What is Your Small Toe Doing Right Now?

By February 5, 2014Uncategorized
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“Without awareness, there is no inner transformation…” GMCKS

If you are familiar with my background, you know I have spent a lot of time in life with eyes-closed; during meditation retreats, healings and inner reflection. I was always asking, “How did my life end up here?”

My spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, would say, “Without awareness, there is no inner transformation…” Think about that for a minute. If you aren’t aware that you have a drinking problem, how can you stop it? If you aren’t aware of your anger issues, how can you be loving to those around you? If you aren’t aware of your poor eating habits, how can you begin eating a healthier, more nourishing diet?

During many of those meditation retreats, a Master Pranic Healer would ask, “What is your small toe doing right now?” The students would stop to reflect and ask themselves, “Hmm, what IS my right toe doing right now? Its just a little part of my body. How can I be expected to be aware of such a little part? What’s his point? Umm, wait am I even doing this right?”

He would then gleefully shout, “Now you are aware of it!”

You are usually not aware of small things in your life unless those small things become huge sources of tremendous pain and suffering, such as your small right toe getting smashed by a ball-peen hammer. At that point, its about the ONLY thing in the world you are aware of.

What other areas of your life are we very aware of?

A chaotic relationship or break-up? A call from your doctor with positive results of cancer? Maybe the awareness that your business is bust and you must file Chapter 11. Isn’t it interesting that you in order for you to be aware of something it must be huge, scary and at a breaking point?

What would it look like if you were aware of the small things?

That chaotic relationship didn’t happen overnight. There were times when each of you said or did something seemingly small, almost insignificant, yet caused hurt, resentment and suffering to you or your partner. Over time, the love bank was rapidly being depleted without even the smallest deposits of tenderness, sweetness, or appreciation. Awareness of the small could have prevented a break-up and provided a deepening of love.

Your doctor’s ‘call of death’ was not out of the blue for no reason whatsoever. The small things of poor nutrition, poor exercise habits, and from an energetic perspective, the inability to forgive others, lead up to this phone call leaving you surprised. You might say, “How could this be? I have no history of cancer in my family. I’ve been walking a mile everyday for 3-months! This is so unfair!” Awareness of the small could have prevented the ‘call of death’ and provided a legacy of health to model.

How could your business just ‘suddenly’ fold up one day, leaving you emotionally and financially bankrupt? Earnest Hemmingway said, “How do you go bankrupt? Two ways, gradually then suddenly.” Sales had been going down for years blaming the economy, marketplace had been changing blaming fads, company morale had been dropping blaming employee laziness, and innovation had become too risky. Awareness of the small could have prevented a bankruptcy and built a empire.

The signs of right living with relationships, health, business and every other area is all around us. The secret of transformation is the awareness of the small and unseen. Most importantly with the awareness of your thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

Look at your life right now.

Your relationships, health, wealth, place you live in, school you go to, office you work at, and everything else, is the culmination of your thoughts, words, emotions and actions. The degree of your awareness of those aspects determines the quality and quantity.

Be still and be aware. Be aware of how your thoughts, words, emotions and actions create the world around you. Once you aware how these aspects are either causing you suffering and pain or bliss and fulfillment, you can begin your transformation.

A perfect example, was my complete lack of awareness in how sugar affected my emotions, sleep cycles and overall health. Despite being spoken to, yelled at, coaxed, and even pleaded with….my transformation never took place until I became aware of sugar’s effect on me. Once I had the awareness, my life transformed in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Outbursts of anger turned to outbursts of laughter. Restless nights turned to restful nights. Food cravings turned to food contentment. Racing thoughts turned to flowing consciousness.

What’s the ‘sugar’ in your life? What thought(s), emotion(s), word(s) or action(s) are you unaware of that are causing you pain, suffering and misery? Here’s a hint. Look at your life, find the fruit-of-pain and trace it back to the seed-of-inception. You can only harvest what you have planted.

For instance, if you are in a relationship that feels love-less. Ask yourself, “Have I been loving with this person? Have I provided emotional and physical love to this person? Or I have spent time judging, criticizing and withholding my love from this person?” If you plant corn you get corn, not oranges. If you plant tomatoes you get tomatoes, not squash. If you plant love you get love, not hatred. If you plant withholding of love, love is withheld from you, not given to you.

Now here’s the real kicker. You might be saying, “Yeah but I’ve never withheld love from any relationship. What gives?” Whose to say those ‘negative relationship seeds’ weren’t planted by you in another lifetime? This is one explanation for why children suffer. How can a 5 year old child grow up in desolate poverty or be sexually abused or be a prodigy on the piano or drown in swimming pool? As one Master Pranic Healer said, “No suffering is undeserved.”

You are always reaping fruits of seeds you planted either in this lifetime or a previous one. By the law of karma and reincarnation, each of us are born into this life with lessons to learn and negative karma to repay. The family you are born into, the shape of your body, your personality strengths and weaknesses, were developed over lifetimes of planting seeds.

That’s great news!

What this means is that with this greater awareness, you have the power to consciously (rather than accidentally) create your future by planting seeds you desire; seeds of loving relationships, seeds of health, seeds of prosperity, and seeds of whatever else your heart desires.

Happy planting.

With Love. 

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