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Spoiler Alert: They Don’t Care About You

We the People Must Become ‘I’ the Person. You alone are responsible for your body, feelings, mind, and spirit.

I have an agenda behind this article. I want to convince you to live a healthier, happier, more on purpose life and to no longer engage in activities that deplete and distract you from those things.

I was recently watching a clip from the movie, Network. Now you may not know the movie but I’m sure you’ve heard the famous expression, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” During this quick blurb of civil disobedience, a News Anchorman speaks of taking a stand against the politicians, corporations, and media outlets whom poison our food, air, and minds. He states our plea is to, ‘please just leave us alone in our living room, at least let me have my toaster and TV…’ I highly recommend watching it on YouTube. Here’s the real kicker. The movie came out in 1976! Funny how times DON’T always change.

Something does have to change though, and that my friend…is you.

Change comes at an investment, not a price. By investment, I mean the time you spend in improving your life is all areas; sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation, social circle, and living on purpose, you begin to wake up your body, mind, and Soul. The once unquestioned becomes questioned. The once accepted becomes unacceptable. The once I-can’t-live-withouts become I-am-truly-living-withouts. How effective can you truly be, do, and have with poor sleep, inadequate nutrition, couch-ercise drama-seducing friends, endless hours of mind-numbing TV, and no purpose? If your life doesn’t mean shit and you have no purpose then yes, it really doesn’t matter what you do. But if you feel you deserve a great life, in all areas, you must change.

This isn’t about boycotting McDonald’s, texting all you friends with the message, ‘Lose my number’, protesting in front of the Whitehouse, or throwing your 60in Flat-screen TV off your 2nd story window (or maybe so), its about taking personal responsibility for your life. The corporations, politicians, and media outlets do not care about you. The proof of that statement is self-evident.

Think about it for a minute.

How many documentaries and third party research do we need to have to prove the negative consequences of fast food? Morgan Spurlock, the Director of Super Size Me almost died from the experiment of eating McDonald’s food everyday for a month. The additives and preservatives in fast food are stripped of most nutrients and prana (energy). Its self evident that this food is poisonous because its cheap yet you don’t eat it all the time. Why not? Probably because you feel like shit at the end of every meal. You are eating lifeless, dead, stuff shaped into food-looking items. Why do we still eat it? Its cheap and we are chemically addicted to it! A corporations’ legal responsibilities are to the board and shareholders, not the public. Isn’t it nice to know the CEOs and chemists working for these companies don’t care about you? Only your money.

Politicians. I’m not a political science major. I don’t vote. I don’t feel it would matter in the least. The nature of politics is simply making public promises to the voters and private promises to those funding their campaign. Once elected, the politician has to pay the piper of the private promises to insure a long, illustrious political career or a six figure advisory role after leaving office. Why wouldn’t someone want to be a politician? Its near impossible to get fired. You make six-figures. Free house. Free health-care. Kickbacks from multinational companies if you pass a favorable bill for them. Granted, there are some politicians will huge hearts and an intense desire to help his or her community. Yet how does one play fair within an unfair system. Isn’t it nice to know politicians care about their donors and not about you? Only your vote.

Media outlets. My spiritual teacher once said, “If you want to determine the consciousness of a population, look at the books on their bestseller list.” This worries me a bit. As of this article, Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly is number 2 on the New York Times Best Seller List and Dancing with the Stars (Monday) and (Tuesday) took spots 7 and 11 respectively of the most watched show on TV. What are some of the common themes between this book and this TV show? Drama, gossip and sensationalism for the purpose of profit at the expense of distracting you from your purpose. What if instead of reading Killing Jesus, you went to a nearby college and had lunch with a professor of Theology to learn of Jesus? Or what if instead of watching Dancing with the Stars, you took a salsa class with your partner, had fun and met some new people? Do you see what I’m getting at? Isn’t it nice to know media outlets care about advertisers and eyeballs and not about you? Only your attention.

By taking personal responsibility you don’t need to depend on fast food companies to feed you, politicians to protect you, and media outlets to entertain you. In our western economy, you vote with your money and attention. Simply redirect both and take back your power.

My recommendation is to spend your money on food, resources, and experiences that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Give your attention to yourself, family, friends and community. You are not a resource to be consumed for the benefit of corporate greed, political power, or media influence. You are a divine child of God that is here to for 2 REASONS; discover your purpose and live your purpose.

If I’m out of line…fine…show me a better way. Show me a better way then what the typical Amercian is living. If you are living an extraordinary life and still watch hours of Jersey Shore, cool. But if you are miserable, aimless, unhealthy, exhausted, and distracted from your life then I recommend turning Snooki’s next house party scene off and get on with your life. I would say donate your TV to charity but why give the less fortunate more reasons to stay less fortunate?

Its hard to live your purpose when you are divided between endless TV shows and accompanying commercials, books propagating half-truths, politicians saying much and doing little, and corporations telling and selling you everything you need but you.

If you want to see what living your purpose looks like; pickup a copy of A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. Look what he accomplished for himself and the world, I bet he did it all without having watched even one episode of Jersey Shore.

With Love.

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